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In this video, I’ll talk about my weight loss journey. Before that, kindly pay
attention to disclaimers as follows. One, go visit your doctor or nutritionist
before starting any diet program. Two, I’m not a doctor nor a nutritionist. Every
tip I’ll share in this video is based on my own experience. I hope it can be good
reference for you. However, I can’t guarantee that it’ll work for you or
anyone else as good as for me. Three, don’t do extreme diet. Don’t force your body to
hard to achieve big goal in short term. It may destroy your metabolism.
I personally opted to have moderate progress but consistently reduce my
overweight whilst reshaping my body. Are you ready to hear my story? Let’s get
started! I’m 153 centimeter tall. My ideal weight is 47.7 kilogram. Ok, let’s round
it up to 48 kilogram. Well, I weighed about 60 kilogram when I
realized that my clothes were getting tighter. I would slowly doze off after eating. I breathed heavily, sweated a lot after 10
minutes walking, and my thighs felt very itchy. The worst part of it was I felt
so ashamed every time I looked at my own picture. Oh! So damn curvy!
When my family, out of the blue, decided to celebrate 2019 New Year in
Sydney, for witnessing the city’s spectacular firework,
it was then I determined to get slimmer. I didn’t want to look like a clown in my
summer outfits. So, how could I lose 12 kilogram in three
months? Here are my tips. First, Intermittent Fasting. It’s a time frame which consists of fasting
window and eating window. I chose 16:8 method. So I fasted
for 16 hours from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. the next day. During this time window, I only
consumed water, black coffee, or green tea. Sugar-free! I only ate within the next 8
hours from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. The menu referred to my ketogenic diet plan. Second, Ketogenic or Keto diet. For me,
it’s about food composition intake per day. It focuses on high healthy fat
about 75%, moderate protein about 20%, and low carbohydrates less than 5 percent or
50 grams. The red lights are reducing sugar intake and carbohydrate intake,
avoiding processed food as well as sweetened food or sweetened beverages. Third, Deficit Calories. Calories Intake
must less than Calories Burnt. It is important to eat appropriate number of
calories based on our gender, age, level of activity, and weight loss goal. I
advise you to use smartphones’ health apps to guide you on this issue.
Fourth, drink water minimum two liters a day. Water is good for hydration and
should be consumed throughout the day. It made me feel full and could hold my hunger. Do exercise minimum 30 minutes a day. I chose walking and static cycling.
It helped me burning more calories and stay healthy. Sixth, try to sleep six to eight
hours a day. It helps to burn more calories. Trust me. Seventh, have a cheating
weekend on Sundays. Free my body from fasting and routine exercises. Allow my
body to consume carbohydrates. Yet, still monitor my calories intake. Eighth, be happy. Reduce stress. Yeah! Stress, especially in long period led me to overeating or
snacking more often. The keys of my diet success are One, commitment. This is the
foundation. Since the first day, I dedicated myself to the plan and the
goal I had determined. Two, self-discipline. It’s all about my dream body, my fitness,
my great expectations. Therefore, I was the one, who should control myself and
make myself work hard in a way to achieve my weight loss goal, without
anyone else telling me what to do. Three, enjoy the whole process. It is
difficult to implement diet program in the first two weeks. Oftentimes, I wanted to
give up. Gradually, my mind and body got used to the eating-fasting cycle and
nutrition intakes. Now, let’s talk about the benefits. First, new lifestyle. When I
reached my weight loss goal, I realized that not only became slimmer, but I was
also reborn with new lifestyle. Second, easy maintenance. I no longer felt suffer to
undergo all restrains with limited list of food and beverages. They have
become my ‘New Me’. Currently, my weight tends to be stable between 48 and 50
kilogram. Well guys, I’ve shared with you my weight loss secret. If you are interested in my diet menu or
workout schedule, just drop your messages in comments box below. Let me know what
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my weight loss tips, please share your story in comments box. Ok. Thank you for watching.
Let’s get slimmer and stay healthy! Bye bye!

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  1. I practice #IntermittentFasting and #KetogenicDiet – Low Carbo. When I reached my #WeightLossGoal, my #lifestyle was also transformed to healthier one. Currently, I still maintain my ideal weight between 48-50 Kg (105.80 – 110.21 lbs). Watch the video completely so you'll get the whole messages. Good luck 👌

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