3 Ways To Fix Your Diet

Okay, can we be straight
for a second, Peter Attia is like a way handsomer
and smarter version of me. He’s a friend of mine, we go
back to the Stanford days, he does lot of stuff on nutrition, and he came up with a
framework that I read recently that I was like that’s brilliant, I’m stealing it and I’m gonna
tell the ZPac about it and this is it. Anything you think about when
it comes to diet or nutrition or how to eat, how to lose
weight, how not to be sick because you’re eating crap can be reduced to a
simple, simple analogy. You’re pulling three
potential levers in your diet at any time. One of the levers is calorie restriction, in other words how much you eat. That’s simple. The more calories you eat,
the more potential you have to gain weight. Or if you’re exercising a lot
you may need more calories, okay, so calorie restriction’s
lever one, cha ching! Nothing’s coming out of my slot machine. Lever two is dietary restriction. Now what does that mean? Dietary restriction means WHAT you eat. Lever one was how much you
eat, lever two is what you eat. So, when you think about vegan diet, vegetarian diet, South
Beach diet, Keto diet, Mediterranean diet, all
of those are restricting big groups of foods that you don’t eat. So in the Keto diet you
don’t eat carbohydrates. In the vegan diet you
don’t eat animal products and so by restricting
entire categories of food you alter your diet and
therefore your response to the diet, your metabolism,
how many overall calories you might be actually
consuming might actually be affected by that as well. So, the third lever is time restriction. That’s WHEN you eat. So, if you do one of these
intermittent fasting diets where you’re eating normally on most days but then on two days you’re
restricting your calories dramatically or you’re
fasting for five days or you’re doing something like that, that is a time restricted feeding. People who eat one meal a day like myself, are doing time restriction. So you have these three levers. They all do different things. So time restriction has to do
with things like autophagy, where it’s regulating sort
of cellular mechanisms and breakdown and things
like that that may have beneficial effects, insulin
resistance things like that, dietary restriction may
restrict categories of food that affect how you secrete
insulin and different responses depending on your
genetics and your behavior and then calorie restriction,
how much you eat. So, the basic teaching is this, it’s so simple, and yet kinda
hard to pull off sometimes. You should aways, if
you don’t wanna be sick, okay by the way, if you wanna be sick, don’t pull any levers ever. That’s called the Standard American Diet (SAD) and it’s killing many, many
people worldwide… America! If you want to do the right thing, you should always be
pulling at least one lever. Often you should be
pulling two of the levers, and occasionally you
may wanna pull all three of the levers and I’ll
explain an example real quick. So, if you always wanna
pull a lever, pick a diet that you think is sustainable. Whether it’s Mediterranean,
whether it’s vegetarian, whatever it is and kinda roll with that. Or you can just pull the time restriction. Eat one meal a day in narrow window. You’re pulling one lever all the time. But pretty often, you’ll
wanna do other things like restrict another lever
like dietary restriction and time restriction. But then every now and again,
let’s say you had a rough Christmas season, I don’t
know, gained some weight. You may wanna pull all three
levers and that can mean a prolonged fast. Maybe it’s a two day
or three day water fast or minimum calorie fast
followed by a return to pulling at least one
lever or two levers. And by doing that you can
actually kinda really regulate, weight, metabolic
consequences of what you eat, and be healthier, happier, etc, especially when you
combine it with good sleep, with good social connections
and with some exercise and so it’s really not that complicated. Obviously you would avoid
the time restriction and the calorie restriction
levers if you have a problem with an eating disorder. So there’s, you customize
it for every individual, that’s why there’s no one right answer, it’s all dependent on who you are. All right? So go out there pull some
mother flipping levers, and get swole, or at least less sick. If we can at least do that as Americans, we’re gonna save a ton
in healthcare costs, we’re gonna be happier,
healthier and more productive. All right? Thanks Peter Attia for this great idea, you’re balder and beautifuller
than me and I love you. And we out. Peace. – Boom. Time restriction. All right, let’s get into it. Only eat Oreos between the
hours of four p.m. and six p.m. Calorie restriction, you
can only eat 4,700 calories of Oreos a day. (laughs) Dietary restriction, only Oreos. It’s pretty simple. That’s the Oreo diet son. – This guy right here. – Buy Oreos, you know what I’m saying. – He’s like my star student, he really is. Loot at ’em. – I’m pulling those levers brah. Just pulling ’em. I wanted to eat 9,000 calories of Oreos but I only ate 4,700. ‘Cause that’s the Oreo diet. I have discipline.
– Discipline. – Discipline.
– Discipline. Why does it look like I’m sucking (beep) every time I’m pulling. (Background mumbling) (both laugh)

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  1. No matter how simple the concept, some people will still say, "I don't know what to eat! Just tell me what to eat!" And still ignore it even if you tell them.

  2. Wait wait wait! You are telling us this man is gorgeous, not only for his work in nutrition BUT also his bald head?!?- AND YOU AREN'T GOING YO SHOW HIM TO US!!!

  3. I've been on a ketogenic lifestyle for over 2 years. I wish I knew about it when I was in acute care; I would eat 1 meal a day (omad) and fast through shift, maybe coffee or tea but depends on goals. Always salt in water x2 (sodium and potassium). I start my day off each day with a heavily salted glass of water. Helps me get energized. At maintenance I try to eat 2 meals a day 3 or 4x a week, to ensure I get enough calories and protein. I always thought Id go paleo once I hit maintenance and sure, being fat adapted I can eat more carbs and go back to keto foods with no loss of energy, but I truly feel my best on keto. I find my biggest excuse with meal prep is my health so when I feel good, I always do meal prep. Know yourself and prepare for your challenges. Shark week coming? An exam or whatever, I will push my way to the front of that stress food line. I made a commitment that if Im going to binge, it will be keto and guess what? It makes you full so it forces you to look at your thoughts and patterns (cough hem, addiction). I've really learned what hunger is and how my body feels with true hunger. I was a useless human before! Now I have control over my body, who woulda thunked!? Im proud to be an RN in private practice that can actually use best practice and promote the ketogenic lifestyle! It's changing everything, one person at a time, to reverse the crap I've mistakenly pounded into the sickest people. It's the only way I can correct the wrongs that have been done. Wake up people! Insulin resistance is killing our species!!!!

  4. what happend? In my feed the video is called "3 Ways to fix your diet" and here the sub-title is "Dietary Levers NO DICKS" 😀

  5. Here's a novel concept: get a Registered Dietitian on the show to discuss nutrition. It's a complex topic full of misinformation, why not tap the potential of experts who literally spent their entire training and career specifically on the topic of diet?

  6. As a mechanically minded person who knows a fair bit about biology, I have used this analogy several times when explaining to people why diet is important, but not the "be all and end all" of overall health.
    If you have a bad alternator in your car, your battery will go dead and you won't be able to start your car. Changing the type of gasoline you put in your car <essentially "car food"> will not keep your battery from going dead. The kind of gasoline you buy won't keep your headlight from burning out or your wheel bearing from going bad or your tire from going flat.
    The type of gasoline you put in your car can have a direct impact on a lot of different issues that may affect the fundamental operation of your car, but that doesn't mean that it will have a direct impact on ALL of the issues that affect the fundamental operation of your car.

    In much the same way, the food you eat; how much you eat; and when you eat it, has a direct impact on many issues regarding your health, but it doesn't have an impact on ALL the issues affecting your health – We just like to hope it does because that is something we can easily modify, moderate, etc.
    Genetics has at least as big – if not hella bigger – impact on our health than diet, and we can't control or modify that. For a lot of health issues, your genetics are pretty much 100% the cause, and you're not going to eat your way out of the affects of those things any more than changing your diet will change your hair color from red to black.

  7. Gotta disagree, here we are adding another layer of mumbo jumbo to the "mystical" science of diet. Calories in calories out. Patients need to be taught the actual science behind diet and not given some garbage advice about levers. Numbers are not going to change but what constitutes a dietary restriction and so on can. You need 1900 calories a day to maintain your weight? Eat 1800 and lose those pounds. It's flippin simple people, and no amount of metaphors or snake oil is gonna change the way the human body functions.

  8. I stopped eating red meat and many times I eat one meal a day or fast for 12, 14, 16 hours a day but that's only once in awhile.

  9. Diet and nutrition needs to be taught in primary school. Soooo many adults stuggle to grasp these three basic concepts, as if they were learning some new language. Teach it early, instill principles and discipline, and we can change the course of chronic disease in this country, IMO.

  10. Saw the vid title and immediately thought of Peter. I love this framework, good on you for spreading it and crediting him. You communicated the info very well. <3