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7 ngày giảm cân theo chế độ IU diet và cái kết 😆 [ENG SUB] | ăn kiêng myproana | verynavie

7 ngày giảm cân theo chế độ IU diet và cái kết 😆 [ENG SUB] | ăn kiêng myproana | verynavie

(noise outside) wait a sec Welcome back to my channel 😀 It was tough… Trying to loose weight and the result… After 6 months in Belgium working at my desk 8 hours everyday Plus, eating sweets and chocolate given by my bosses Plus, eating too much fat & nutritious cuisines cooked my Belgian mom Plus, no excercising AT ALL I have finished my internship in Belgium excellently with a BIG-FAT-BELLY !!!! Hence, I promised myself to go on A DIET after returning to France. Actually, I have never tried any diet plan before. This is the first time I try one probably. I did some research about different diet methods. Then I realized something like low-carb or KETO are just not for me – a girl who is passionate about carb. I will definitely cannot follow them in a long run. So, I wanna try something which requires a short period of time. IU diet seems the one! I bet you must know this famous K-Pop Idol. I learned that she has 2 signature diet plans The first one is myproana, the second is water diet. I decided to try myproana. In this diet, you can have 1 apple for breakfast, sweet potatoes for lunch, and a protein shake for dinner. In one interview, IU said that she could loose ~4kg in 7 days with this diet. When reading the menu, I felt excited because these are all my favorite food. Then it should be easy for me. So, last week, I started that diet plan. During diet time, IU does aerobics for 1 hour everyday. She has to make sure the amount of calo intake is only 300 per day. As she warns that this diet is quite dangerous I altered it a little bit to make it LESS dangerous :)) and suitable for my normal meal plan + my health condition. In the morning, instead of eating one big apple like IU does I take a small one like this. Because I didn’t wanna eat too much in the beginning of a day. And I didnt like the “cold” food for breakfast. For lunch, I thought I could eat the whold sweet potato but the sweet potatoes here are so big. One can weight up to 300gr. But 100gr of sweet potato already contains so much calories around 86kcal It means ~270kcal for 300gr. Therefore, I decided to have only half of it for less calories intake. To compensate, I added 1 orange. Doing so, my immune system was boosted during this corona season. This is a blender cup I ordered from Amazon. What is the color? I want pink! Pink! Pink! White also looks pretty. Blue is good as well. Actually, any color is OK! OK, I got the blue one. Classic! A glass cup… Ah, it’s plastic! And a charging wire. For dinner, IU has a cup of protein shake. However, I don’t have protein powder. Hence, I am replacing it by a kind of “protein” smoothie created by me. I added several types of nuts which are super good for health and rich in protein. First, I put one banana into the cup. The newly purchased banana always tastes best but if you bought a bunch for the whole week you can put them into the freezer to avoid the bananas being too ripe and ruined. The frozen bananas will condense the smoothie with thicker texture just like adding ice into it. With normal banana like this one the smoothie will be more watery. This is sunflower kernels. I really like it. You should add just a bit of each kind of nuts. Or else, the smoothie will be too thick. This is peanut. Banana together with peanuts makes a perfect couple. super delicious and duper fat=)) I have a mixture of nuts… There are almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts,… and this one I forgot its name. This is pecan nut. I dont know its Vietnamese name. Next, I am adding non-sugar soya milk. I also add a liitle instant coffee to make the smoothie tastier. With coffee, it smells like sapodilla smoothie in Vietnam. At the beginning, my weight was 52,3kg. And I had these unnecessary curves… My waist was 68cm. My belly was 82 cm. Booty was 93 cm. I also measured my thighs. It was ~58 cm. The result after 7 days of diet… IU said she could loose ~4kg after a week. But I lose only 2kg in the first 4 days and it stopped there for the last 3 days. However my body felt lighter and my fat belly gradually disappeared. So, my waist and my belly got 4cm smaller. My cutie booty lost 3cm 🙁 What makes me happiest is 3cm shrinked away from my thighs. Overall, this is before and after captures. The unwanted curves toned!!! To sum up, I lost 2 kg. or nearly 2 kg=)) (not so confident tho) Feeling lighter in generall My eating habit seems healthier this diet made me a vegetarian for 7 days When getting back to the normal life I am a bit afraid of meats. and I cannot eat too much meats like before. Though I am a meat-lover. During the diet, I never felt too hungry. Maybe my meal portion was bigger than the rules but honestly, I dont think so=)) The other youtubers, when reviewing this diet, they seemed struggling because of hunger. But I was totally fine. There was even no sign of stomachache or any signs of bad health impacts. I think if you wanna try this diet, it’s a good idea to adapt the menu to fit your health conditions (DO NOT starve yourself) Even if you cannot loose so many weight like IU does you can still loose some weight without harming yourself. As we are not celebrities there is no need no push yourself being too skinny for events. There’s a fact that without excercising, you can never loose so many weight like IU. What I did was only follow the meal plan and do some simple yoga at home. No aerobics like IU consulted. Another positive points is my skin got better less pimples/acnes and fairer During the first days I was totally fine eating the same menu every day. Because I like apples, I like sweet potatoes I love oranges And that smoothie, OMG my smoothie recipe was a holy combination=)) I never get bored drinking it! But dont drink too much of it or you will get FAT. HOWEVER, the last 2 days of the diet when I nearly finished the week in glory the night came bringing my temptation for meats and food… haunting my sleeps=)) Those 2 days were like hell to me :(( I had to fight inside to stay away from food. The cruel fact is I have flatmates who are so good at making their food smell good! I had to bring my smoothie sitting next to them imagining I was eating those wonderful food… Anyway, the results seem so positive my physical and mental health get better I think I will do this once in a while not only for loosing weight but also for better spirit. Has anyone tried this IU diet? Please share with me your experience and results in the comment. If you wanna try, please dont do it now. Corona virus is here so you should have a healthy eating habits to be well-protected. (The famous Vietnamese Corona song) I have so much time in this quarantine life hence, please recommend me some video ideas in the comment below

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