8 Terrific Anti-Acne Diets 🙊

Hey guys, my name is Dr. Sam and in this
video I wanted to give you the eight best acne foods and supplements to help
improve acne lately a few of you have asked me to make a video on the best
diets for acne in fact a lot of my patients are unsure what foods they
should and shouldn’t be eating as there is so much conflicting information out
there and like many people I love chocolate and I don’t want to give it up
for clear skin unless there is real evidence behind it well don’t worry I’ll
share with you my top acne diets in this video so what are the eight best diet
tips to stop acne number one low-gi diet glycemic index GI is a measure of how
slowly or quickly a food spikes your blood sugar levels a low GI diet
consists of particular foods that slowly release blood sugar into the body this
stops insulin from rushing into your blood which in turn reduces oil
production and skin shooting that contribute to acne foods that are known
to be low GI include whole grains and starchy vegetables healthy fats like
olive oil and nuts oatmeal and raw fruits you can have high GI foods like
chocolate occasionally recent studies have shown
an association between chocolate consumption and acne and so sadly
chocolate should be avoided number two avoiding milk they had been
quite a few studies looking at Dairy and acne and unfortunately skim milk seems
to worsen acne more so than whole milk this doesn’t apply to other dairy like
yogurt or cheese it has not understood why this is the case except that milk
seems to help promote and chi’lan secretion which worsens acne No number
three no whey protein similarly research indicates that
consuming whey protein which is a milk derived protein may be associated with
that name and research this effect was more common and women without current
acne or who didn’t have family members with a history of acne number four
probiotics there are some evidence that people who have acne also have changes
in their natural gut flora or bugs that live in their gut unfortunately there is
an sufficient data to recommend probiotics for people with acne however
I still recommend to my patients to eat probiotic foods like kombucha me so can
she as it isn’t any harm in doing this apparently you’re not familiar with the
John Dorian three tap method three taps and the phone goes bye-bye works every
time number five omega-3 for some reason and
mega threes never quite make the cut even though it is recommended for so
many different health problems there doesn’t seem to be enough data to
recommend omega-3 supplements for acne yet I still recommend my acne patients
to get it naturally through fish like salmon and mackerel or chia seeds number
six antioxidants green tea which is my favorite contains potent antioxidants
and has been shown to possess powerful anti-inflammatory effects research
indicates green tea may be potentially helpful for acne patients in particular
1500 milligrams of green tea extract I personally love a cup of green tea so
any excuse for me number seven zinc one of the major disadvantages with zinc
supplements is that it tends to be pretty harsh on your gut if you’ve ever
taken it before giving you quite an upset or sore stomach the early research
looked quite promising with zinc supplements for acne but now it is
generally not recommended again I suggest looking to get it from your diet
and steered it’s very high thanks very high and oysters red meat and poultry
there’s been a mistake you’ve accidentally given me the food that my
food eats number eight vitamin A you would assume with so many medical skin
treatments containing vitamin A that supplementing with vitamin A is the next
best thing no no no ice attained isotretinoin and modified versions of
vitamin A and so are not the same thing as vitamin A supplements itself please
don’t fall into the trap of taking vitamin A supplements as it can cause
many health problems such as hypervitaminosis which is also known as
vitamin toxicity in liver damage if you enjoyed these tips give this video a
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thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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