BEST Diet for Weightloss 2018

FACT… nearly 100 percent of people who
lose weight on a diet will gain it all back and then some. We get sucked into
this trap because we see somebody else lose weight on a diet but then when it
fails for us the diet industry has ass brainwashed into believing that we
messed up but what about the people who do lose weight on a diet what is it that
causes 95 percent of those people that gain it all back like it doesn’t make
any sense we can’t keep doing this we need to be healthy but we also deserve
to feel good and there’s got to be a way to control our weight that doesn’t
involve dieting or hours of exercise well there is and it’s called 1-3-1 and
it’s a movement and it’s sweeping the country 1:31 isn’t a diet it’s a
revolutionary approach to weight loss that works to reset your metabolism an
approach that we call diet phasing 25,000 people took part in the research
and development of this proven jaw-dropping method this is personal for
me you see two years ago something happened that put me on a quest on a
mission to get answers my name is Chalene Johnson, i’m a mother of two I’m
also a New York Times bestselling author and most people know me through Fitness
because I’ve created and starred in over 200 exercise videos I’ve actually
devoted my entire life to helping millions of people to be happier and
healthier but even with my own thirty years of experience in the health
industry I just like you just like all of us fell into the trap of dieting as a
kid growing up like everyone I saw relatives everyone was always on a diet
and you know what they were all really unhappy and overweight what I took from
that liked the message as a kid was that you go on a diet you’re gonna be
unhealthy and unhappy so I turned to exercise and I believe
that if I if I worked out hard enough maybe I could like cancel out my
genetics and it worked for a while like exercise worked but it also had me held
hostage like mentally I was so afraid to skip or miss a workout I could always
feel like weight game was like nipping at my heels and I I formed this belief
that if I didn’t work out every day for hours I was gonna end up obese and I
felt like the older I got the more I had exercise and the less effective it was
and despite the fact that I was in fitness videos I I always had this fear
that I didn’t belong there and that someone was gonna tell me I wasn’t thin
enough and then one day a producer called my husband called my husband
Brett I didn’t even know he got this call and they told him that if I was
going to be able to do another exercise video they needed me to lose weight so I
could be quote more inspirational how was I supposed to lose weight when I was
already exercising like a maniac the only choice they had was to go on a
diet and I was mad but I was also determined so I got really disciplined I
weighed my food I tracked my calories I we stopped going out to dinner and I
went on every diet you can think of I did low carb low fat I did gluten-free
I ate clean I ate according to my macros I ate like a cave woman you name it I
tried it I did them all and I followed him to a tee and nothing worked I felt
like the only thing I could do was just eat less I was basically like starving
myself and it was miserable and the funny thing is people were
telling me how good I looked but I never felt worse and here’s how delusional
this is even though I knew what I was doing was completely unhealthy
unmaintainable and that I was barely eating any food and exercising like a
freak I told myself oh well it worked I was out of energy my body was breaking
down and now all I could think about was food I mean it was like it was
controlling me and I knew there was no way I was gonna be able to maintain this
here was a health expert doing something so unhealthy but I thought it’s just me
this is my problem and you probably guess what happened next I went back to
eating healthy eating normal and a couple of pounds I lost all came back
and then some now I really felt depressed and devastated when we gained
weight after a diet we just automatic we beat ourselves up we say well I went off
the rails it’s my fault and we go on another dumb diet but this time it’s
harder because now you crushed your metabolism and every time you go on a
dumb diet your metabolism slows and you put on weight easier than you did before
the twenty billion dollar diet industry doesn’t want to solve that problem they
need us to blame ourselves they want you to think you didn’t do it right
and the more digging and research I did you know solve my own problem then where
I realized this is everybody’s problem 70% of the population is overweight I
mean look around it’s ridiculous and the CDC reports that
less than 3% of us are considered healthy what the heck
yeah going on a dumb one-size-fits-all diet has left us feeling like failures
we’re miserable about our bodies it’s emptied our pocketbooks it’s lined our
shells with diet books and we’re more overweight and unhappy than ever before
enough when I started this mission I put a big red target on
one-size-fits-all diets I felt like I had a moral obligation to use my voice
my platform and figure out the truth so I did that I reached out to experts and
medical doctors and experts and integrative health and registered
dietitians in the nation’s top scientists and researchers enough with
the gimmicks I wanted the science and suddenly right there before my eyes it
all started to come together 1 3 1 diet is a methodology it’s not a diet 1-3-1
teaches you how to know what your diet needs to look like no one diet is ever
gonna work for everyone it defies common sense
I mean you are as unique as your DNA your nutrition needs to be equally
unique 1:31 helps you design a customized nutrition plan that factors
in your age your gender your dieting history your goals your body type your
epigenetics and your lifestyle and this time you’ll
keep the weight off because the secret to weight maintenance is an approach
that we’ve tested with 25,000 human participants
it’s called diet phasing you’re gonna learn how diet phasing will free you
from dumb dieting rules and the kind of brainwashing that’s destroyed your
metabolism 131 methodology teaches you how to stop dieting and learn how to
naturally control your hunger hormones and finally gained control over
emotional eating so what is this well 131 is a 12-week virtual coaching
program delivered conveniently to your digital device 131 is unlike anything
you’ve ever seen before because in just a few short lessons each week you’re
gonna learn how to align your nutritional emotional and physical
health once and for all it’s kind of like having your own team
of experts right in the palm of your hand you’ll know what to eat you’ll know
when to eat how to shop and how to make this a lifestyle not a die
you’ll finally understand why your metabolism is different from even people
in your own family each week myself and a team of experts will guide you
step-by-step through the process of customizing your meal plan you’ll select
from hundreds of oh my gosh mouth-watering delicious recipes I mean
whether you’re cooking for a family of six or you’re vegetarian or gluten-free
or paleo or you just have a major sweet – that doesn’t matter
now here’s the deal we spent one week preparing you putting your plan together
to create a new dietary phase then three weeks of testing that dietary phase it’s
the study of one and that’s why we named it one three one there’s only one person
whose rules matter and it’s you and you might be wondering well what happens
when people create their own diets using the 1-3-1 method the answer amazing
freakin results check out these before and afters and unlike times in the past
when you had to wait like months before you could ever see any progress the one
three one method delivers you mind-blowing results sometimes in as
little as 10 days without dieting now it’s your turn please stop dieting and
join the movement let me help free you from the black hole of dieting and
listen I know you want fast results in your short on time so I created this to
be totally convenient you can get started today from your phone all the
information is gonna be delivered to you online like to your laptop or your your
smartphone whatever way you want you’ll watch the video lesson or if you prefer
you can just pop in your earbuds and listen on the go together with our help
in a little more than an hour per week you’ll be able to change your body and
your life from the inside out and it’s not just nutrition you’re gonna learn
how to improve your sleep your digestion body confidence gut health balance your
hormones change your mindset and so much more every week you’ll find new
tutorials new recipes and the latest in myth
to spelling research you will be part of a movement a community a group of 1 3
wonders who are gonna go through this with you we start together and my next
group is starting soon you deserve to love the way that you
look and you know what more importantly you deserve to feel good it’s time to
get your mojo back and end this cycle once and for all so take action today
and change your life from the inside out literally for less than what you would
spend for one hour with a specialist you get 12 months of access to 131 out of
$50 savings for just 149 you get access to our registered dieticians all of the
recipes the support groups and weekly support to help you make these changes
permanent so what are you waiting for be done with diets once and for all and
take advantage of this limited time offer and let’s get started

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  1. This is so involved when the easiest, fastest, healthiest way to lose weight is Intermittent Fasting. Check out videos by Dr. Berg, Fledge Fitness, Thomas DeLauer. Science based. Learn.

  2. Hi Chalene, I am a fan and user of your programs and courses from 131, smart success, courageous confidence and MIA, what else can I say about you. I adore and admire you work so much! There are a lot more stories I want to share with you from listening to your advices through podcasts, your courses, academies and live event. I am hoping someday I can eventually say “ I really appreciate you “ in front of this lady, who took me out of rock bottom and reignite me from depression. I feel passionate to translate your work from English to Chinese Mandarin, it’s kind of my lifers, if you know what I mean :P, and because I’ve seen so many many people who struggle with their weight ( body image ) , I believe that 131 is going to work by first educating then experimenting. If your’re able to see this comment, please shoot me a message at [email protected] , would love to bring this idea to reality!! 🙂

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  6. Just another dumb diet video. Really just selling snake oil. You can start today if you have enough money!
    Intermittent fasting works and it’s free!

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  8. I think Chalene is a wonderful inspiration. I'm toying back & forth between the 131 method & another program that does IF & Carb cycling. Does anyone know if this program includes carb cycling and specific workouts? Thanks so much for any information!