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CENTRAL Kolkata STREET Food Tour | Kathi ROLL + Mughlai POROTA + VADA + MASALA Bread + Chanajorgaram

CENTRAL Kolkata STREET Food Tour | Kathi ROLL + Mughlai POROTA + VADA + MASALA Bread + Chanajorgaram

My name is Sudhanshu Kumar Dutta How old is this cabin? It received the licence in 1925 But its a year or two more than hundred years It must have started much earlier than that The inventor… Now a days lots of different food have come up but earlier when there wasn’t used to be any other kind of food There used to be a huge rush here. everyone would be in queue I am here since a long time and I have seen this There used to be so much rush that you can’t even speak. There would be two persons right behind you And during that time sports coverage hadn’t started on television so those who came to watch match they would come here to eat again those who went to office via this route would come here There would be so much rush that the office goers will put the cooks in hurry to give them their orders They would pack these in bulk. There is raisins.
-I don’t have raisins. you have few You take from here. Thank you.
-Its interesting that there is raisins in it I will try it just like that. Very yummy. It has so many flavours. There is lots of green chillies. It is spicy That’s why they have served ketchup There is coconut as well I like the fact that the fried things that we have tried here didn’t make me feel heavy May be it is the way they fry it This too is deep fried but doesn’t seem heavy Here people are very conscious about hyper acidity Eating egg is quite prevalent over here I can see A lot of dishes are made with eggs be it egg roll, be it mughlai porota or egg tadka And egg bread which is a very famous office goers breakfast the culture of eating out is quite old in Kolkata People used to go out to eat And it started with the cabins Cabins were like the first institutions that allowed many middle class bengalis to go out and try out different things that they can’t prepare at home and because of religious reasons they were not allowed to have We are here in New market Which started in 1874 One of the oldest market in Kolkata And now were are heading to the iconic Nizam’s Where Kathi kebab roll supposedly started Is is said that Kathi Kebab roll started from this restaurant in 1932 Its called Kathi Kebab because these wooden skewers are called kathi Small pieces of mutton are put on them And they are grilled on charcoal oven Nizam’s special Kathi Roll is ready Classic one, without egg; just mutton Only mutton Very delicious The mutton is slightly chewy Its the classic, authentic Kolkata style roll The bread is stuffed with sliced onions, lime juice that is it. To the onions they said that they add little pepper, salt and vinegar for the tang. This dish has become the identity of Kolkata. such a popular street food it is. What is its story? So nobody had documented the story as such The story that we heard growing up was that when the British came here They had issues with hygiene They wanted something that they could easily wrap up And grab and go And that’s how the roll came up Because they were conscious about the hygiene and seldom used their hands for eating They didn’t know how to eat with their hands right So they decided to put the kebabs in the roll and wrap it. It is easy to eat while on the go and there is no issue of it being non hygienic. This is what I have heard We saw it being made. You are right that might have been the story Because you see they didn’t use much spices to make it They have used only pepper and salt Ya it is very simple Very delicious Lovely Paan. Lovely song Taj Mahal Paan Shop Give us a Paan Is there any Rafi special Paan available here Meetha Paan is the special paan here Its very sweet It seems that Christmas preparations have began over here Now since its Christmas time Its only fair that we go to the place that serves the best Christmas cake in the city So we are going to go to Nahoum’s and it is run by a Jewish family It is really busy. I am Jessica Baptist working here for twenty six years And I like it people love me and I love Kolkata Food has gone all over the world People love it here and they keep coming from all sides of the world They visit here and talk to me Please share little bit history and story about this place It started in 1902 Earlier it was in some other place a smaller place. Soon they prospered and booked this place This framework came from Italy The writing tables and desks very good very famous came from America It is now 119 years old So it has become a heritage building How many different varieties of cakes you have and what is the most popular one? The special fruit cake, the plum cake. we have regular fruit cake plain cake then Christmas pudding Mince pies white chocolate fudge, vanilla fudge and Mazapan Which is the most popular one? Popular one is plum cake Very delicious It has dry fruits and it is so soft And not too overly sweet And fresh It is still warm Very good I have already eaten one and this is the second slice We are going to try the vada Victorian Vada What is this vada made off?
-Moong dal Why is the name of the shop Victoria vada? Earlier I used to sell it near Victoria Memorial I used to be great and there used to be a lot of crowd when it closed over there then I thought that if I open it here, nobody will recognise me. So I named it Victoria Vada so that people will know its the same vendor How old is the shop?
-It has been here for 33 years and at Victoria Memorial for 17 years So that makes it nearly 50 years What is so special about the vada that the ex British Prime Minister had it and the French Defence minister had it too. The fact that its 50 years old make sit special. You can say so. What is you name?
-Rajendra Chauhan Where are you from?
-I am from UP. Where in UP?
-Jaunpur Street food in Kolkata started from Victoria Memorial nowhere else. Now it has spread everywhere Street Food in kolkata started from Victoria Memorial.
-Yes Now where ever you go in the city there are back to back eateries all over the city Veg and non veg both But this street has all veg eateries no nonveg stuff is available here Hence only a set kind of customers come to eat here The chutney is amazing It has a lovely flavour of asafoetida The first thing that hits you when you eat it is asafoetida They said that they have added fenugreek leaves as well These are moong dal fritters. Quite crisp and puffy It has carom seeds And they add quite a lot of other spices as well the chutney is a unique combination garlic chutney and fresh coriander chutney Now we will try the masala bread Sometimes I think that the food we eat on the streets and other places How conscious these guys are about tastes and flavours Like some has to be soft, some crunchy Taste wise it should be sweet, savoury and sour All sorts of flavours should be incorporated in the food Its a speciality of Indian street food that we can device such flavours even in the most humble thing See its just bread slices It has been cut into smaller pieces and had been topped with a mixture of onion, tomatoes, chutneys then its garnished with coconut, peanuts and fresh coriander An it looks so beautiful I was feeling so joyous seeing him making it he has made it with so much love see the way he puts the masala In each slice you are getting same flavours Bhaiya you have made it so delicious Very tasty You give me one serving and you too we will have from both of you Do you know the song-Aya re aya babu, channa jor garam You don’t know it How do you attract customers? They come on their own on seeing us You come here everyday From what time till what time you are here?
-3 pm to 10 pm You make the channa at home. Let’s see whose is the best? You taste this one. I am tasting this. He has added onions. You haven’t added onions Added That’s the thing You didn’t ask me He did ask me I added it like that only Both your things were tasty You work so hard standing here for 7 hours let’s end our food tour with this It was a long day. We started in the morning with ATS and are finally ending it here at Vardaan Market And we tried so many thing in between cakes from nahoum’s rolls at Nizam’s, Mughlai paratha from Anadi cabin Malai toast then orange Kulfi then cheese corn sandwich It was quite a gratifying day Thank you Pamela fro showing us so many things in this tour.

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  10. Hello.. She did give a partial correct explanation as to why and how the roll was invented.. The real story goes like this: in 1932 the owner of Nizam's got a weird request from the busy people to provide them something consisting of "parantha and meat" which could they take away and eat quickly also keeping in mind the hygiene factor of hands..inventing as we call roll..
    Another depiction of the same story as then time the king was Raja Hassan, one Britisher asked him to give bread and meat but keeping in mind that his hands don't get dirty..that's when the meat was wrapped inside of a parantha and wrapped with paper.. and this how roll was invented

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