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hi everyone and welcome back to Faith
and Flour if you’re new here my name is Robin and in today’s video I’ve got some
cleaning and cooking inspiration for you and motivation and I’m also going to be
kind of showing you what we are doing now that we’re spending more time at
home I hope that this video finds you and your family doing well and adjusting
to the current circumstances I am an optimist and so I am looking at this
slowdown as a time to live life a little bit more slowly a little more
intentionally and to just kind of savor this time that we have to spend at home
instead of our usual busy schedules and I am just kind of going through the day
as I typically would I usually start by making my bed and then I do a little bit
of my Bible study I do a Bible reading each morning I take some notes and I use
the Bible recap app on my phone so that’s what I’m doing here and this is
something that I do to ground myself daily and I find that it’s really
helpful during this time that can be stressful for everyone when everything else is kind of
topsy-turvy I find that sticking to the routines that we can really does help
ground us and I have a weekly cleaning routine and if you guys haven’t seen
that video yet I will have it linked in the cards above but I have the first day
of the week Monday set aside just to do laundry and so I wash our clothes this
day and I don’t do a lot of other cleaning it’s a good day for me to be at
home I do work from home on my videos so I can do some editing and anything else
I need to do throughout the day while keeping on top of the laundry and it
also feels good when it comes to laundry to me to get it sort of done at least
one day a week of course it’s sort of never-ending and it’ll be piling up at
the end of the day once again but because I wash everything you know hang
it to dry fold it and put it away within a day or two I feel some sense of
accomplishment when it comes to laundry if that makes sense
Here I am sorting out the laundry and I am doing the hamper that is in Patrick’s
in my room and then Payton does his own which is a huge help and he’s already
done his and I basically just separate things into four loads so I have one
that is done on a hot temperature setting on a medium and then a cold and
then a separate one for delicates and that’s what I’m putting on top of the
washing machine and that will include my dresses and blouses and things like that
that I just want to wash separately because we did not have to go anywhere
this morning we took this morning rather leisurely Payton slept in he really
enjoyed not having to get up and go to his work program first thing this
morning and because I didn’t have to drive him I wasn’t in a hurry either and
so I sat on the couch I worked on my laptop for a little while and you know
didn’t even take a shower and to let her in the morning and we enjoyed that time
but now it’s time for me to fix some lunch and Peyton has requested Monte
Cristo sandwiches and so all this is basically is well I would say cross
between sort of a grilled cheese and french toast so you take bread and you
layer a slice of cheese a slice of ham another slice of cheese and then you dip
the whole thing in just a scrambled egg mixture and I’m making Peyton’s with
gluten-free bread he requires gluten-free but Patrick and I don’t so
I’ve gotten in the habit of making sure I don’t cross contaminate anything so I
make Peyton’s first and then I can use the egg mixture for Patrick’s and mine
and I’m really careful when I grill them that there’s no cross-contamination
you may even notice that I use two different spatulas to turn them so we’re
really careful when it comes to Payton celiac disease and that’s why I’m taking
all of these different measures to make sure that he doesn’t get any gluten from
what we are eating so what makes these Monte Cristo
sandwiches even more special is that you dip them in jam and this may sound
really strange if you’ve never had one before but I would urge you to try it it
is so good and so today we are using some strawberry jam that’s Peyton’s
favorite and so this is going to be a really fun treat for him this is
something that I used to make for the boys when they were young and so Payton
has some really great memories about these sandwiches and it’s become comfort
food for him right after lunch
Payton took Austin for a walk we’ve had some gray dreary weather but spring has
arrived and the weeds are in full force so Payton has agreed to go outside and
help do some weeding which is a huge help for us and it also gives him a
purpose and something to do to occupy his time while he’s at home and I think
giving your kids tasks like this when they are at home right now is really
good I think it helps them feel like they have a purpose it gives them a job
to do that is helpful to the family and it gives them something else to do
besides sit around and be bored Payton was working on that outside I
came in to clean up the kitchen and I checked on him he was working diligently
and then I noticed her tug Austin he is I think part mountain goat I’ve said
this before her but we got him as a rescue and you just do have to wonder he
loves to climb up to these high places in our backyard last night I had made some banana and
not chocolate chip muffins and I used these silicone cups to bake them in and
I loved them to soak in the sink overnight so those were waiting for me
this morning when I got up and I’m just now getting to them but I’m going to
wash them each by hand and set them out to dry once the first load of laundry is
finished I move it over to the dryer and get the next one going I just recently did a laundry room
organization video I’ll have it linked in the cards above in case you guys are
interested but I also made sure as we understood that we were going to need to
stay home to have a lot of supplies on hand a lot of them I store here in the
laundry room so laundry detergent paper towels you know extra tissues things
like that we store in here and fortunately I didn’t have to go out and
buy a lot of things like this at the last minute we have a little bit of
toilet paper in the bathroom and hopefully the situation will calm down
soon and we can all replenish these things as we need them I know that this
is a source of stress for a lot of you and I know it can be really serious I’ll
show you a little bit of what we’ve done in the pantry a lot of you guys have
asked me questions about how we’re prepared and I did not really go
overboard with the preparation we normally have about this many dry beans
in our pantry and I keep kind of I’d say a modest stock we have plenty of space
and I don’t usually max it out the things that I did go out and buy a few
more of we’re like the canned vegetables canned tuna some canned fruit and things
like that that would have a long shelf life and also if someone were to get
sick in the family we could make some simple meals we wouldn’t have to do
anything very complicated it would be very convenient I did stock up a little more than I
would usually for Payton because gluten-free things can be hard to find
in the best of circumstances so I got him some snacks and the gluten-free
pizza crust that he likes plus I stocked up our freezer with gluten-free breads
and things they were not hard to find and hopefully that will continue to be
the case I also normally keep good at a pretty
good stock of dry goods in the pantry some gluten-free baking items plus just
your typical things like rice and nuts things like that so I checked those
things before I went to the store and tried to replenish anything that I was
running low on I did buy a few extra pasta sauces
because that’s a great convenience item to have on hand and I know we are going
to use it plus we have some chicken stock and vegetable stock but not a lot
so instead of buying more boxes like these I decided to stock up a little bit
on the bouillon cubes and you know the concentrated base for making stocks and
things like that having extra canned soup on hand would be great but we can’t
purchase those things because they usually contain either gluten or soy or
both and so those are things that Payton can’t have and so having these stocks
will make it easy for me to throw together a homemade soup I can add
either pasta rice or beans to that and all of those things I have here in the
pantry so that’s how I’m preparing to make those sorts of meals I also grabbed
one extra jar of peanut butter when I was at the store peanut butter is a
great plant-based source of protein and we all love peanut butter and jelly
sandwiches so that will make for a really quick and easy lunch while
everybody’s here at home two up at the top of the pantry I’m storing some extra
cereal coffee rice and then canned fruits and vegetables that I bought
these will be great if we need them and we will be sure to use them eventually
and I just put them up here to keep them out of the way plus I just made sure
that we had some extra snacks on hand in case we can’t run out and replenish our
supply we’ll have several things at home that we can munch on
we like chips and nuts and dried fruits and things like that and popcorn is
always great when we want to stay home and watch a movie so I made sure we had
some of that too the refrigerator really just looks like
it normally does I didn’t want to stock up more on fresh produce because there’s
a chance that we wouldn’t be able to eat it before it went bad and that would
just be wasteful and because we’re using imperfect foods I talked to you guys
about that before I’m hoping that we’re going to have a supply of fresh produce
and that could change we’ve actually gotten notice from them that they’ve
had more orders than usual and deliveries might change so we’ll see
what happens with that and then in the freezer
I just tried to stock up on some proteins and things we are not big meat
eaters but things it might change if we don’t have a lot of fresh produce so I
tried to get a few extra things plus some fun things like hot dogs that we
could have with pork and beans and some extra chicken things like that that I
can stretch out by making soup or chili or something like that we have some
frozen cheeses in here plus some frozen bread and some treats like donuts and
ice cream so as you can see I just stocked our freezer with things that we
normally would use and yes I have it maybe a little more full than usual but
we don’t have a huge space we don’t have a big deep freeze in our basement or our
garage and I don’t have shelves and shelves full of dry goods and canned
goods but I do think that we have probably at least three to four weeks
worth of food if we absolutely couldn’t get anything else and like I said before
we are using imperfect foods and they deliver on a weekly basis and as far as
I can see I think that they will continue that plus I think that we’re
still gonna have access to food at the grocery stores we just really want to
minimize how much we have to go out when we don’t really need to and I think that
this whole idea of social distancing could be really effective if we all you
know just take it seriously and try to be mindful of the time that we spend out
if it’s not necessary so this is what we are doing and I feel pretty good about
it I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments what you guys have done to
prepare and how you’re dealing with being at home and to answer more of your
questions the number one thing we’re doing is what all the experts are
advising and that’s just washing our hands a whole lot more as mom’s and
homemakers we already know that we wash our hands before we prepare food before
we eat or touch our face in any way and just you know we’re being more mindful
about it so whenever we’re in contact with someone else if we’ve been out in
public at any time for any reason then of course we will wash our hands when we
get home and we’re just using paper towels a little bit more so that we can
control you know spreading the virus through a
hand towel and I don’t necessarily think that’s risky we’re just taking an extra
measure and we are just using the grove gel hand soap I just refill the glass
containers that we have on our counter and I also picked this one up recently
from the Grove Collaborative it’s Mrs. Myers I’ve always been a big fan of that
one and I have decided to buy the refill container just to be a little more
economical because we already have the glass containers that we can refill this
one is called oat blossom and it smells amazing if you’d like another
recommendation as far as using hand sanitizers ago I
picked these up a while ago from the Grove Collaborative I’m not sure that
they’re available anymore but we only use those when we are out and about and
we don’t have access to soap and water and since we’re staying home a whole lot
more we are rarely using them and as far as disinfecting cleaners I had a few
things on hand already – I have a few of these Clorox disinfecting wipes left and
I have some of the seventh generation disinfecting spray plus some method
antibacterial all-purpose spray and all of them claim to kill 99% of viruses and
bacteria so as far as I know these types of things are effective if they are
listed on the label I do know that you should not use my vodka DIY a
disinfecting spray because it isn’t strong enough to kill the viruses it’s
great for bacteria it’s great for your daily cleaning needs but if your goal is
to kill the virus then you’re better off using things like 91% isopropyl alcohol
or even 3% hydrogen peroxide straight do a great job and so I am putting those
things in a spray bottle and using them to disinfect some surfaces around our
home that are touched really often things that you know about already like
door handles faucet handles light switches all those kinds of things that
everybody is touching you know on a regular basis multiple times a day I
will spray those surfaces really thoroughly and then let them sit for 10
minutes so let them stay wet for 10 minutes and then you can use a paper
towel that’s what I prefer or a cloth if it’s clean and wipe it down now it will
only stay disinfected until someone touches it again so that’s why you have
to do it multiple times a day I am just a mom I’m not an expert so I research
these things at the CDC website and also at Consumer
Reports to find out what things are effective and as far as trying to boost
our immunity I’m doing things and so is my family like taking some vitamin C now
this is not proven to have any big effect if you do get sick but I just
like to take the extra measure and I have always kept a little bin under our
sink in the bathroom with cold medicines and so I just made sure that those
things were stocked up there is no treatment for the current virus that
everybody is fighting but you can do things to ease the symptoms and so I
keep things like use and Mucinex and alka-seltzer cold plus medicine we like
also theraflu is really good if you have flu symptoms because you drink it as a
warm drink so I just keep a stock of all these kind of things that I know my
family likes to use if we ever have a cold or flu don’t worry if you don’t
already have something like this in your home if there is a circumstance where
you need these kind of things I think they are going to be available at the
drugstore and the supermarket I just like having them on hand so I don’t have
to run out plus of course if you need to be treated by a doctor this wouldn’t be
you know an alternative you would still need to go to the doctor and then of
course anything that you would need would be prescribed so I hope that that
answers the questions that you guys have been sending me you know I think it’s a
great way to stay connected with each other several of you are from different
countries and you’re curious about what is happening here in America and we are
curious about what is happening where you are so feel free to leave your
comments and we can discuss what’s going on I mean this is a global event that
affects all of us and one of the good things that can come out of it is that
it brings us closer together and right now I’m just fixing some dinner and I’m
making a little marinade there’s no particular recipe for it I’m kind of
throwing things together so I had some lime juice some honey a little bit of
olive oil some cilantro and garlic and the chicken that I’m putting in there is
still a little bit frozen so I’m going to let it thaw right in the marinade in
the refrigerator and then I have some black beans that I’m going to let thaw
out on the counter and I’m going to be making what we like to call a power Bowl
which is kind of like a salad with some warm ingredients and I’ll show you that
a little bit later in the video so while those things are thawing out I am going
to be folding the laundry once the laundry was folded and put away
I started cooking the chicken for dinner and I thawed out the black beans and
added some corn to that I seasoned it with some chili lime seasoning that I
get from Trader Joe’s you can use any kind of you know Mexican seasoning or
tex-mex seasoning that you like and then ahead of time as I’m cooking the chicken
I let some kale and a grated carrot sort of marinate in a little bit of dressing
I use the Briana’s I think it’s balsamic dressing just a little bit to kind of
soften up the kale and give it some flavor and then I assemble everything in
a bowl and that’s why we call it a power bowl I change this up a million
different ways sometimes I use regular lettuce sometimes I use spinach
sometimes I just switch up the beans and the corn sometimes we use quinoa or a
brown rice I don’t always have chicken but Payton requested that so I’m kind of
catering to him today as you can see and I also added a little bit of dressing to
the top this is also from Brianna it’s there
chipotle ranch dressing and so that gives it a little more spice and flavor
and then after dinner we took a walk it was starting to get dark it was kind of
a grey and drizzly day all day but we still wanted to get outside get a little
bit of fresh air and get some exercise and so fortunately where we live we are
in a rural enough area that it is fine for us to be outside and when we got
back we played a game of rummy cube which is one of our family’s favorites
and so we are trying to make the most of this time and because we aren’t busy
with engagements and you know running out for different things we have the
time to spend doing something like this and it has been really fun and I’m
hoping that when this is all over we’ll look back and you know have had a good
feeling about the time that we spent together of course I do know that there is
uncertainty about the future and this is very serious for a lot of people I’m not
trying to make light of that at all but my faith comes into play here I realize
that I can lean on the Lord and trust because God is good all of the time and
no matter what happens He is still good so I hope that today’s video gave you
some encouragement and even though we have to practice social distancing I
hope that this will help bring us a little bit closer together if you
enjoyed the video please give me a thumbs up it really does help out my
channel and if you’re new here I want to invite you to subscribe we have a lot of
fun here at Faith and Flour and as always I look forward to talking with you guys
in the comments so hope to see you there and of course in the next video have a
great week and God Bless!

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