Dangerous Food You Should Never Ever Try…

The world is full of unusual dishes that might
seem strange to some people. Ordinary food from one part of the world may
seem disgusting to people on another continent and dishes that some people eat everyday can
seem crazy or just inedible to others. Of course, the people thinking they’re crazy
might not be wrong, since some of the food I’m about to show you can quite literally
kill you. Are you brave enough to try these curious
bites? Well let’s find out! LIVE OCTOPUS
Octopus is a staple on a lot of menus – like calamari but tastier. However the South Koreans do it slightly differently:
they like their octopus alive. That alone sounds like a horror show, and
you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that, because it can definitely kill you. The powerful octopus suckers can get stuck
to the inside of your throat and block your airway until you suffocate to death. People still do it though, even famously on
camera in the Korean film Oldboy. However, other people who have tried it on
camera didn’t do it quite as elegantly as the actor in that film – it’s not as easy
as it looks, as this Chinese blogger found out during a live stream. Take a look! FUGU
When you think of food, you’ll almost never think of the word deadly, but you might need
to add that word to the list if you’re visiting Japan. Fugu is an expensive delicacy at the top restaurants
in Tokyo and it can kill you almost instantly. It’s actually puffer fish which contains
life-threatening Tetrodotoxin poison. There is no antidote. When eating this fish, you are putting your
life in the hands of a specially trained chef – the brain, eyes, skin, and even the highly
toxic liver are cautiously removed by chefs. If even a tiny piece of a deadly organ is
left behind, let’s just say it won’t be a very pleasant experience. It must be pretty delicious to be worth that
Risking your life for something delicious is one thing, but what about risking your
life for something rotting? Well every year in Spring, the Egyptian ministry
of health issues a warning against the traditional Egyptian delicacy called Feseekh, but people
keep eating it anyway. So what is this irresistible dish? Stinking fermented fish. The tradition dates back thousands of years
to the days of the Pharos. These days however the fermentation process
is meant to be controlled more carefully, but the dish is often prepared incorrectly
and the mullet fish end up rotting and that’s when they get dangerous. It seems you can’t tell the difference between
correctly prepared Feseekh and rotten fish, because loads of people eat the wrong one
every year and get incredibly sick – the rotting fish gives you botulism poisoning, which is
just as terrible as it sounds. The illness causes the symptoms you would
expect from eating rotten fish – like cramps and vomiting – but it can also cause breathing
problems too. Why anyone would risk paralysis and death
to eat rotten fish remains a mystery. GIANT ISOPOD
Have you ever seen a sea creature and felt like they definitely live on the bottom of
the ocean for a reason? Giant Isopods are one of those creatures. They look like a cross between a cockroach
and a lobster but they can grow to a terrifying size of 2 feet! They can eerily live for years without food,
but really they’re scavengers who eat all the rotting, dead sea creatures that float
down to the ocean floor. Sound appetising? Well, despite what you just heard, Japanese
people have decided they’re worth eating and have been munching down on these creepy
creatures for years now. It’s not a very common dish, but even one
person eating these sea cockroaches seems like too many, especially when you hear that
to make the sea bugs edible, you need to remove their stomach which is full of rotting sea
flesh that they found on the seafloor and it apparently smells absolutely revolting. Some say it tastes like crab or prawn, while
others say it’s more like chicken, but none of that makes it sound worth while eating
something that looks like it comes out of a horror movie. CASU MARZU
If you think you have a more sophisticated taste, and plain old deep fried insects aren’t
enough with you, why not pair them with cheese? But be warned, this isn’t your ordinary
cheese, infact, it’s surprisingly dangerous. It comes from Sardinia in Italy and it’s
called Casu Marzu, literally meaning rotten cheese, but it’s so much worse than you
think. It’s actually pecorino filled with maggots,
and it’s been banned due to its health risks. The Italians say it’s worth it, it’s apparently
delicious, but what you’re actually eating is the maggot excrement after they’ve eaten
the rotting cheese, and that’s what gives it its distinctive flavour and soft texture. As if that’s not disgusting enough, the
cheese needs to be eaten with the live maggots still wriggling around inside it, as dead
maggots are supposedly a sign that the cheese is no longer safe to eat. However even with live maggots, the cheese
comes with some safety tips: firstly, it should be eaten with your eyes closed, not to avoid
the sight of writhing maggots going into your mouth, but because when the maggots are startled,
they can jump into your eyes. Secondly, it’s important to chew thoroughly,
because if you don’t kill every maggot by mushing them up between your teeth, they can
live inside you and rip holes through your insides. I personally think I’ll give this one a
We all know you eat with your eyes, but what about when your food has eyes looking back
at you. In a village called Mousehole, in England,
their weird holiday dish called Stargazy Pie does just that. It’s just a fish pie, which shouldn’t
really be strange at all, except that they make it with the fish heads and tails poking
out of the crust. It’s been placed by the New York Daily News
as one of the most disgusting things people can eat. Ranking it ninth between dried lizards and
snake whisky. Today the dish is prepared with 7 types of
fish, while the stuffing consists of peeled fish, potatoes, bacon, boiled eggs, onions
and herbs. If fish heads sticking out of your meal sounds
fighting, maybe a regular pie will suit you better… SHIPWORMS
If the thought of wriggling worms can put you off your dinner, this may not be the dish
for you. Tamilok is a Filipino delicacy which makes
it sound deceptively delicious until you find out it’s other name that it goes by: shipworms. These jiggly little creatures are found in
rotting wood and die as soon as they’re exposed to the air and sun, which makes them
sound uncomfortably alien. They’re not aliens though, but they aren’t
worms either – they’re molluscs, so more like a slug than a worm. Once harvested from their decaying nests,
they have to be prepared before you can eat them, so their heads and – you might be surprised
to hear this word when talking about a worm, but – their feet are ripped off and their
insides are squeezed out like a tube of toothpaste. Then they’re nice and clean so they’re
served raw – It’s basically a spicy, water-based slug-noodle soup, and it’s said to taste
like slimy oysters or salty jelly. FRIED INSECTS
If sea bugs aren’t your thing, you might want to try something a little more recognisable… You might not think you can eat insects, but
it turns out you can have a bite of just about any of them, and fried insects are actually
a street-food favourite in some parts of Asia and they’re very popular with tourists. They’re also a great source of protein,
but I doubt that will convince you to give these creepy crawlies a try. But even if you’re not going to taste them
yourself, you’re almost certainly still interested in what they’re like but that’s
not an easy answer because each type of insect is unique – and there are a lot of them. It seems texture is just as important as taste:
caterpillars are soft and are sort of like eggs, while some other kinds of worms, like
bamboo worms, are crunchy like popcorn, while crickets are described as super crunchy bits
of chicken. The list of things to try is seemingly endless
– grasshoppers, small green frogs, cockroaches, or more expensive creatures like tarantulas
and giant forest scorpions, none of which seem like they would go down well at a party. JELLIED EELS
As it turns out, England likes doing weird things with fish. Perhaps the most traditional dish in London
is jellied eels. Unbelievably, it’s exactly what it sounds
like – eels in jelly. Eels are weird to begin with, slippery and
wriggly creatures, and to chop them up and put them in jelly doesn’t sound particularly
appealing. It became popular back in the 18th Century,
when the River Thames which runs through London was just crawling with eels. They were cheap and easy to catch, so they
ate them all the time. The jelly occurs on its own when you boil
the eels in water and vinegar which is usually flavoured with lemon and nutmeg, and then
leave it to get cold, which is how it’s meant to be eaten. It’s popularity is declining though, but
I’ll leave it to you to decide why. DEEP FRIED MAPLE LEAVES
This is a dish you can try in the Japanese city of Osaka, located on the Honshu island. Japanese people have been eating fallen maple
leaves as a treat since the 1300s, and this doesn’t come as a surprise since the Japanese
say that everything that’s deep fried tastes much better, so why not deep fry a maple leaf? One city in particular called Minoh, seems
to house the world’s pro leaf fryers, and their process is quite intensive – they collect
huge amounts of particular types of maple leaves, but not those from branches, only
the ones that have already fallen, claiming the yellow ones are the best, then they’re
thoroughly washed a salted in barrels for a year to preserve them. Then they dust off the salt the following
season, rinse their leaves, dip each one in a sweetened tempura batter and deep fry them,
one by one, all by hand and with an amazing amount of attention given to each leaf. The result is a delicate and very pretty sweet
bite made with something you would normally treat as garden rubble.

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