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ÉLIMINEZ jusqu’à 10 kilos de merde 💩 Collé de vos intestin nettoyant votre colon eliminer le gaz in

ÉLIMINEZ jusqu’à 10 kilos de merde 💩 Collé de vos intestin nettoyant votre colon eliminer le gaz in

eliminated up to 10 kg of poop sticking from your intestines cleansing your colon eliminating intestinal gas lose weight very quickly and much more hello my love I hope you are well and if it does not go it will go welcome to your 100% natural health and wellness channel yes as usual I always make the call to action if you are new subscribers you activate all notification steeples for receive our new video in real time and above all don’t forget to go to the info bar to click on the link watch all our videos here at the heart of well-being in order to see all the videos that we already have shared so far so let’s go Flax seeds have many advantages and few take advantage of it before we approach the recipe by itself i will give you some advantages of this one of its main advantages is its cleaning capacity intestinal it do it quickly and effectively for example continuous activation of mobility intra abdominal to the amounts the activity of this organ so important for our health high in protein flax seeds are also a good source of magnesium remember here that magnesium plays a very important role in controlling blood sugar because they make it easier for cells to use insulin large studies have shown that the risk of type 2 diabetes is very high when magnesium intake was low and even if you are already diabetic magnesium can greatly like you eat flax seeds they are rich in acid alpha-linolenic That the body uses to develop the omega 3 fatty acids that we normally find in fish just like fish flax seeds in our healthy heart by lowering cholesterol by regulating the heart rate and preventing the formation of blood clots and also protects against the inflammation that is associated with many age-related disorders in addition the leem does not contain gluten and it is inexpensive and pleasant no i assure you mecheri it’s delicious several studies recommend taking one to two tablespoons of ground flaxseed daily you can eat whole flax seeds but to better assimilate them it is better to consume it ground thanks to their anti-inflammatory activity flaxseed protects against strict poly rheumatism asthma crohn’s disease exam and psoriasis Like human greens fish could offer some protection against Alzheimer’s disease and depression finally if you suffer from constipation take flaxseed taele its laxatives you can buy ground or whole flax seeds in which case you want to laugh mode in a coffee mold or a food processor many of you ask me in the following comments where can i find the ingredient or will it be they are usually found in grocery stores or, failing that, in health food stores the organism absorb leagues better when the flax seeds are ground or crushed whole grains pass straight without being digested by cons once ground hygiene and hygiene buy whole flax seeds as you want as you need, they will keep for a year at room temperature room but if the gones are ground you will keep them earlier in the refrigerator Now let’s move on immediately to the recipe but first take a few seconds and share this information with your acquaintances so that it benefits also of this remedy drink this to detoxify your body unblock gases lose weight very quickly Ingredients half a tablespoon flaxseed at the end of the video I will explain why you should take half a tablespoon you 250 milliliters of preparation methods it is enough it is enough to boil water to bring water to evolution then bring the flax seeds inside the opposite bccs about for 15 minutes then drank the mixture from the locker room but should be consumed twice a day a young and 30 minutes before dinner this remedy will eliminate the inflammation in your belly because you eliminate once and for all where the waste from your body and whose consumption it is important that you accompany it with a greater consumption of fruits and vegetables which will help you to have a better digestion thanks to the fibers it has instead of half a tablespoon or 250 milliliters of water if you put some more large lans you will find that it will designate link yes women children hair gel but then internal consumption I was not little of my titles I had liquors at this bloodstroke 1 20 meter of mud don’t get frost and for those who can consuming this is a little more concentrated a little noisier it would be even more effective at the town hall if you liked this style of videos where I always take the trouble to explain the benefits of ingredients like usually let me know in the comments and those who love directly as faced with the trick also let me know in the comments breaks your review is very important it helps me improve my work by then take care of yourself but honey don’t forget that we are sharing a video at 9 l from france the bet and where a second video at 6 p.m. from France 2 Paris in the meantime i wanted to be with and video you order take care new but honey i love you i love you ruiz or kisses We years

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  1. Bonsoir. Dans votre vidéo je vois que vous utilisez des graines complètes alors qu'au début vous dites qu'il est préférable de les moudre. Ce que je voudrais savoir: c'est comment prendre la demie cuillère de graines, complètes ou moulues dans de l'eau bouillante ?Je vous remercie pour ce que vous faites. Un Algérien habitant l'Algérie.

  2. Olá, estou no Brasil. Gostaria de saber mais sobre esse grão, porque não mostra de onde vem esse grão?

  3. Merci!Suzanne.on vous écoute. Vous êtes,ca m'arrive de faire caca trois fois par jour.bye!Bisous.bisous.

  4. Merci beaucoup pour la vidéo sauf que je suis vraiment confoduit ou perdu avec l'explication j'avais tellement besoins

  5. TOUT DABORD JE VOUS REMERCIE POUR VOTRE SOUTIEN ABONNEZ-VOUS A MA NOUVELLE CHAINE YOUTUBE Suzanne Bwonda POUR PARTAGER MON COTIDIEN AVEC MOI . PRECISION UTILIE: Ecraser dans votre machine a épice ou a café vous soupoudré sur vos aliments ou sou forme d'infusion exactement comme ca aurait ete le cas pour du gingembre moulu

  6. de.lin..toute.entiere.sans.les.écrasé. Dans.du.yaourt……merci.bisous

  7. Bonjour ma belle je suis en algerie merci pour la recette je prends tous les jours les graines dans le yaourt esc en bonne idee merci

  8. En parlant des omégas 3 ceux du poisson et ceux des végétaux sont différentes ALA végétaux EPA et DHA poisson gras donc pas les mêmes

  9. Pour les graines de lins il faut absolument qu’elles soit moulus car sinon l’organisme ne les absorbe pas et par contre acheter entière car moulus elles perdent leurs bénéfices étant donné qu’elles peuvent être moulus depuis plusieurs mois et on peut trouver des graines de lins à carrefour Auchan Intermarché

  10. Autre information perte de poids c’est juste questions de calories les graines de lins ne font pas maigrir c’est juste le DÉFICIT CALORIQUE qui marche vous n’avez pas parler de ceux qui déteste les graines de lins ils font comment ??????