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  2. This reminds me of the good old Shkreli live streams. Would have been interesting to see his approach of tackling this topic.

  3. Hey 'GEOHOTZ" check out my content sometime. I built a super hero called "immunityman" and hit the streets like (TOM GREEN) would. Much love and thanks for building Web 3.0 for all of us foolies. #HoldtheReigns 🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾

  4. You should look into Crispr/Cas9 which is currently the most state of the art way to literally HACK DNA. It can make precise edits, and is affordable to do

  5. If you want advance user search functions in google, why not use the advance search features? If you don’t want certain websites to pop up just google: reddit + covid-19 -newsorgx -newsorgx2 etc.

  6. George, have you played around with IPFS and its sibling-projects? I have and it works…now. It really gives me hope that a decentralised internet could be achievable. It's very much like a global Torrent where everyone seeds the content they're consuming by default.

  7. Thanks so much George! I am an EE and I find this so true about search engines today. Admittedly I have not searched for a solution. I now start with what I think may be informed sources but this is so much more time consuming than having relevant results from a more general search.

  8. regarding the search engines, i remember in google we could use the '-' for example '-disney' to remove ocurrences with 'disney'

  9. 10:10 because the Internet is for lab rats.
    How do big corps make money? Feed the rats – feed them sugar, feed them fat, feed them THC and alcohol, fast food, salty and convenient high calorie snacks. What about tech companies? Shorten their attention spans and feed them brain-sugar, 6-second memes, Kylie's breasts… it all comes down to ONE simple concept: MORE DOPAMINE = MORE MONEY and therefore more dopamine for the executives, thus, MORE DOPAMINE,users = MORE MONEY,corps = MORE DOPAMINE,execs.
    As dopamine levels rise in the brain, the more dopamine is required to produce the desired effects (motivation, desire, rewards) due to our natural tolerance and equilibrium mechanisms.
    AI, search ranking algorithms, data engines, etc are being tuned to respond to how people use the Internet, and people are being tuned to pursue the release of more dopamine online, so both people and the money/dopamine-based algorithms are in a feedback loop that is leading to a big bucket of shit at an exponential rate.
    Lab rats who get their dopamine from other sources, like you and I, are out of the feedback loop just watching in amazement as the Internet and its users begin to go supernova and collapse under their own weight, powered by their hunger for each other, forming a black hole that will begin to suck dopamine out of anyone who gets too close.

  10. you shouldn't even answer to this kind of dummy comments… the problem with this type of guys is that they don't really know the heavy history that goes behind the word "hacking", hacking is not getting into your ex gf Facebook.. or even jail-breaking into something, hacking is "making something work the way you want even if it wasn't intended to work that way."… If you find a way to time travel for example, that's hacking!

  11. You should do a zero to “George hotz” level programming series. 💡 🤔. 👏 love the definition of hacking you gave “it’s a way of thinking of thinking and not a fixed target”. Couldn’t have given a better explanation! You’re a genuine person, who’s inspiration will motivate others to create something great. Keep it up 👍🏻

  12. Noob question:
    Around 12:12 how did he perform the same search in DuckDuckGo so quickly? Was that a quick use of a keyboard shortcut and if so, to do what exactly? That was insanely fast.

  13. I was so into hit that i banged the back of my head into wall sooo hard that the sound made whole family to wake up and fear about it. 🤯

  14. Online botnets have been hacking away at search algorithms for years. The Coronavirus subreddit is absolute horseshit, and I'm sure you understand, for a site like Reddit to spew such dog shit is worse than ignorant.

    It's malicious, right? Like social media is being malicious rn. It's botnets. They've been working so hard and so long to spread disinformation that the fucks are like plastic. They're everywhere. Since they own the means by which popularity spreads via social media, all they have to do is modify the message to modify the information pipeline between search and source.

    The first page of Google is horseshit. The shopping links are horseshit. The images are horseshit ( "Make this the first image to appear on the top when you type 'monkey' HAHHAQHAHAHA!" ) Media focused on SEO optimization to appear quickly, Google hosts media outlets started since the election on their first page. Same with /r/TheDonald. It's all been shit for years.

  15. George Hotz, if you ever read this comment, please tell me how are you able to switch between working at and doing this? Please I got to know, because I procrastinate a lot and really want to start working continuously like you!

  16. Nice work, makes me open my brain and have a different view when I code. While you are working on this project I recommend watching Prometheus & Alien covenant. Great movies imo.

  17. You were looking for graphs extrapolating spread to the end. Most mathematical models estimating spread are based on SIR model of epidemiology . It takes into account susceptible, infectious and recovered persons. You can control the exponential curve by by changing spread variable adn recovery variable. This numberphile video explains it