Here is the Proof 2020   MY Stunning Food Shortage Prediction 2017

wasn’t a 17 I was only in YouTube less
than a year and I made a video I said about when times get bad I shared with
everyone about my pantry what has changed and what has stayed the same I
hope you stay tuned to watch because I have some things that I want to share
with you you know I’m going to get straight to the point
first I would like you to get a notebook and a pen out out wait okay you have a
notebook and pen I’m going to ask you a few questions and I want you to honestly
write the answers down number one do you have car insurance number two do you
have health house insurance that gives it would be a fire and number three do
you have health insurance number four do you have food insurance number one is
pretty easy everyone has to have a certain amount of insurance because it’s
the law number two is just practical most people who own a home or even rent
have some form of insurance number three a lot of people have health insurance
but there are some that don’t number four how many have food insurance food
insurance tessie what are you talking about this
is my dire warning you are not going to see many videos of mine that are
political politically oriented though I do have some political opinions
I’ve never state them on my Facebook page or my YouTube simply because that’s
not what I’m about but this will have a little bit of a political background to
it and I’m sure right now I’ve lost half of my listeners but that’s okay
I’m here to speak to just the one that’s willing to listen I don’t know about you
but I stopped watching mainstream media about six months ago and I get all my
news online Christian news there is a lot of civil unrest in this
day and age there’s a lot of unrest period and that brings me to food
storage I’m hearing lately many excuses as why nobody has food storage and I
will list some them excuses now one is oat se we have no room for it
the other one is Tuffy it’s so expensive he’s got the money for that and number
three is I don’t have a homestead I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of acreage so I
can’t plant anything I’m going to debunk these three excuses right here and right
now number one expense food storage is extremely unexpensive if you choose to
go that route well sure you can buy all those ready-made meals that are very
expensive but with a little work you can have meals very cheap and I’m going to
talk to specially the senior citizens right now I understand that your honest
budget and money is very tight but I am going to show you today how you can
start a food storage plan with only a dollar a week yes you heard me a dollar
a week and I’m going to show you if you have a family dollar a dollar
general or a better yet a dollar tree you can find food storage ideas for a
dollar a week better yet if you could do five dollars a week more the better and
I really really want to urge you to start planning now the listens rice
these go from anywhere from 88 cents to one dollar a pack I have never seen them
over $1 a pack you can have them in many varieties in fact I think there’s over
30 varieties buy a few of these each week and put in a plastic tub dry beans
dry beans are always a dollar a pack at my local Family Dollar and Dollar
General and Dollar Tree some places maybe a dollar 27 to a dollar 37 you can
get all kinds of beans at this price another kind of rice mix and all kinds
of beans noodles many times at your local grocery store you will see noodles
wholesale stock up better yet stock up on the noodles that are the pre boiled
kind if it doesn’t take a lot of water you will find them into your pasta aisle
number two no room that’s an excuse anybody has
room I live in a very small home and I find room to put my food you can put it
under a bed you can put it into a closet you can put it behind a sofa you can put
it anywhere you can put it right out in the open and put a cover over it and put
something on top to describe to hide it there are many places you just have to
get really creative and the other thing is weathers a will there’s a way if this
is something that is something you want to do you will make the time and you
will make the resources available to do it there are many many many ways that you
can do food storage and the other one is I live an apartment and I don’t have any
room to grow my own there is all kinds of local markets go in season and buy
when it’s cheap you don’t have to grow your own food and have the food storage
I would stock up on some powdered milk flour sugar all of all the staples that
you can find do small amounts but two pound bag of flour put it away there are
a lot of things going on right now in the United States that you are not
hearing unless you are listening to alternative news because the mainstream
media are not going to tell you exactly what’s going on I will not be posting
anymore dire warnings like this because I am NOT a doomsday prepper I am a
homesteader but as you can see I prep too this has become a way of life for me
and I hope that this will become a way of life for you two small steps it’s not
going to happen overnight but I encourage you take a few dollars each
week and buy something and do something be proactive in your life we are
watching so much about the California dam that they are afraid would break or
go over the dam but did you know for years there was problems that they did
not face those problems until now we criticize them and sit back and say oh
my word if I was in charge out of didn’t this and that but we’re hypocrites if
we’re not doing anything for our food storage because if we see things are
happening and we’re not doing anything about it what’s going to happen one day
when civil unrest breaks out in your town do you want to drive to the Walmart
and get some last-minute food when there’s a hundred thousand people there
I don’t think so the number one thing with food storage is water please
provide some water for yourself you can save soda bottles you can save anything
to put your water in but please save some water and the long run if nothing
ever happens in your lifetime then you can say well
at least that was prepared thanks again for watching and we’ll see you tomorrow these are trying times and so I’m
stretching my chicken feed by using some of this corn you don’t think about
things until times change you don’t think about things until things like
this happens to all of us we generally aren’t given a warning now
are we that’s what I said back in 2017 17 is
when I really started storing food I took you on my journey he’s last couple
years I shared with you all kinds of things that I learned through these
years but sharing with you my video in the beginning of it all and 2017 and my
whole journey of storing food and food storage and learning how to preserve
things that has been such an amazing journey that I’ve been on I never
dreamed that it would happen like it did but back in 2017 I predicted when times
would get bad we never know what makes our times go bad and I never dreamed
that this would be happening today in 2020 but back then I had the hindsight
to realize that you know what we better start preparing on my channel almost
every single week I’ve had a video telling people to prepare sometimes he
got very frustrating sometimes I became very discouraged back in 2017 I was
ridiculed a lot for my videos oh the words and the things that people said it
to me the things they said about me storing food and my weight and all of
that it’s silent these days I don’t have the tormenters coming on my
channel when I talk about food storage it seems like maybe they’re
understanding a little bit sometimes you feel like when you want to
share stuff about your life it goes on deaf ears but there was a
whole bunch of you who have been following me and doing the things I’ve
been doing this is what makes my heart so glad because that is what my channel
is about my channel is about sharing with you my life circumstances that has
really blessed my heart and I just thank you so much for taking the time to
listen to what I have to say and to have an understanding and to heed my warnings
in life those of you who have followed me and have been doing the things that
I’m doing are sitting in a different situation now than what they were many
of you have emailed me a lot of you weren’t confident enough to send a
comment but yet in private you emailed me and you let me know
tessie I’ve been doing some of the things that you’re doing and I have a
storage now you know we don’t know what this is gonna foresee we don’t know
what’s gonna happen here but you know life will probably get back to normal
and I’ll be making my videos and food storage and then once again I will be
made fun of that’s how it is in life when there is a tragedy or there’s
something that goes on in the world everybody bands together and they talk
about it and it’s the big thing but then after wow it’s totally forgotten about
everybody goes about their merry way and what lessons have we learned from it
well I can tell you one thing my channel is never gonna change I’m gonna still
talk about food storage I’m still going to talk about canning and freezing and
dehydrating I’m still gonna talk about stretching that dollar I’m going to talk
about all these things whether they’re popular or not this isn’t I told you so
video it’s not that at all I actually had a comment on this video from 2017
and I didn’t even think about the video up until I saw the comment watch and it
was like wow like I really got to share this with all of you because so many
videos of mine get pushed it back and people never see them you know when you
have 1,500 videos that’s a lot of videos and I wanted to highlight this one and
tell you well my predictions came true I mean I didn’t predict exactly what would
happen nobody can predict that but I did predict that something will happen
eventually would this be the one and only time probably not and so we need to
learn from things and so what did I learn by all of this I am a prepper but
I’m not a prepper I learned that I learned that as far as food I’m a
prepper I get an A+ rating for being a prepper with food with water I would say
I get a C and I would get an F if I was saying I was prepping and non-food items
I am NOT very good at that but then again I am one of them people that are
very resourceful I have nothing wrong with cutting up rags and using that as
toilet paper if we didn’t have any you know for me going out and getting some
herbs and putting them on a cut and using that instead of a band-aid that’s
something I’m really good at so I don’t really store anything that’s non-food
other than herbs and things like that and Preppers they will store a lot of
medications they will store a lot of bandages and things like that I don’t
really do that because I like to learn the old-school way of doing things and
I’ve have so many videos and what herbs you could use this and what herbs you
could use that so earlier I had a video and I really don’t know how I want to
say it because I don’t want to get in trouble again but I had a video out just
sharing with all of you how you can make an herbal something well I could not
upload that video for nothing if I mentioned the words so finally I just
have it titled homestead Tessy mobile home living I’m going to show that video
at the end of this video because in that video I share with you how to make
something what is this world coming to oh my word people what is this world
coming to I never dreamed I was saying something
that I shouldn’t be saying but I was not allowed to upload that video unless I
changed something and I wasn’t even talking about that you know what that’s
going on right now this was talking about an herbal thing that you can make
I don’t know I don’t know but I’ll share that video
at the end of this one because that video won’t be easy very high because I
wasn’t able to say what the video was about hmm
I see more first-hand experiences about things that are happening in our world
and what people that would just view videos would see because I’m on the
front lines and when you make videos there’s a lot of things that go behind
the scenes and there’s a lot of things that you’re unable to share we’ll just
say that way so I hope you take some more of your life in your own hands and
you be proactive about things in your life I hope that somehow you continue to
watch these videos even when things get back to normal I hope you still watched
you know the food storage because you never know what tomorrow will bring what
is normal is our normal the same normal it was a year ago I don’t know what
normal is anymore but I know that I have a voice I have a camera and I have a
channel and I want to share with you things that you can do in tangible ways
to make your life better take care everyone and we’ll see you guys tomorrow

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  1. I just found your channel but long enough to start stocking up a little. I just ordered a canning book you recommended. Thanks for helping us.

  2. you… am prepared and thankful you just never know…very good advice Tessie thank u❤️ and dont ever change! 😊😊

  3. I thought your hair looked super cute! Yes I agree with you Tessie, we must be prepared for anything because we never know. God bless and take care!

  4. It's true, Tessie! Thanks to you, I had started putting some food away for emergencies. I've been freezing portions and storing dry and canned goods. I haven't built up a lot of stored foods yet, but it's enough to get me through these trying times now.

    So thank you for getting me motivated to get food insurance!

  5. Tessie, you are so right in all that you say. It's sad that people will shoot you down for having common sense and putting it to good use! Common sense is elusive these days and to have this happen now just shows that you know what you are talking about!! These people need to take notice and heed your advice!!

  6. As a retired nurse I’m glad I have put extra bandages & wound care items, along with meds, food & toiletries. I raise 3 grandsons & I wouldn’t want to take them to the hospital during this time unless it was life threatening or grocery shopping. I’m keeping us in our yard. God bless you Tessie. You have a calling, ignore the haters. 💕

  7. Wisdom overflowing! Thank you Tessie. I’ve been watching since November and you really helped me be prepared for this unsettling situation. I believe the Lord led me to your channel. I find peace watching you. Thank you!! Love you Tessie.

  8. Tess….I love your channel…God takes care of us all and I love and relate to many ways in which u show us that He cares for and talks to you….be safe and know he will see us through…God bless you

  9. Hi Tessie! I have found that one of the best, all -purpose cleaners and disinfectants is plain old-fashioned white vinegar! You can get a gallon of white vinegar for about $2.50 or cheaper depending on where you buy it. A half a cup of white vinegar diluted in water in a 32-ounce plastic spray bottle is good for wiping down kitchen counters, sinks, stove tops, etc. You can also fill a spray bottle with half white vinegar and half non-concentrated original blue Dawn dishwashing liquid for an amazing cleaner which really works well especially in tubs and showers!

  10. Love this! Just make sure you buy things that you already eat! I check the dates on mine every 6 months or so.

  11. The 2017 video was super…you were blessed with wisdom then and now! You got me to start food storage when I started watching your channel months ago. Thank you so much! My storage isn't full in all areas but at least I am ahead of the game!

  12. Been with you for a long time. I've learned so so much. Even tho I didn't think I prepped much, I have so much food storage and when the meats ran out in the grocery, I didn't even flinch.

  13. Tessie, I have enjoyed and learned so much from your videos. I started to prep sometime ago. This last Christmas I learned one of my nieces started to prep and she received several buckets to store food for Christmas!

  14. I been buying extra things the last 3 years I have even got a freezer I have enough food did some canning. Make my own sauerkraut so easy. Do other things to cut back on paper product's. Have to be frugal now a day's. I enjoy the help from you as well. Not really hard once you start. Thanks so very much

  15. Yep itll be too late to prepare if food shortage is upon you. Prepare now for the hard times. Im prepared but not as much as i want and plan to be and like you im very resourceful if i need be.

  16. We have lots of food in stores . Tessie did you stock up on toilet paper. I make dry food in jars I mix dry soups in jars I dry my fruit , vegetables . God bless keep safe

  17. Many of our elders put up for the winter and for just in case. Going to try to have extra plants to share. Be nice if the weather would give a little help. Take care.

  18. Good Morning Tessie, Sisters, Brothers, and Friends:) I wish you all a wonderful blessed Wednesday filled with Gods joy and happiness:) God Bless you! Love you all:) Remember to pray for one another and everyone affected by the virus! Keep smiling:)

  19. Don't think you are a prepper. People who are small farmers have always put up extra food, 3-5 years of it because Nature is not predictable so if you wanted to survive, you had to get through to the next growing season.

  20. Tessie I get what your saying and seeing what can’t always be shared.
    I can’t help but think of Noah while he was building the ark, how many I wonder were beating on the sides when the time came yet they thought him crazy while he was busy preparing.
    We just gotta keep our lamps full of oil and trimmed and burning.
    Really cool seeing your vintage video and message 👍🏻
    Keep steady and focused we will come into port safely in due time if we but faint not

  21. Right before all this happened, I had way more food at my house than I normally have. I usually stock up on sales so I don’t have to buy it at regular price if I run out. My pantry is a little messy due to having shelves too full, but if I won’t buy anything besides the fresh produce, it will get back to organized.

  22. I just went and bought 150 pounds of laying crumbles, 150 pounds of hen scratch, 100 of chick starter, a 150 pounds of rabbit feed and 100 pounds of dog food. I am starting a summer garden. If anyone reads this please try to plant a few vegetables even if it just on your patio. Try not to waste any food. There will be food shortages.

  23. Herbs are good but sometimes you may need sutures to sew up a wound or a good turniquit to stop bleeding. Yes we preppers try to be well rounded. Beans ( food ant kind), bullets ( protection any kind) and bandaids ( medications and medical supplies). I think water is just a normal big part of prepping for any prepper. Not just bottle water but ways to purify water on hand.

  24. My husband and I were in a head on collision with a semi in 1994 and had an extremely limited income and a small amount of food stamps to survive on with our 8yr old son. Many months we might not have had enough food if not for the generosity of others. Once we recovered and I was able to buy extra and stock up I have never had an empty pantry or freezer since. On months when we have extra expenses come up I can just buy the fresh stuff at the store and keep our bill under $100 and we still eat well. We were really busy for two months last year with the kids activities and I hardly shopped at all those months and it barely made a dent in our pantry. I buy in bulk and can veggies from my garden and the monthly produce distribution I Volunteer at. We only needed a few things when all this nonsense started and I have been able to stay out of the stores and be at home easily. It’s not that we have a shortage of food in this country it is hard for the suppliers to get the product to the store. Usually it takes two truckloads to restock a store but now it requires twelve truckloads and since the people go everyday and clear the shelves they can’t keep it stocked and get caught up.

  25. I actually started watching you in 2017 & love your channel. I live in the city, have 15 raised beds and not once have I lost sleep over the last few weeks worrying about what is at the grocery store. Of course I have been & purchased needed items there, but I am set with my canned items and what is growing ( we live in FL so can garden pretty much year round). I look forward to your videos daily!

  26. Tessie because of you I am prepared for at least a couple months. Thankyou. Never thought this virus would even happen. Be safe everyone n keep the faith. Hopefully this goes away soon. Love this video. You looked soo cute Tessie. God bless you. ❤️🤗🙏🙏🙏🙏

  27. I love your channel and once the dust settles I will be storing food and doing container gardening. Thank you Tessie you were spot on. God bless you stay safe.

  28. I got caught flat footed. I should have treated TP, and sanitizer, like I do my gas tank. It gets down to half, I stop what I'm doing and I fill it up. If I done that way with my 36 pack of extra strong Charmin oh, and my 32 oz bottle of hand sanitizer. I would have enough for the next four months maybe six. Hopefully this will get back to normal. I am not at all happy with the off-brand. But as for food and everything I'm alright for maybe 60 days. When this crisis is over, I think I'm going to make space in the storage unit. For additional food storage.

  29. Many are called but few are chosen. Yes we do the same, although we have sufficient money. But we can not eat the money, silver or gold. And rice and beans keep you alive a looooooong time. And that is a good start. Like you said. A live insurence. And also a comfortable feeling, in the back of my head. Don't forget to eat the oldest food first. And if you are looking for a GREAT investment. Invest in your healt. You have no idee ho much that pays back.

  30. I’ve prepped it was nice not to have panic buy during this time, I’m glad there are channels out there sharing their knowledge, though I started dehydrating cause you made it look easy and it was so thank you-Amy

  31. I’m so grateful for all the prepping education from you Tessie! I’m in a good place in spite of the quarantine thanks to canning, dehydrating, and building a large pantry!

  32. In 2018 I felt such a pressing on my spirit and I got very serious. I knew something was coming in 2020. I told my friends and they slowly got serious also. I was a woman on a mission to get our house paid off in 2019. On January 1 I put a dire warning on Facebook that something was coming and get prepared. Crickets. Nothing. No one said anything. Then I knew by March it would be here. When I heard about what was happening in China I knew this it. I was like you with only food storage. I had never thought about a pandemic. But I got serious with supplies back in January and I'm so glad I did. I have not left my property in over a month and my kids have been out of school for two weeks. I think I may leave this weekend to go get chickens. But I am also concerned about feed and wondering what I can grow to feed them in the winter. I can grow lots of winter squashes in my garden but wondering about other things that I can grow to feed them through a long Minnesota winter. I heard one time about a woman in my very Northern climate that fermented zuchinni for her chickens and fed them that all winter. She said they never stopped laying for the first time ever. I always thought that was interesting. We have the perfect shed for chickens and it already had a window with screen, and large wood shelves in it, a cement floor, and electric. It is also insulated. I am just nervous to get chickens. We have so many predators. Including 2 bald eagles whose nest is right behind my house in a woods. Also someone is flipping a house in my neighborhood. I went.and got the 25 windows they had leaning against the dumpster and my husband said he would make me a greenhouse. (I asked before I took from a healthy 10 feet away. 😂) Anyway God bless.

  33. I am 59 years old. I grew up in the deep south. My parents were depression survivors. I grew up helping on the farm and preparing for what my Mama called "Mr. Hard Times". Being Emergency Ready and homesteading is not new to me. My husband and I began homesteading in 1979. Living off the land is popular now. It's a thing. Not back then! People who are keeping the shelves bare, need to realize there is not a food crisis at this time. They need to continue to make their normal purchases and not go off the rails. Being Emergency Ready doesnt happen overnight. It's a process! Thanks for all you do. God Bless.

  34. Such wise words Tessie. I have always carried enough food for two to three weeks – even toilet roll because we live in the countryside, miles from any shops and I hate running out of stuff. From now on I am going to keep enough for several months. I'm also going back to keeping chickens. We kept hens for many years but recently stopped because my neighbours have them and I could always buy eggs cheaply. Relying on other people to feed you during a crisis is not the way forward.

  35. Its always Good to be Prepared in any Emergency. I think at times we tend to over Dramatize the Real Situation. I have Traveled from Mexico and U.S. Everyday and have not seen one store with a Food Shortage. This is not HIV. This is not BLACK DEATH or TB. This is a virus that has 99% Survival Rate. 90% of those that Died in Europe had 3 underlying Conditions. We can all learn to be Better prepared for a Emergency but this not a Time to Overreact.

  36. Hey Tessie, I'm glad you posted this. Not only was it full of great info it also sent me back to a sad but wonderful event in 2017. I was in California just a few miles down stream from the Orville dam when all of that was happening. I was there for my dad's funeral. A lot of things happened on that trip wondrous things that I knew came from God. I am stocked pretty well and even have a little I could spare for my elderly neighbors I have several around me. Between couponing and clearance shopping I was able to have a small stockpile of food and necessities.

  37. I watched the video you mentioned and I didn’t see a link Mary ‘s garden? I searched and found a website for Mary’s seeds, it that the same one?

  38. This is just awesome, never knew that you made that video back a few years ago, didn't know you then. I (we) really appreciate what you do out there. We are loyal to the channel because it's real and true. You are one of His followers and we can see that…we're with you on this and appreciate you Tessie! 🙂

  39. We will get through this. Isaiah 26:20 Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.
    God bless.

  40. You were correct in your predication. Some of my family have thought me crazy but now see. Thanks for sharing this video. Have a blessed 🙏 day

  41. Amen sister and I’m listening I definitely will stock my pantry properly and get the essentials that I need.

  42. Between you and another channel I watch on prepping, I started a small pantry so I'm sitting okay right now. For many years, I had a small supply of paper goods, too, so I will be ok with paper towel, TP and kleenex for a while. Yes, it's very important to prepare.

  43. Tessie I started watching you a few months ago and I started a journey to be prepared I am so grateful that I did. I've planted seeds this month and and a food storage thank you so much

  44. Your are right about food storage Tess I have been canning for years and my family said that I can to much but now with things like they are my family realized that I should have done more. Thanks for letting everyone how to do for them selfs.

  45. Your are right about food storage Tess I have been canning for years and my family said that I can to much but now with things like they are my family realized that I should have done more. Thanks for letting everyone how to do for them selfs.

  46. That was one of my favorite videos the 2017.. I have that pressure canner now and bought more jars at dollar General.. I have tomato and bell pepper plants and my seeds.. I do prepp for medical and hygiene needs and glad I did because I have given away many things.. it’s been something I always do. I still have all my lanterns and oil and candles and matches from 9/11.. I have a 91 year old dad whose planting his garden this week.. that video from 2017 is what made me realize my water bath canner wasn’t enough and all I wanted for Christmas this year was a pressure. I pray y’all are well Tessie,, Keep the faith, sister 🙏💕

  47. Thank you Tessie for all your great wisdom, your ideas have taught me so much! I've changed so much here at home because of you! Much love take care!❤

  48. I've been looked down upon for being a prepper too, but let me tell you it was sweet to realize that we would be fine through the current coronavirus crisis. My preps have gotten us through a flood, unemployment, and power outages too. So who's crazy NOW, huh? 😜 I don't even feel like a hoarder because a lot of what we have came out of our own yard and garden, and we've been using it. Glad we didn't have to contribute to over-burdening the system during the TP wars.

  49. Oh my I remember this video! And it got me thinking truly it did!!! Thanks Tessie for all you do and share. It is a blessing!! Take care and God bless 😇!! ♥️✝️🙏✝️♥️

  50. THANK YOU so much for sharing both videos! You encouraged me to have food insurance some time ago. I am more prepared, but its not enough.
    We purchased seeds over the weekend just in case. We both grew up gardening, but when we're working full-time there's just not enough hours in the day. Priorities may soon change.

  51. I have to admit that my husband is finally starting to "see it" as to why I do some of the things I do. He looks at what the grocery store "specials" are now and we discuss what we have and what would be wise to purchase. Last Sunday, he even put up a "back of the door rack" on our pantry door to free up more space. Even "baby steps" are good. Sorry I didn't know you were around back in 2017 as I didn't really have an interest in YouTube back then. But now, little by little, I am going through your older videos. May the Lord love and keep you always. We are in our 70's and I am still especially interested in "learning and doing"!

  52. Right now YT is being run by AI and it's being Ruthless! Does anyone know what happened to 'The Pantry Prepper' channel? It now says, "This channel does not exist." Well, it did a couple of days ago.
    Tessie, you did a good job on your 2017 video and you were so right. Think of how many people will not go hungry because you were brave enough to go against the norm. I'm glad I listened to God, when he told me to start preparing in 2011. We won't go hungry and will be in a position to help others (secretly) Being prepared isn't stupid, it's very prudent! Blessings to you, your family, and my YT friends. 💗✝🌷

  53. I think instead of separating out emergency stores. I think I will do a pantry and use rotation. I think this will be easier. My take away.

  54. A lot of our stores are out of flour, but luckily me and my grandma have grain mills so we can mill our own flour if need be. We really need to get a hand pump on our well because you just never know what tomorrow will bring.

  55. friend I remember the 2017 video, watched it many times great video. if some people had your common sense and knowledge they wouldn't be running to the store to hoard toilet paper, I do believe a homesteader will survive the mess going on.I have been canning for over forty years, never had alot of need for going to the grocery store never needed to hoard toilet paper,always had plenty of other things to use for the what if days, Sis it is so important for everyone to have food insurance, we never know what tomorrow will bring, jars can be found at yard sales or sometimes people will be giving them away, last summer I bought extra jars at a yard sale twenty eight cases for forty five dollars. I do pray this crisis we are in will be a wake up call for many. Love You Friend, have a blessed day

  56. Hi Tessie! ☺ Tyfs your 2017/2020 videos. As always, I enjoy to see your smiling face. I wanted to share with you that "How Amazing is it?", in these uncertain & trying times that
    "Suppy & Demand" always kicks in. I know, many perceive the Government to be an/The Enemy, when indeed, WE are the Government. I know that you said you don't watch TV. I haven't in several years myself, due to my work schedule, information on the Inet & plain old not interested in it (television programs/shows/series). News is VERY important & I know that you said you do NOT watch any news, ONLY Christian news. That is a Beautiful thing, but don't be blindsighted; local, world, & global news is important. You can decide & absorb, whatever it is that you feel is Real or Important. Don't be deceived by only one type of news/channel. Anyway, hoping that you & your family are doing well! These times WILL all "come out in the wash", per se, HE has us covered 🙌. How are the fuel/gas prices in your area? ☺☺😎😎

  57. Oh Tessie, I really enjoyed hearing this video today! Thank you for teaching me to to prepare! I feel so frightened in these times, but, somehow, listening to you sweet voice and your wisdom calms me!

  58. I am one who listened Tess. I got powdered milk, rice, oatmeal,flour , beans, and learned how to can in the last yr. Feeling blessed. You are brilliant!

  59. My Home is 960 ft. I have a small kitchen but managed to have a small food pantry. I also have a place for some baking. I have two carts for putting things.Yes I have my kitchen gadgets and things I need but I am stocked up. my food pantry may not be as big as some but at least I have one.
    I also have a long toolbox with drawers and has a cutting board that we put on top of it as a kitchen island because my kitchen is small. You can have a food pantry by having Totes if that’s all you can do.
    You can stack the totes if need be. You can also use the space under your bed.
    Great video Tessie thanks for sharing.🤗❤️

  60. I think the world will find a "new" normal which is something we will not know until we get there. I doubt it will turn around to life as we've always known it.

  61. You are not talented at what you are doing on your videos and cant imagine you getting money for it, I mean canning canned cheese, REALLY!!

  62. What this situation showed me was how unprepared people are for an emergency. How fortunate we have been to have had shelves restocked only to soon be vacant again. Imagine if supplies weren't able to be brought into your area. This was a wake up call for many. I have often told my neighbors they should keep extra food and water on hand at all times because you never know what will happen. Most scoff and say, but we have grocery stores nearby. I reply yes, but they don't have that much food for all the people in our area.

    Thank you Tessie for sharing and showing ways to save money and stock up. I would like to offer up some other ideas. If you have a sprouted or green potato plant it even if it is a 5 gallon bucket. Its food you already paid for but can't eat(if its green) and learn about what grows in your area that is edible. Things such as mallow, mustard, stinging nettles, chick weed etc. It may be needed at some point. There is food all around us, but we are so used to grocery stores many of us don't know what is in our own yards that is edible now. Thanks again Tessie.

  63. I've been emptying out the freezer and canning it. So far 15 lbs of chicken n almost the same in beef🤗🤗🤗. I've dehydrated a lot in the last couple of months.
    I've been stocking up the last year.

  64. Tessie, I watched your video once and made a comment about how I thought your voice was weird. You explain to me why and told me you hope I could get passed your voice and guess what I did I watch your videos quite often find them informational. And feel I made a new friend keep up the good work and talk to you later.

  65. So glad I grew up with this way of life and most folks around us too, I am so Blessed. You are spot on Lady! … the way wow you have evolved so much in your videos!!! Glad I found you this year!

  66. These are bad times I am going to do a lot of canning this summer. And dehydrateing I have learned a lot from you Tessie, Thank you.and God Bless you.