How to Find the Perfect Diet For You (Dr. Berg recommendations)

hey it’s me again in this video I want
to clarify a lot of the confusions that are on this one topic called diets
people that come in my office all day long they don’t know what to do someone
told me this and someone else told them to eat the opposite food so there is a
massive confusion going on I’m going to sort that out and the question is why
should you even listen to me well there is a difference between a clinical
practitioner someone in the field day in and day out for a long time and working
on thousands tens of thousands of people that’s me and a clinical researcher
who’s actually in a lab who researches research that looks at published
research but never really worked with a person before so you really want to look
at the source of who’s advising you or maybe was like one person who has a
success story with weight loss and they wrote a book about it right so I will
say that there’s a lot of different bodies out there a lot of different
situations you can’t fit every single person into
one mold you have to adapt another thing about me that I think it’s a plus point
is that I am very willing to be wrong and to I’m interested in just success so
I’m very flexible in my thinking that’s why I’ve updated a lot of the
information in my books over the years and I keep changing things to adapt with
what I’m seeing out there okay so with that said let’s go into some of the data
anytime you’re evaluating data you have to compare it to something to figure it
out so let’s say blood pressure you have to know what normal is right 120 over 80
so then you can compare if yours is high or low or let’s say your temperature is
98.6 well that’s normal so you have to compare it to normal or with a diet we
have to compare it to something to be able to evaluate this to have a
reference point so I think the best way to evaluate the correct diet for you
would be to look at the very definition of the word food and that comes from a
derivation which means nutrients so we eat to get nutrients that’s why we eat
so if you are doing a diet that provides the nutrients that you need that would
be a very good diet so if you’re eating things that don’t provide nutrients that
would be a very bad diet so now the question is what diet would give you the
most nutrients okay so now let’s just take a vegetarian okay or vegan whatever
someone who eats a lot of greens and things and they don’t eat animal
products and that’s like Dr. Fuhrman for example recommends a lot of greens right
and apparently he says well it’s really healthy and it’s gonna help you lose
weight it’s gonna help your cholesterol your heart where he’s getting great
results but here’s the here’s some data that you might need to evaluate when we
take and I’ve been pushing kale for many years and kale is very healthy it has
about thirty five thousand international units of vitamin A per cup so you say
wow that just handled my vitamin A but with vegetables all the fat-soluble
vitamins vitamin A D and K those are all pre vitamins in vegetables in other
words they’re not the active form so really you’re only getting 4% if you’re
lucky a vitamin A because your body has to convert it so being a vegetarian
without meat gives you a problem with the fat soluble vitamins okay so that’s
just the fact so our body’s the active form of vitamin a comes in grass-fed
butter it comes in cod liver oil and animal products so vegetable doesn’t
give you that vegetables give you tons of vitamins other vitamins and tons of
minerals folate for example and potassium and magnesium all these
minerals so we need vegetables for sure but it doesn’t give you all of the
vitamins okay so that’s one thing so again I’m comparing everything to that
derivation of the word food how do you get all your nutrients right now one
essential nutrient is amino acids and that comes from protein so
being a vegetarian you look at the different foods and it is possible to
get your amino acids from vegetables or beans or nuts but it’s not easy to do so
you really have to know what you’re doing so I’m not saying it’s not
possible it’s just more difficult but here’s the thing
I’ve had people become vegetarian and all of a sudden they start showing signs
of protein deficiencies you know their teeth start getting loose or their hair
falls it falls out and then I have other people that become a vegetarian and and
they their get their hair back so again it’s whatever the person is missing so
I’m not against anyone diet as long as it follows the definition of the word
food and you’re getting your nutrients okay so some people might do very well
on a vegetarian diet and others might do very poorly personally I was a
vegetarian when I was in my 20s and I did not do well on that at all
I was always starving and I needed some animal protein so again the real simple
version of this is rather than trying to believe someone’s theory even my theory
go ahead and try for yourself go ahead and try a diet try different ones and
see what you feel best on let’s see what gives you buy the most weight loss let’s
see what gives you the most health benefits I mean that’s a simple way to
do it so you might want to try you know not eating any animal products for a
while or even eating them see how you feel again and do what makes sense
there’s doctors out there now that are recommending starches are okay potatoes
so it’s really needy potatoes I’m like really okay try to lose weight by eating
potatoes so I’m not saying don’t do it but you want to prove it to yourself
then you actually know the truth of it rather than believe the theory it’s
almost everyday that someone emails me and says Dr. Berg um I heard that’s this
other person said something that conflicts you with your information I
says well why don’t you go ahead and try it and see how you respond okay the
advantage I have is I just tested so many of these things on people for so
long I can kind of narrow it down for you to tell you what works on the
people if you’re in a diabetic for example and you’re trying to be a
vegetarian it I will say it is difficult because of the breakdown a protein is so
fast in your body called catabolic effect on the muscle protein it’s very
difficult to retain that protein so you see people with atrophy or if you have a
female that’s going through menopause and you take of the protein away they
can lose a lot of amino acids so there’s multiple causes to different body types
whether it’s hormonal or maybe you have a weakness with genetic whatever but the
point is that you want to be very flexible and not put everyone into one
bucket okay let’s take a low-carb diet are all
low-carb diets good well there’s a confusion on that because what’s
low-carb to some people might be a high carb to others the problem with low carb
is that it’s a good thing but what carb they talking about are they talking about
vegetables are they talking about sweets are they talking about about fruit if you take someone that has
a very bad poor metabolism and you put them on a low carb it might not be
enough of the lowering effect to really help them lose weight for example a
paleo diet is a very healthy thing that I think I like paleo and that’s good for
someone unless they have a very slow metabolism because they allow you to do
some fruits which is just enough carbohydrate to bump you out of
fat-burning I have people that you know if they could just do a version of paleo
and knock out the fruit they can be very successful with their weight so again
low-carb might also include fruit so we don’t want to do that or low-carb might
include maple syrup or just a small amount of sugars which is not good for
someone trying to lose weight so you really have to understand that and then
we have the low fat right low fat diets we already know that theory has been
completely utterly destroyed over the years because again if we if we compare
it to food were you getting your fat soluble vitamins vitamin A D and K from
the fats from the animal fats you need some fat not a lot
but some but then you might have a high-protein diet which like Atkins
which is like a lot of fat and protein but he doesn’t emphasize the vegetable
to give you all the vitamins and minerals okay so we have a lot of excess
of one type of amino acid but not everything else so that can throw your
body out of balance too so but some people thrive on that eating plan
some people don’t depending on how they’re able to retain certain nutrients
or absorb them so that’s kind of my point and then you have people that are
on ketosis well that’s a lot more fat well if you have a good gallbladder and
you’re also having a lot of vegetables and your metabolism isn’t too bad you
can lose some serious weight with that eating plan but again the fat that
you’re burning may be the dietary fat to some degree and not your own fat so if
you’re not losing weight with that you might not be able to tolerate as much
fat as other people that are have a better metabolism and and then one last
thing I want to mention and I’m going to use a patient that came in to me
yesterday classic example she’s on a so-called diet she’s losing weight like
crazy but she’s completely exhausted her heart rate is pounding out of her chest
it went way up above it at 110 resting 110 to be 70 when she stands up her
blood pressure goes down she gets dizzy what’s happening with her she’s on a 500
calorie diet well first of all she’s depriving herself not of calories but of
nutrients she’s severely low in electrolytes that feed the heart so I
recommended certain electrolytes because that diet is very unhealthy because it
doesn’t fit the definition of food which is that which nourishes the body which
provides energy and repair of tissues she’s depriving the body of nutrients
okay so I just wanted to create this video to give you a little insight on
what my viewpoint on diets are and when you listen to a theory and you’re now
more confused the only way you’re ever going to figure this out is to try
it and see if it works for you and if it does great then that’s true for you if
it doesn’t then you’re going to have to find something that does work all right
I’ll see you the next video

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  1. Please create a series around this topic delving deeper into each WOE and why one might benefit one person but not the other. This was a great starter but I'd like to know more.

  2. I don't have to try anything, my grandfather, father and brother died of hearth attack at 40-50 so I must stay with veggie diet, no cholesterol, no fats. It made my cholesterol go down from 320 to 130 without meds. Also arteries are unclogged, it's better to lose heir or teeth than be dead.

  3. Dr Berg….
    can you please explain how can someone know if their metabolism high or low…coz ..i had 2 doctors..telling me 2 different things over a medical check routine…wherein each said the its kinda can u have low & high metabolism both??
    doctor..pls explain this 🙂

  4. Excellent video Dr Berg….I lost 55 lbs counting calories, not low fat…. didn't eat before , 65 minutes on an elliptical machine…waited 2 hours then had, Apple cider vinegar drink, grilled chicken and a kale shake…2 hours later I checked my ketones and I was burning them!!.. work out day really gives you a boost in fat lose!!..

  5. I heard just recently that a persons blood type matters when deciding the best diet for yourself. I've never heard that. Wondering if it's true… I am A+ and shouldn't eat meat (supposedly). Not opposed to it because I don't digest meat very well.

  6. Dr. Berg, your description of 'vegetarian' actually refers to 'vegan' . Vegetarians do consume animal fats like dairy some even eat eggs! Lacto vegetarians and ovolacto vegetarians.

  7. i really enjoyed this video, very informative. What do you think about the "eating for your blood type" thing ?

  8. Can you share a homemade electrolyte drink? I drink too much water and I'm flushing them out and get muscle cramps.

  9. The suggestion to try it out and see how you feel makes alot of sense but what happens if you are reactive hypoglycemic? seriously consuming sugary junk food makes me feel normal again.

  10. Animal meat is always decomposing and they have to be injected with something so that you'll eat them. I was raised on a huge Farm and I personally know what I'm talking about. My dad grew everything and butchered everything. and to see a chicken's head cut off is not fun. If we only knew what we did, we wouldn't do it. and we're not Neanderthals anymore. I was a vegetarian since 1980 and a vegan since 2014 and I'm going through a lot of stress but this diet has kept my body and my mind clear and I look better than my picture of two years ago and I'm 66 years old.

  11. I get dizzy, and the last time I was checked, a week ago, my blood pressure was 145 over 60 taken by a chiropractor. I'm a vegan, and I'm under tremendous stress. I have acne on my scalp, and today one of the pimples bled, after I took the scab off. I couldn't stand it, but I'm using tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, OTC triple antibiotic cream , and keeping it clean. My doctor gave me cortisone cream, but I don't want to use that unless it's absolutely necessary. I was slso doing research on the mercury in my new light bulbs as being a cause and changed all the bulbs but was out for a few hours yesterday and the bumps went away, and then came back into my apartment and the bumps came back. I've had issues in this apartment building with toxic mold in the past. I could only afford to change apartments. not the building. I do have fibromyalgia, and diabetes, and use insulin. I have 3 three meters and I feel like my blood sugar is low, so I check it right away, and it's actually High. My count is totally reversed from the feeling I used to feel. Are the manufacturers changing the meters around for us? I have a trust issue with everything that's going on right now, Fukushima, Hanford, chemtrails , GMOs, gluten, Monsanto pesticides in the food? Wheat being good for you, then wheat being horrible for you? I did find a homemade bread today that uses coconut flour, and arrowroot flour with chia seeds. I did buy sourdough bread just in case I needed it, because it's fermented of course, and the best of the GMOs if one is eating bread at all. But people don't feel well, and it's a scary time. Age doesn't seem to matter. Hold on to God because we really need him right now; at least I do for sure. And thank you for all your help.

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  15. Oh my goodness thank you for pointing out that everyone's bodies are different and what works for some may not work for others. I was 100 plus pounds overweight and went paleo for almost four years without any changes. I was so sick of the stigma of "lazy fat person" when I would eat ten times healthier and cleaner than all the thin people around me, as well as exercise more. It wasn't until I went keto and basically just dropped the fruit and honey out of my diet that I finally saw results. I was so insulin resistant and metabolically broken that normal "healthy eating" wasn't going to work. I just wish more people would realize how complex our bodies are and that there isn't a one size fits all approach (and that all fat people are lazy uhh!). Thanks for your great content!

  16. Thats why I like you Dr Berg! You are not one of those extremist rigid thinking health figures who try to impose their own diet onto others


  18. What's with all these weight loss thing huh? SOME PEOPLE WANT NO ACTUALLY NEED TO GAIN WEIGHT. CAN YOU HELP US WITH THIS DR. BERG?

  19. Well I can tell you the doctor Berg's advice has work for me. I eat one or two meals a day have a huge green drink on the go I've been heavily influenced by his advice and I've lost 30 lb not really trying to just trying to get healthy and detox oh yeah forgot to mention no alcohol poison! thank you so much dr. Berg you really know what you're talking about

  20. He is an " open mind " doctor. Apdated the wrong old data. He is the onlyone who dident afraid to change ideas and info. Bravo.

  21. hey can I eat peanuts on low carb? I read many articles and haven't found the answer, somewhere it says that they are legumes so they aren't allowed, but also some say that they are good to eat on low carb. pls help!

  22. Your‘re always talking about loosing wait or for diabetic people, but what about „normal“, regular healthy people? What would you recommend somone for the most long-term health benefits??

    Currently I‘m trying keto… Sometimes I feel great and sometimes not much, but might be the keto-flu though. I try it out.

  23. I follow you Dr. Berg because you provide outcomes that I'm happy with.
    Your knowledge of not only diets and lifestyle but your personal knowledge and experience related to physical fitness makes you the all rounder in my opinion.
    I'm not going to publish what I was and what I am now but just to say, my "Bloods" are better than perfect, my general fitness is the envy of many and my Blood Pressure, Pulse Pressure and BPM are that of an athlete; my weight has reduced and stabilized at an optimum weight for my height and frame.
    I'm just an ordinary bloke that has got results, just by doing as you say.

    Kind regards and respect


  24. Lovely Video! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you ever tried – Dinanlinson Natural Beauty Approach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for learning what to eat to look younger without the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my best friend Jordan at very last got great success with it.

  25. All of a sudden we have a whole bunch of dr and know it all in the comments ? Dr berg knows what he talks about

  26. I’m 57 and have followed the low fat moderate carb for many years and struggled with hunger and cravings. I switched to keto 4 weeks ago and I wish I would have discovered this eating plan long ago. Thanks Dr. Berg!

  27. I'm pretty sure our bodies are always in flux. Things are fluid and always in motion. So let's say we eat to fix our adrenal type meanwhile our liver type starts freaking out because of all the protein, while you fix your adrenal type. Now you've got your liver type begging "less protein less protein more protein". I don't think we can fix everything all at once you got to pick something and go after it. And realize that flexibility is the key when your body changes your nutritional needs will change . isn't that why we have a variety of foods to choose from? that is just my two cents..

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  33. What is everyone's opinion on being keto but cheating with healthy oatmeal, like steel cut oats for weight loss.

    Do you think the oats will keep you from losing weight?

    Like a cup a day, about 300 calories, 40 plus carbs.

  34. Thank you so much for the education you provide!!! I feel younger and full of energy because of your insights, advices and your experience as a health practionner… I enjoy fresh kale every day!!! A grateful lady from Montreal, Canada!

  35. Pescetarianism works best for me, and it's like you said, I tried to stop eating meat and felt much better, so I stuck to it. And why did I stop eating meat? I can't really answer that because it just clicked as if the body itself tried to send me a message and I just listened. So I think it's really important to figure out your personal preferences, maybe not in the unclear "listening to your body" way but with trial and error too.

  36. Excellent as usual. The difference between people has to be taken into account. My hubby has to be on 0 carbs to get into ketosis. I can take about 50 grams.

  37. Berg is right about Food and why certain diet seem to work for some ppl and not for others. Its because they were lacking certain nutrition before and suddenly their deficiency was fixed. As for the long term diet. You need a diet that provide 100% of the different nutrition. I used to see food as something you eat to give you energy and make you full. I don't look into building blocks that your body needs from different food, so I just eat one type of food all the time e.g potatoes so I was lacking in many different nutrition

  38. I don't get why all diets have to focus so much on loosing weight. There's also something called "maintaining weight" or even "gaining weight". It's really hard for someone who is not trying to loose weight to find enough information about a healthy diet that won't result in weight loss or even more difficult to find a diet that would help them gain some weight. People who need to gain weight hear so many positive information about ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting, but if they'd actually tried it I believe the result would only be loosing even more weight and feel worse over all. I've never heard anyone suggesting a ketogenic diet for weight gaining, therefore I'm really doubting how a diet that is only suitable for weight loss can be considered healthy and why people are promoting it that much without acknowledging the fact that not everyone is going to be benefited by loosing weight, but some will also actually get harmed by loosing weight. Being obese is obviously not healthy, but being underweight is really not any healthier. I'd suggest specialist and doctors would stop focusing that much on the perfect diet for weight loss and also consider the fact there are also people who need to gain weight to be healthy and they are also seeking for nutritional information to help them with that.

  39. Dr Berg, you are my Guru, but I need to point out that there is a sagnificant difference between vegans and vegetarians- the later do eat products coming from animals, just not the dead ones. I've been a vegetarian for 50 years and I was doing well until I…got lazy. Too much pasta, dumplings, bread and it happened- insulin resistance,put on weight 30 kg. I needed help and found your lectures. Following your guidelines I'm getting better. Thank you 😘

  40. Your right, keto may be very helpful but at the same time we have to look at how fats affect insulin resistance

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  46. There are carbs and there are complex carbs, at least when I went to school. A lot of difference.
    These days this seems forgotten

  47. Thank you for this video. I wholeheartedly agree that everyone is different in their own body requirements. My body thrives on the "primal" paleo (paleo with pasture raised, grass fed dairy). Although I'm maintaining my weight loss now, when I was losing, fruit actually helped me. I noticed that I stalled when I wasn't eating fruit. But others are the opposite. Anyway thanks again for the video!