HRSA Awards $100 Million to Health Centers for COVID-19 Response | March 24, 2020

HRSA announced $100
million in supplemental funding for health centers
to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the national
coronavirus emergency. My name is Tom Engels, and
I am the Administrator of the Health Resources and
Services Administration, or HRSA. HRSA funds nearly 1,400
community health centers, which operate
approximately 13,000 service delivery
sites nationwide. Last year, HRSA-supported
health centers employed more than 236,000 health
care professionals and staff served nearly
28.4 million people. Increasingly, people are
also turning to health centers as the first line
of defense in combatting emergent public health
priorities like HIV, the Opioid Epidemic, and
now the novel Coronavirus. HRSA is working to keep
health centers and Health Center Program partners
up to date on the latest information
regarding COVID-19. Please visit for the latest information and
updates on COVID-19 from the CDC.

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