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Confit what exactly is that? To make it
simple to understand it’s basically food cooking fat. You could either use its
own fat or some type of oil. This is centuries-old process of keeping
food preserved. Since this is an old technique I have actually never done it.
And I’m curious to find out how it would taste in two beautiful porterhouse steaks.
So let’s do it! In order to make confit the most
important thing is the fat or in this case oil. You can literally use any type
of oil for this and I would recommend one that you really like. I’m hoping that
it actually produces some type of unique flavor into the steak. Talking about oils
it is important to determine which one will be best. There are so many varieties
out there that it’s easy to get confused, but in the end each oil is designated
for its purpose. Here’s an example; canola oil it’s great for cooking, it has a high
smoke point and to me has a very unique flavor which I enjoy. And here we have
grapeseed oil. As you can tell right on the label its high heat cooking perfect
for searing, saute, and baking. This might be one of my favorites to use when
searing a steak on a cast-iron. Another reason I like it so much is that it has
a very neutral flavor, it almost tastes like nothing, so it’s perfect for searing
steak. Talking about searing here’s another great oil it also has a super high smoke
point, and you can see right here on the label says 500 degrees Fahrenheit. And I
mean we got many other types of oils that you can use; vegetable oil, extra
virgin oil. As you can see you cannot cook with this one it even tells you
right here it’s good for salads and marinades not for cooking, not for
searing, not for basting it on the grill. No just don’t do it!
There are many better options for that even the bottle itself says that 45
degrees Fahrenheit will get cloudy. One of the great things about extra-virgin
olive oil is that it has a wonderful taste. You just put a little bit of olive
oil, some vinegar, a little bit of salt and freshly ground black pepper mix it
with a little bit of balsamic vinegar and just use this with some bread and it
is absolutely phenomenal. It’s an easy simple thing to do that is wonderful.
Extra virgin olive oil has a very low smoke point.
However olive oil on the other hand has a higher smoke point and if you do not
exceed its smoke point then it should be good. Usually the smoke point of olive
oil is anywhere between 300 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 400 it all
depends on the one that you’re using. But since it has a wonderful flavor that’s
the one I’m gonna be using for today. Now I want my steaks to taste amazing and
the first thing I’m gonna do is to flavor these oils. I’ll be doing two of
them to let you know which one is best the first one is pretty straightforward
got a bunch of garlic in the pan and filled it up with olive oil. Remember the
key is to keep it under low hea. You don’t want to exceed 300 degrees
Fahrenheit, so if you’re doing it on the pan I definitely
recommend using a thermometer. You wanna keep it anywhere between 250 degrees all
the way up to 300 Max and let it cook nice and slow for one hour. As it cooks
you will notice that it will slowly start floating, that’s a sign that the
garlic is infusing into the oil which will give you a wonderful taste. After
the one hour was done my first oil was ready. For the second one I wanted to add
a lot more flavor, and for that I started up with some bacon. I just threw it in
the pan until it was fully cooked. Usually a good sign that bacon is fully
cooked is when it starts forming up like this. As you can see I cooked it all the
way through. It’s nice and crispy and I’ve extracted all the fat which I’ll be
combining with the oil and let’s not forget that we’re gonna putting this
back into the oil itself. For this one I want to show you a different method of
doing confit. So I throw everything into the bag starting with the garlic,
followed by the bacon, and to have even more flavor a little bit of thyme. Fill
the whole thing with olive oil and also the bacon fat. I mean is there any
possibility that this is not gonna be amazing?
I don’t think so. The next thing to do is to vacuum seal it and get it ready for
the water bath. I’m gonna be cooking it at a hundred and eighty-five degrees
Fahrenheit for five hours, this will ensure that the wonderful flavor of
garlic bacon and thyme will infuse into the oil.
But once the five hour was up it was ready. All there was left to do is to
quickly take it out of the water bath, put it in a safe container and I was
ready for my steaks. Talking about that I have these two prime grade porterhouse
steaks. As you can see the marbling throughout the steaks already lets you
know that this is gonna be something special. If you are unfamiliar with the
term porterhouse this is what you need to know; in one side you have the New
York Strip and the other side the filet mignon, and to be a porterhouse it needs
to be at least three inches thick. By me doing so many cooks with sous-vide it
has taught me quite a few things. I know for a fact if you cook anything in fat
it dilutes the flavor, especially salt, so to make sure that does not happen with
these beautiful steaks I’m gonna first dry brine them. And I know that’s a fancy
word but what it really means is just to salt it and let the salt penetrate
deeply into the meat. And if you have not tried dry brining you should it is one
of the best things you can do for a steak. But after seasoning them well
all there’s left to do is to put them on a cooling rack to make sure that we have
air go all the way around. Now there’s nothing else to do but let it sit on my
refrigerator so that the osmosis process can continue. The very next day this is
what it looks like. As you can see the darker meat is a sign
that this worked perfectly. It’s perfectly salted and ready to be cooked.
Now there’s no way that I can season this with freshly ground black pepper.
Why? Because it would just completely fall off think about her we’re cooking
it in oil so it’s just gonna basically wash it all off. But now that I have my
oils ready, I also have my two beautiful steaks
ready, I say it is enough talking and it is time to cook some beautiful steaks
confit style. So let’s do it All right everybody here we have our
beautiful steaks. What do you think Angel? They’re definitely beautiful.
Porterhouse steaks man you get two for the price of one.
You got a filet mignon which is one of your favorites, and the New York Strip which
one of my favorites. With that being said, Angel we have an
experiment today. They should slightly be different a little bit but I’m not quite
sure what to expect. This is my very first time doing this type of cook I’ve
never cooked this way. I know you haven’t seen it, but I’m excited to find out the
taste. You ready for it? Go for it buddy. You gonna go for the fillet? Ofcourse. Cheers everybody. Oh I like this. Mmmm. That is a wonderful, amazing, delicious, mmm.
It’s such a nice flavor everybody. I mean I could taste some garlic. Garlic. It has a
little bit of garlic. I kind of like, it makes you want to go more. Keep going,
keep going, keep going. But yeah I definitely taste garlic. I can’t
taste too much of anything else, but I’m not complaining. No not at all it
is a wonderful flavor and it is extremely tender. Yeah I like that man
that’s good. The filet is like butter. You know what I mean? You
just take a bite of it is just basically dissolving
because it was cooked for such a long time. It’s juicy as hell. Let’s try the New York Strip and
see if there’s any difference. Alright. It has a nice wonderful fragrance, but the most
important is the taste. Cheers everybody. Cheers. Oh that’s just as tender! Super
super tender. I like this one. You like this one huh. Sometimes the experiments come
to bite me and you know what. That was phenomena everybody a nice wonderful
flavor nothing overpowering and the secret of
this method is to dry brine because I feel the salt all the way throughout the
meat. Do you? Yea. It’s nice and well-balanced. If you don’t do it that way you would
just wash it all off and you want to have that much flavor. Okay so for the
second one see which one we prefer yeah. Let’s do it. Mmmm. Well that’s tender all right!
That’s just butter. This one still has garlic? Yeah. You just go take the garlic.
Yep. but this was a little more like herby. Herby yes. Yeah it has a
little bit more like like maybe like a like a thyme or rosemary something like that.
That’s right it does have it and it has a different kind of flavor and you can
tell. But I must say it’s not a strong flavor. You would have thought that it’s very
very powerful the flavor but it’s not. It’s just a nice like a well mild mild mild
flavor and… It’s there, it’s there, you get the flavor but it’s not like mmm. Punch you in your face. It’s more like… It’s a nice gentle flavor. The thing with this method
everybody is that it’s very very mild. Yeah. And it’s not a very strong in your
face flavor we’re like I mean me I like strong in-your-face flavor. Right. But at
the same time if you can get a little bit more tender and you can get it a
little bit more you know like juicy yeah I’ll give away a little bit flavor for that.
That’s one thing that I’ll tell you about this method right now it is much
tender than we ever had before. On the grill we don’t get that tender. Yeah no we
don’t. But the tenderness everybody is off the chain I don’t know if he was the
oil, or if it was just because it was cooked similar to sous-vide which is
nice and soft and gentle. Because it took a while to cook this you know. I cook in
very low heat under the oil until it reaches temperature then we went ahead
and we seared it off. So if it was the method or if it was the oil but I could
tell you one thing it is tender more tender than usual. Agree? No that’s for sure
that’s well you got to think about. Yeah. For sure. Anyway guys these are the
results. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you do enjoy this video make
sure you give it a thumbs up. If you’re not a subscriber be sure to subscribe
for future videos. Remember if you’re interested in anything I use everything
is always on the description down below. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll
see you guys on the next one. Take care everybody bye-bye.

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