– Something I’m seeing a
little bit online recently is videos of going into the fitting room and just kind of documenting your shopping experience altogether. And although I do a lot
of fitting room content on my channel, I do
trying on different sizes, I do what fits a size 14 at blank, I thought it might be another
fun video to add to the mix. So I am actually going
to head into Aerie today. I have done a couple of Aerie
videos on my channel before. I love Aerie so much. I think they have a decent
range of extended sizing. They definitely are super body-positive, as far as the fitting
room experience goes, which is why I also thought
that this would be a fun thing, because there’s always sticky notes that say your butt looks amazing, or you’re worthy, or you’re beautiful. And it’s an overall
really positive experience every time I shop there. So I just left lunch with a friend. I’m right next to an Aerie,
and I was like, “You know what, “let’s go ahead and film this experience “and document what I would
normally be doing anyways, “but also bring you guys along with me.” So I’m gonna head into Aerie, I’m gonna pick out some outfits. I am not going to be talking
in the dressing room. I can’t do that anymore. (giggling) It’s far too
awkward for everyone involved. But I’m gonna head in
and see what I can find, and bring you guys along
with me in the fitting room. If you wanna keep seeing
these types of videos, you will definitely have to let me know. Leave a comment down below,
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before, hi, hello. I do all sorts of videos like this. I would love to have you. I’ve got some playlists linked down below for similar videos. But yeah, let’s try a new series. Let’s start something different that’s really not that different, but it is sort of different,
you know what I mean? Before we head inside, I want
to quickly thank the sponsor of today’s video, that is Audible. I love Audible, I’ve used it for years. If somehow you’ve been living under a rock or haven’t heard of them before, Audible is a leading provider of premium digital
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over and over again. It’s so, so good. So don’t forget to go to, or text carriedayton to 500-500 for your 30-day Audible trial. Now let’s go shoppin’! (whooshing) (relaxing guitar music) Okay so walking into the fitting room, we have this adorable quote
from Iskra on the wall here, which is so frickin’ cute. I love her, and admire her so much, so, this is an awesome thing
to see when you first walk in, and then look at this! It says before you love
what you see on the outside, you have to love who
you are on the inside. And then you open the mirror! That was just a great way
to start off this try-on. I need that on my own mirror at my house. So let’s see what all this
stuff looks like on my bod. For this first look, I went with a skirt. That’s something a little bit different than I would normally try on. And by the way, all of these
are gonna be linked down below. I picked this up in a size large. It retails for 34.95. And then I decided to pair
it with this mustard top. I was kind of intrigued. I don’t know, I was trying to
keep it simple for this one. And this retailed for 24.95. And you guys, I don’t know. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this. I was trying to keep it basic, and just try something I maybe
necessarily wouldn’t go for, but all in all, the shirt
was incredibly oversized. I had to tie it up. But it wasn’t a bad
outfit at all, whatsoever, it just wasn’t my style. It just wasn’t something I
would ever normally wear. The skirt felt a little bit short. I definitely probably could’ve sized up to an XL in the skirt,
but, I mean, it wasn’t bad. Overall, I’d probably
give it a five out of 10. But considering these two
items totaled up retail for about almost $80, it just kind of wasn’t worth
it to me, in my opinion. If you’d love it, that’s
totally cool, it’s linked below. Next, you know I had to
do a bike shorts look. Aerie has some of my
favorite bike shorts ever, but I haven’t been there in about a year, and I noticed these bike shorts that have this really
cool kind of crisscross V. I got these in a size extra-large. They retail for 29.95. And then I decided to pair it with this really cool kind
of almost corded sweatshirt that’s just a way to jazz up your sweats. So I got this in a size large. It’s 49.95 originally, but a lot of this stuff
was and is on sale, and you guys, I love this outfit. I actually did end up purchasing it. I love the kind of crisscross V part of the front of the bike shorts. I think it’s so comfortable,
it’s really flattering. I also love this kind of new material that they’re doing for their bike shorts. It’s much more of an athletic
material, which is cool ’cause then I can also work out in them. And this sweater is incredibly oversized. When you’re talking oversized
sweater, Aerie comes through, and so I actually sized
down to a medium in this, believe it or not. I just love this kind
of modern color palette. It’s just a nice way to dress
up your everyday sweats, which is great for me. So next, I wanted to check out
a couple of workout outfits ’cause I’ve been working
out a lot more recently. So I picked out this sports
bra, which retails for 24.95. It’s got this really cool
kind of ombre effect to it, and again, I love the color palette. And then I chose these
leggings to go with it. They’re kind of more of a lightweight,
moisture-wicking material. I got these in an XL. They retail for 40 bucks, but I think they were 25,
or maybe even 50% off, and you guys, I have never felt a material of leggings like these before. It is so lightweight,
it’s so moisture-wicking, it’s incredibly, incredibly stretchy. It almost kind of feels
like you’re wearing tights, if that makes sense,
but it’s so comfortable. The bra was great. I actually probably would size up to an XL if I had to go back. I’m also just trying to
stick along with the theme of showing different angles. So here’s a side angle. Not a perfectly flat stomach, but still really frickin’ cute, and can look sexy and
confident when I work out, and there’s nothing wrong with that. And I just have to say again
that I love the color palette that Aerie is doing right now. It’s very modern, it feels very trendy, I just love these kind
of muted, neutral colors. And look, there’s the
squat test, it works! I didn’t end up getting this outfit, but it was very cute nonetheless. So moving on, we have kind of a mauvey, sort of pinky, brown-colored sports bra, and this one retails for 29.95. I really like the kind of
knotted, crisscrossed front. And then I found these leopard leggings, which have that same V
crisscross shape in the front, which I love so, so much. And these retailed for 44.95, and these leggings are the same material as the ones right before. So they’re just really
lightweight, they’re very stretchy, and I love these leggings. I’m looking back and editing this video being like, “Wait, why
didn’t I buy these?” Look how cute my butt looks. I was poppin’ my booty. Hello, feelin’ myself. Hi, nice to meet you. But when it comes to the bra, it’s definitely just cut way higher than I would normally like
for a sports bra to cut. I would take that last one any day. The knot is really cute, but it felt to me like t-shirt material. So I don’t know, it’d be cute I guess
lounging around the house, or in this demonstration, (chuckling) showing how
stretchy the leggings are, it’s good for situations like that, but I was sort of hoping
to find a workout outfit. So the leggings are very good. The sports bra absolutely
not, not my favorite. It’s actually probably
my least favorite thing I tried on this whole day. So I didn’t get up getting
either of those items. And so moving on, I had to do a swimsuit. I couldn’t go to Aerie
and not try on a swimsuit. They always have the cutest suits. So I got this blue kind of
off-the-shoulder, button-up top, which was so unique, to go
with these high-cut bottoms. I just felt like trying
something different with the swimsuit, and this
freaking color, you guys, oh, and for those of you wondering, I was still wearing my underwear. I literally just tucked it up. I don’t know, so many people
get bent out of shape, and think that I would
actually try on a swimsuit without my underwear on, are you kidding? But I actually really, really love this. I did sort of wish that the top was just maybe slightly
like a centimeter longer. Again, I just kind of have
that sort of insecurity about the top of my stomach. And actually, the bottoms were perfect. I got those in an XL. They fit me so, so well, as you can see. And the top was amazing. Look, I was feelin’ myself. But it was just a little bit small, and I wanted an XL, and
they didn’t have it, so I ended up not getting it, and now I’m feeling really sad. Also, again, realistic angles. We got cellulite, we got rolls. Everyone’s got ’em, it’s all good, baby. Next up for some more I guess
kind of regular apparel, I found these overalls, which were an XL. They were a bit pricey, 60 bucks, but I decided to pair this
kind of creamy pink sweater to go with it. And looking back, I
obviously didn’t really think about the fact that the
sweater was incredibly long, and so tucking it into the
overalls, as you can see, just kind of made it like a
padded layer under the overalls, which wasn’t my favorite. This color combo was
cute, but as you can see, the sweater goes all the
way down to my crotch. Just not the ideal sweater
for this type of situation, but still a cute look overall. Overall, oh my God, did
you see what I just did? I literally just did that by accident. But, (laughs) overall,
these overalls were pretty, okay, I’ll see myself out now. Hold on, I need a break. I’m back, I have collected myself. The other thing that I noticed about these is that there’s a buckle that you have to loop your strap through every single time you buckle them, so that would be really annoying when it came to peeing, just saying. Next we have a matching set, how cute. And this is a gray leopard sweat set, but the bottoms are shorts,
which I really appreciate. It’s a little pricey, but I did get these for
25% off, both of them. Oh yeah, spoiler alert, right off the bat, I totally purchased this, I love it. I got both of these in a large, I believe, and they are so comfy, so frickin’ cute. Very soft as well, I might add. Aerie really knows what they’re doing when it comes to the sweat sets. I have a few of them, and I’ve gotten a couple in the past, and I just love this one. It’s gonna be so cozy. I’m just picturing this with some UGGs, and it’s my dream look, to be honest. Also again, just wanted
to showcase my cellulite, and normalize it. It’s very cute, and
it’s very, very normal. This sweatsuit, I feel
like you could totally, I feel bad calling it a
sweatsuit ’cause it’s shorts, but I feel like you
could totally dress it up and wear it out. I mean, not dress up, but
you know what I’m saying. You could wear it and pass it off, layer some necklaces on it,
wear some cute Air Forces, and be good to go, or you could mix and match
the pieces with other things. Yeah, I was really
feelin’ my oats in this, if you couldn’t tell. Okay, moving on. Next, for a more kind of loungey outfit, I decided to pick up these kind of I guess dark
oatmeal type of leggings. And these were a little
bit of a thicker material than the other ones I mentioned,
but still really awesome. And then I got a just kind of
loungey shirt to go with it. I saw a lot of these henley shirts. And you guys, I really wanted to be out of a catalog with this. It was $40 for that shirt, by the way, which I thought was a little bit pricey. But when I tried it on,
I was like, “Okay, wait.” I don’t know if I like
this color combo together. The leggings are awesome. I love the cell phone pocket. It actually has it on both
sides, which is incredible. I really do like the color. It’s something fun and different than your typical black or blue. And so I like that about
it, but, the shirt. We need to talk about the shirt. I like the tie-up part, but then when you get to the
collar, it just, I don’t know, I sorta felt like I was
back in high school, and I was wearing a polo,
and I was popping the collar. Does anyone remember that, I’m triggered. I think a lot of it was the color. I felt like I was wearing
Damien’s pink shirt. I don’t know. Anyways, (chuckling) it was
just not my favorite look. I do like the leggings. I would consider buying them. Had to show you the
booty, because they do, these leggings really do
make your butt look cute, but I decided to pass on this outfit. I just wasn’t sure how I felt about it. It’s not bad, but just not my favorite. Next we’ve got one of the funkier outfits. I saw these pants, which
are like jeans, kind of, but they’re pull-on jeans. They were $50 for retail. I decided to go for an XL. I could’ve gotten away
with a large as well. And then I paired it
with a loungey tank top. They had a ton of these in
a bunch of different colors. It sorta reminds me of the last shirt, but just a tank-top version. I got this in an XL. And okay, the pros about this is the pants actually didn’t look bad. They’re not terrible, am I right? I tied up the tank top ’cause I just didn’t
really know how to wear it with this look. They were just so unique, it was strange. I don’t know how to feel about it. One thing about it is it does
kinda feel Kim Possible-ish, which I’m very down for. The tank top on its own is very cute. I just don’t know, I
didn’t do a very good job, I don’t think, at styling these together. And like I mentioned, I could’ve gotten away with
a large in these pants, but they were nice and oversized and cute, and I really didn’t mind ’em. I haven’t seen a lot of
pants that look like these. They’re kind of like
a utility pant almost, so, I thought they were cool. Points to them for something unique, but I decided to pass
’cause the price point was just a little more than
they were worth for me. And then the very last item
is this cutey, cutey dress. It’s like this ivory color. My style has changed
so much over the years, but something that has never wavered is my love for this color
of a dress, I just love it. I did get this in an XL,
and it was just too big. I wanted to get it so bad. I went back to go see if they had a large, they didn’t, they were sold out, so I was super bummed,
’cause this is really cute. But I felt like with the size of it, it just wasn’t doing much for my figure. I really love the low-waist aspect. I just think that that’s
really, really cute. It’s a different touch than the usual sundress you would see. So, I really wanted to get this, but they didn’t have my
size, so, I had to pass. And that’s it, that’s
where the story ends. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Definitely give it a thumbs up if it’s something you
wanna see in the future. If you liked this video and
wanna see similar videos to it, you can check out a playlist right here where I try on different
sizes at different stores, and you can check out
a playlist right here where I do all things body positivity 101. It’s a good, happy place
to be, let me tell ya. I love you guys so, so much. Thank you so much for watching this video, and I will see you in the next one, bye. (relaxing hip hop music)
(vocalizing) ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Me and you ♪

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