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– Ugh, Tang is so good. Can I please have some more? – [Interviewer] Sorry. You’re gonna have to go to space for that. (cheerful music) (rocket blasting off) Hello Celine. – Hello. – [Interviewer] What are
you here to do today? – Eat fish? – [Interviewer] No, not quite. – Celine, what planet do you live on? – Earth. (gasps) Astronaut food? – [Interviewer] Yes. What do you think they eat in space? – Stuff that’s like, in Ziploc bags. – And that doesn’t go bad. – [Interviewer] Do you
think there’s anything you can’t eat in space? – Yes, a burger. Because it would float in the air and all the stuff would come out. – Mission control, let’s get started. Beep, boop boop. I’m getting computer signals, there’s gonna be some food. (cheerful music) – [Interviewer] Let’s open your eyes. – Oh, not a lot of food.
– Toothpaste. Yeah great. (tapping bottle) – Where’s the toothbrush? – [Interviewer] It’s not toothpaste. – What is this? Beef, oh, just so you
know I’m a pescatarian. (chewing) (sets spoon down) – Yuck. I can’t believe you ate it. – A little beef. (chewing) Can taste the onions a little bit. – Can I please have some broccoli? – [Interviewer] In a tube? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] I’m
afraid we don’t have that. – What kind of restaurant is this place? – [Interviewer] This isn’t a restaurant. (laughing) – Oh my gosh this is so good. Tastes like menudo. – [Interviewer] Wait what is that one? – It’s a Filipino dish with beef and vegetables, and raisins. – I can’t believe this is
what they gave the astronauts. – Mission control, can
I have another snack? (cheerful music) – [Interviewer] Open your eyes. (squeals) – Oh shrimp I have to eat shrimp. – [Interviewer] Don’t
pescatarians eat fish? – I lied, I’m a vegetarian. – [Interviewer] Yeah we’ve got it on tape. Nice try. – Ugh. – So they use line dots
which is where I cut. – Oh no I think I know what do we do. We put it in there? – We hydrate it. (grunting) – Put the water in. (pushes water in) (laughing) – Ugh. (chewing) Oh spicy. – Absolutely doesn’t taste good. – I’m gonna try another one. (chewing) – Hm, it’s good. – [Interviewer] Really? – Mhm. – Mission control come
in right now, emergency. (spits food out) – Maybe I should not go to space. – Never. (items slide across table) – [Interviewer] You may open your eyes. (laughs) – Jam and p– (gasps) (intense music) – I need to peanut butter jelly. – It’s crunchy peanut butter. – Gimme that. Stop it. – [Interviewer] Why do you
think you have a tortilla? – Because bread would just
crumble all over the place. – [Interviewer] Crumbs
get in the computers, they can get in the air system. – Come back here. (chewing) – [Interviewer] What do you guys think would be the most annoying thing about living in space? – You like it? – Probably getting car sick on the way up. – [Interviewer] I guess
that’s like rocket sick. – Yeah. – I don’t get car sick, I could be a astronaut right now. (eating) – [Interviewer] You ready to move on? No. (cheerful music) – Tang. – What is Tang?
– Tang. Tang, tang, tang. – What’s Tang? – [Interviewer] Tang, is
a delicious orange drink. – Ooh it’s Tangy, watch. – Tangy. No, don’t do it, don’t do it. No, no don’t you put water. – Oh whoa. (pouring in water) This is cool. (shaking packets) (drinking) – Yeah need more. – You want mine? – Yeah. – It tastes like heaven,
I’ll tell you that. (item slides across) (cheerful music) Sugar cookies? – [Interviewer] So these were designed to be eaten in a single bite. – I’m not gonna waste this. This is good. (mumbles) – It’s good. – Mmm, good. – Ew, they’re wet. – [Interviewer] They’re
actually covered in gelatin, in order to make sure there’s no crumbs. – Look, they just taste like sugars. (mumbles) – Mmm. – Taste good. (chewing) Really good, can I have
another one please? (sniffs) – [Interviewer] Take us
back to earth, Phoebs. (knocking on table) – We were already on earth. – [Interviewer] We were
on earth all along? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Awe man, all right. Bye. – Bye. – Thank you for watching. See you. – I’m ready to blast off from my rocket. Ready? And buh bye. (makes rocket noise)

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  1. You can buy tang at a store. Its powder in a big bottle. Not shure if you can buy it in ur city but you can in mine.

  2. Love Helena and Ethan! They seem calmer than normal though…hah and for some reason that little girl, Phoebe, 1:10 reminds me of Matilda a bit, anyone else?

  3. Is no one gonna acknowledge that great pun Ethan made?
    "Comes get in the computer, they can get in the air system…"
    "Crumb back here"

  4. "What kind of restaurant is this place!!!"
    Did she really think this is a restaurant?
    They look so sad like they got tortured😂

  5. It's funny how they go through so many measures to make things safe for astronauts but I worked at Nissan for 6years and they were using defective air bags way before I started and still are using them. It makes me compare life on Earth to other possibilities 🤔

  6. I messed up… I thought the caption said kids try AUSTRALIAN food and I was like why are they talking about astronaut food? 😂🤣😂😆🤣