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♪ Jingle bells ♪ ♪ Batman smells ♪ ♪ (Mumbles) ♪ ♪ I threw (mumbles) right off my sleigh ♪ ♪ And then I drive away ♪ ♪ Hey! ♪ – [Woman] I’m gonna have Christmas songs in my head all day now. (upbeat music) Hi guys! – Hi!
– Hi! – [Woman] What do you
guys do at Christmas time in your house? – We open presents and
we play in the snow. – We eat Christmas cookies. – We make cookies for Santa, carrots for the reindeer. – But I’m not sure if we’re gonna have carrots for the reindeer this year. – Of course we will! – Well I don’t know. – [Woman] Today we are going to find out what people eat at Christmas
time around the world. – I can’t wait to eat Christmas food! – I am terrified. – [Woman] Why are you terrified? – The smell when I walked in? Nope. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Three, two, one! Open your eyes! – Oh, what is this? – Oh! – Uh… – Soup? – Try it! – Seriously, no. – Try it, try it. – No thank you. – Just try it. (upbeat music) – You like it? – That’s pretty good. – [Woman] Every year in Greece, they like to eat this
soup on Christmas morning. – I never had soup for breakfast. – I’ve never had soup for breakfast. – [Woman] They also, on Christmas Eve, like to go door to door, and they sing carols. You guys know an Christmas carols? ♪ Jingle bells ♪ ♪ Jingle bells ♪ ♪ Jingle all the way ♪ ♪ Oh what fun it is to ride ♪ ♪ In a one horse open sleigh ♪ ♪ Hey! ♪ (upbeat music) – Ew. – Something on the inside of it. – This looks like some fish? Trout something? – Tuna?
– Tuna? Not tuna. It kinda looks like a snake. – Eel? – [Woman] You’re eating eel! Fried eel. – So you’re telling me that I just ate something that’s been in a nasty, dirty, most likely sewer filled lake, from Italy, and I just put that in my mouth? – [Woman] Well if you lived in Naples, in southern Italy, you would eat that eel every Christmas. – Well that I guess I’m not Italian. (upbeat music) – [Woman] All right, you
guys can open your eyes. – Whoa. – Weird. (crunching) – Tastes like a regular fish. (spitting) – That does not taste good at all. I’m gonna try a potato. – What does it taste like, Henry? – Those are good. – What are they? – Potatoes. – We love potatoes. – Just take bite, Adrian. – Okay. (rapid exhale) – Honey. – Container of honey. – I don’t want it to… (upbeat music) – I’m loving this bread. – Will, you want some of my bread? – No. – What? It’s good. (upbeat music) – What is this? (laughing) – I’m guessing there’s coconut on it? – I hate coconut. (laughing) – One, two, three. – This is a giant mess. – Mine. – No, mine. Naroma! – Can we have more brown sugar? (upbeat music) – What the…? – Are we eating this all? – Must be some type of cake or something. – But this one’s good. – It looks like a log. A log with mushrooms, and leaves, and then berries. – I’ve never eaten log before. – [Woman] First time for everything, huh? What do you like best
about Christmas in general? – Presents!
– I like the giving part. – I like hugs and kisses for Christmas. – How come you don’t give me any? – Ah! – [Brothers] Thank you for watching! Merry Christmas! – [Woman] Do you wanna
take us out with a song? ♪ Santa tell me ♪ ♪ If you’re really there ♪ ♪ Don’t make me fall in love again ♪ ♪ If you won’t be here next year ♪

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  1. Guys we N E V E R eat avgolemono (translation-> egg and lemon) soup in Greece! For real avgolemono is something we add to SOME greek foods to enhance the flavours of the dish!

  2. Hi only Greece commend δεν ξέρω κάποιον που τρώει σούπα τα Χριστούγεννα το πρωί εμείς παντός δεν τρώμε και δεν το λέμε αυγολέμονο

  3. Im from Greece and we dont eat avgolemono during christmas time,but we do sing the carols from door to door.

  4. bruh these are kids, they're going to be honest about whether or not they like certain foods. it's not being rude, they just don't like it.

  5. They should've tried Pacha or khash a middle eastern , Armenian, and some balkan areas some Christians eat during Christmas and Easter. 😂😂 what iam about to explain to u sounds bad boiled cow but it actually taste good and has many nutrients. Merry Christmas Christ is born 💙 ميلاد مجيد

  6. Omg. Some of these new kids won't even try some of the food. This makes me miss the OGs even more. No hate. It was just a different "vibe" with the OGs.

  7. Omg Yule log! And omg puto bungbong!! Reminds me of bibingka I’ve spent 1 year in Philippines and since October had been eating bibingka wow if it’s authentic it tastes soo good! Authentic when in province they cooked that in the old ways, baking it in coal and the way they made it the old fashioned way with old fashioned traditional ingredients.

  8. Of course you have Puto Bumbong from the Philippines. And of vourse Adrian and Austin will like it because it's so good especially when served hot but at the same time they are Filipinos. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  9. First of all, the black kids are boring as hell and Adrian and Austin are the only worth watching in this episode…. Next time try getting more enthusiastic kids please… Ugh…

  10. If someone had served me eel as a kid, I probably would have reacted the same as that little girl 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t understand why everyone is losing their minds over it, kids are kids.

  11. And on Christmas in Japan they eat KFC, but not everyone does haha, just a famous thing I witnessed when I lived there haha