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– Eat that. – But I… Mmmm…. (groaning)
(giggling) – What is it taste, it’s not that bad! (upbeat instrumental music) – [Interviewer] What do
you guys know about Iran? – Um, very old country.
– Uh… – It used to have a
different name, called… – What was it’s name? – Persia. – [Interviewer] What have
you heard that’s happening, like in the news? – Oh, the news recently,
that gets interesting. So the United States has
been sort of escalating tensions with Iran. – Iran and the President got in a fight. – And now Iran’s kind of mad. And we’re a little worried
about a world war three, but like, not really that worried. – [Interviewer] Ellie, have
you heard anything about this? – Nope. – [Interviewer] So it’s kind of hard to like summarize and keep up. But today we’re focusing on food. Are you guys ready to start? – Yes.
– Yes. – All right. Close your eyes. – Vanessa, do you know what
the capital of Iran is? – No. – Tehran. Do you know what the second
biggest city of Iran is? – Nope. Just shut your eyes, Talbott. (upbeat instrumental music) – A drink? – Oh, gosh. Whoa! Okay, there’s
a bunch of seeds in here. – Looks like lemonade. – Waft it. – Oh my gosh. This is really sweet. – [Interviewer] This is called Sharbat, and it has a lot of calcium
and protein and fiber. – Ooh. I gotta tell my
fitness teacher about this. – [Interviewer] It’s
supposed to be really good for constipation… – Good to know. Good to know. – Wow, Talbott, you really liked that. – I did. – Wanna try mine? – No. I’m not your garbage disposal.
– I know. I wanna save room. Oh, Talbott. I’m not your garbage disposal, Vanessa. – And sometimes I am
your garbage disposal. – [Interviewer] You guys
ready for the next one? – Yeah.
– Yup. (upbeat instrumental music) – Oh, thank you, Megan! Oh, hee hee! – It looks like a good rice and beef dish. Maybe lamb, actually. Instead of analyzing,
I’m just gonna eat it. – [Interviewer] This is
called Khoresh eh’ Rivas, and it is a Persian rhubarb stew. – Mmmmm… – Eat that. – But I… Mmmm…. (groaning)
(giggling) – What is it taste, it’s not that bad! – [Interviewer] Have you
ever had rhubarb before? – In a pie, yeah. – I’m not a fan of the rhubarb, honestly.
– Same. Like the first taste is bad. And then like the after
taste kind of tastes like the pickles on hamburgers. – Have you heard of Columbia? – [Interviewer] Uh huh. – We make arepas, and this kind of tastes like the grainy corn
coming from the arepas. So I’m like, I tried it just by itself… Reminds me of home. – [Interviewer] Talbott,
are you done already? – Yeah. – Yeah, Talbott eats fast. – [Interviewer] It’s hard
for us fast eaters, you know? – Finally, someone who understands. (upbeat instrumental music) – Oh! Okay. This is pita bread. – Oh, this looks so good! – It’s the egg pancakes or the sour… I’ve seen these before. – Cauliflower, onion, tomato. And I’m gonna say asparagus. It’s probably a yogurt sauce. – [Interviewer] This isn’t
“Identify the Food”, Sandor. This is called “Kids Try”.
– I know. – The dip is really good. I know you don’t like sour cream, but– – What’s it taste like? – Sour cream. – I’m good then. – These taste like French
fries, but not French fries. – Kind of like not crispy hash browns. – Yeah! – And it’s like pickled asparagus, ’cause it’s got like
that pickle taste to it. – [Interviewer] Do you like pickles? – I love pickles. – The potato is really good. If you don’t want your
third one, I will eat it. – Mmm mmm… I’ll eat it. (upbeat instrumental music) (gasping)
– Ooh. – There’s sugar on it. – Okay. I can definitely
tell this is dessert. – [Interviewer] So this is
an Iranian candy called Toot. (giggles)
– Toot! Toot! (giggles) – You’re so immature, Ellie. – It’s a like edible cookie dough. – Yeah, this tastes really, really close to an Indian cookie I’ve had before. My grandparents make. – Tastes a lot like rice pudding I had at a Greek restaurant in New Jersey.
(laughing) – [Interviewer] Extremely specific, okay. – Yeah, very specific (laughs). – It was really good. I respect them.
– Yeah. – I think we learned one part of Iran, but you have to actually go there to see their city, their
culture, their religion, and not just the food. – [Interviewer] Well,
unfortunately we can’t travel to Iran right now. But we’re still able to have the food, and I think that’s pretty cool. – Mmm hmm! And it’s really good. Made my tummy full. Ooh! Ooh! – [Unison] Thanks for watching! – Bye!

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  1. I live in Iraq but now I’m in Australia! Once I went to Iran and it was awfully amazing! But now…I would regret saying that..

  2. Okay im lil bit surprised talbot and sandors are so big now, glad to know they have grown up well!!! And all of the kids are really amazing and smart!!!!

  3. Iranian food is yum. My first boss back in London was Iranian and she'd sometimes order Iranian food for us to try for lunch.

  4. All kids are polite in this video.. also made me smile throughout the video for no reason. Ellie is just being a kid when she makes faces on her first bite of rhubarb dish. But her brother immediately plays a parent and makes sure she doesn't offend our Iranian viewers.

  5. As an Iranian i have to say none of the Items that you tried are really that popular here. Maybe kookoo sabzi but other than that we have a lot of other dishes that are far more popular than the ones you tried. Oh and honestly i like none of the ones that you tried and i am not a picky eater at all.

  6. THAT KID BETTER stop talkin about world war 3 cuz that's going to happen to everyone of us and talking about his ridiculous McDonald's HAIRLINR

  7. They were cool n the young blond boy was really wise n sweet then good for him n for them all n i hope they all have wonderful future🌷

  8. Kids try Food from Portugal! With things like Francesinha, Pasteis de Bacalhau, Bacalhau com natas, Queijo da Serra da Estrela, Ovos moles, Salame de chocolate, Pasteis de Nata!!! They would looooove it!

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