Mom Vs Sushi Whisper Challenge | The Whisper Challenge – Food Edition with Nicole and Elise

– I’m teaching you how to make sushi. – I’m gonna teach you how to make chicken. (laughing) – Rolled sushi. – Ganuchi. (laughing) – It’s game night back
in the mom versus studio. And it’s been a while since
I’ve had my girl here, Elise. Welcome back sister. – Hey. – All right so we are gonna
play the whisper challenge in the kitchen. One of us wears headphones,
listening to really loud music, and the other person says
something, and we try to – Figure it out. – So after we kind of get
used to how the sounds and everything, then we’re going to have a little cooking challenge. Have these fancy, fancy things. You know – I’m totally 90’s hip-hop. – That’s our jam. Do you have a hall pass? – Do you have arm bags? (chuckling) – What is an arm bag? – I can’t get a hint? – Do you have a hall pass? (chuckling) – Do you have a large mass? – I hope not! – Do you have a large ass! (giggling) No, oh. Sorry. – Do you have a hall pass? – Do you have a hall pass! – Do you? – (sighs) that was tough! – It’s hard! Okay, let me see. – No cell phone zone. – No cell phone zone! – Oh! It takes a village. – It takes a veg. It takes a village! – Yep. – Right, now that you’ve
seen how to play the game, I’m going to teach you a cooking lesson, while not being able to hear me. – I’m ready to learn! – All right, so put those on, I’m gonna tell you what we’re making. Ready? I’m teaching you how to make sushi. – I’m gonna teach you how to make chicken. (chuckles) – Roll sushi. – Ganucchi. Oh, roll sushi1. – Ganucchi. But I think she was trying
to say, like, gnocchi. – I’m gonna learn how to roll sushi. Am I talking real loud? – Yeah, that’s good. I’m gonna go get the ingredients. – The ingredients. – Ooh, fancy. – Are you ready? First, she needs to have all her ingredients prepped. Get the tuna. – Get the chew cup? – Tuna. – Cucumber, cucumber! – All right, you need to cut it in strips. Dang, that was did you hear me? And she’s pretty handy with a knife. – I don’t have good
cutting skills like you. – I feel like we’re all
kind of making fun of her and she doesn’t know. See, when you roll the sushi, you want everything kind of the same size so it all fits in the roll. So, we’re gonna do tuna,
cucumber, and avocado. All right, that’s good! That’s good. Keep it neat. – Keep busy? – No! Keep it neat. – Keep it easy? – Neat! Organized! – Organized. – Avocado. Do you know how to do that? I don’t want her to get avocado hands That was good. – Sorry, that was really good. I’m awesome, I’m awesome. That was so cool, where’s
my spoon to scoop it out? – No! Cut it in half again. – With the skin? – Yeah. – I’ve never done that. – I didn’t mean that. That’s not what I, I just told her to quarter it. – Don’t make fun of me. I know you’re making fun of me, I can already…feel your laughing. Oh, see, I screwed it up. – That’s okay. I’m having, also, a little
bit of a tough time not stepping in, here. So, this is kind of a challenge for me, for real. – Do you need the skin? – Look, Now I just gotta tell her. – That’s a great way to cut a avocado I’ve never done that before. – I wouldn’t have done
it in pieces like that. Okay, just, like, – I don’t know what the
heck you’re saying about me, but that’s awesome. They call me big papa. Hey, you didn’t give me a napkin, you just cleaned your own hands. – Why is she yelling at me? – Thank you. – What kind of friend am I? – I know, right? – Slice that into, just, in a strip. – Diced? – Strip. I went ahead and did the
cucumbers for her because we all ready got the point, here. We’re making a tuna roll. – Tuna roll! – Yeah. – I knew it wasn’t Tootsie Roll, but that’s what it sounded like. – Why is she yelling? – Tootsie roll! Sorry. – Put down the bamboo mat. She guessed. – Put down the paper mat! – No, don’t take the (wheezing) And you want to wrap it in plastic So that the rice and
stuff doesn’t stick to it, so, we’re gonna leave this wrapped. You need a piece of seaweed. There’s some scissors over there. – Oh, sorry, you have
to get a new Ziploc bag ’cause I just cut in to it. – You want to form your rice into the shape of the seaweed. That was a lot. – Well, I’m listening to
Dr. Dre and it sounds like you said take this and smoke some weed. I don’t think that’s what she – Seaweed, seaweed, seaweed. – The song! – First, you need rice. – Rice! – You need to dip your hands in water. – Did you say dip the rice in water? – Dip your hands in water. – My mind on my money
and my money on my mind. – The rice that you’re
using is sticky rice, so it is really sticky So, you’ll wanna wet your hands with a little combination of
rice vinegar and water. And then, lay your rice down. If she’s thinking, she’ll
want her rice to be the same shape and size as the seaweed. – How much? – The same size as the seaweed. – The seaweed, okay. Oh my gosh! – That’s too much rice. – Can we just hire
somebody to do this for us? – Use the seaweed to measure. This is exhausting. – Look at those skills right there. – That’s not important. It’s just that it’s
already a little thick. – I think it’s a little too thick. – Good job. – Is that what you were gonna say? Now I know why I pay so much for sushi. – Arrange your fillings in a line. – We’re ready to fix a lot. – In a line. – Set my things in a line. – Nope, wrong way, wrong way. Long ways. – You’re gonna be sorry
you asked me to do this. – I already am. Tuna same way. Cucumber. Cucumber. – This song has bad words. – Put your cucumber on top
of the tuna and avocado. – I got on top. – Mkay so now, you see, we have a line so if you picture the
inside of a sushi roll, y’know, your filling is like that big. So that’s what we’re going for. Now comes the rolling part, so what she’s gonna need to do is lift the whole rice mat over the filling. And then you roll it over,
and then you push it back. Are you ready to roll? – We gotta roll it? – Yeah, go all the way over. Now stop. Stop! A little bit, and then squeeze back. I probably should not have
been able to use hand motions. – There’s some coming out of the sides, but I’m squeezing it
back in, it’s all good. – Pull the mat back. – Pull the back back. Is this the back? – Yeah, just that. No, she’s unrolling the whole thing. Just the mat. – Just the base? – The mat. – The mask. I don’t even know what she’s saying. Oh, there we go. – Now you have to do it – I cannot hear you. – Go all the way under, and push it over. – What’s the point of that? – Just keep no. – You said do it all the way again. You said ‘do it again’. You mean, like, put this, do it again? Use the mat to push it over. Don’t roll the mat in it! She don’t know. – I’m sorry. – I’m still proud of her, I think she’s done great. She thinks she’s disappointing
me and that makes me sad. Are you ready to give up? – To give up? I mean, if you want me to, I will. – Can you figure it out? See, she’s got it if she oh, she just gon’ (wheezes) She figured out a way. She’s gonna make it work. – I’m sorry I’m so awesome. – Don’t cut the mat. – Don’t cut the bag, oh. Oh, man, I’m not a good cutter. – Cut it in half. No, yes. Oh, jeez, let me – I just thought that
might be appropriate. – She’s rubbing the blade! This is just too stressful. She’s pushing down, see, I’mma
tell her to saw through it. – I don’t know how to cut right. – Okay, now, stack them. Yeah! You’ve seen them do it, yeah. Now cut those into three pieces. – C’mon! – Look at me! She’s squeezing all the fillings out, you want to really,
like, just saw through it with a really sharp knife. – I can fix this. It’s a little (chuckles) I bet it tastes good. – I’m gonna go get a plate. Put it on the plate with ginger and wasabi. – I gotta find a good one. It’s a lot of rice, I put too much rice. That is so much rice. – That one’s good for the kids, y’know? Oh, she did hear me. – I might be better at plating food. – You can tell she’s eaten sushi before. – Oh yeah. – You good? – I’m good. Are we done? – We’re done. You did fabulous. – I’m sure. – Shall I roll one the right way just to so that maybe you can see where you might could improve. – Uh, yeah. – First, you had to let it go
completely over the topping. So roll over, and push back. Now here’s where I could
not explain it to you. Now, I wanted you to put
your thumbs under the mat. And do it again. – Even if I could hear I don’t
think I would’ve gotten that. I mean – And then you do one more. And you can just keep doing
this all you want to get it – Firm. – And then yes, I was telling
you to cut it in half. And I want you to saw it
instead of, like, push down. And I probably could’ve gotten you a sharper knife, so for that, I’m sorry. All right, so, that’s how it’s done. That was pretty fun, though, right? – Yeah. – I mean, it is fun. It was really fun on this end. I can’t wait for you to see it play back. If you could teach me something, I could wear ’em and you can show me. – Okay, so, I teach American History so maybe we’ll have an American
History lesson with her. Okay, so right now I am teaching about – All right, I’m ready. – She has no clue I’m talking. America and, um, World War II. – Hitler was a Nazi. – Alouise Austin. – Hitler was a Nazi. – Louise, Austin. – Hitler – Hitler! – Was – Was! – A Nazi. – A Nazi, Hitler was a Nazi. – All right, you pass my test. – If you want to have a
little fun in the kitchen, bring the whisper challenge into it or bring it into your
next family game night. If nothing else, I just hope
you had fun watching the show. And for more great episodes,
don’t forget to follow us on YouTube and Facebook, and follow us on Instagram. And if you’re watching on
YouTube, click that bell. See ya next time! Let’s go eat some sushi. – All right! I’m gonna eat mine. We gotta fast forward this song! Whoo, it was bad.

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