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Norwex fruit and veggie cloth and produce wash

hi Draa Amico here your norwex independent
consultant in today’s video I’m gonna talk about the Norwex produce wash and
the Norwex fruit and veggie cloth so I was getting ready to make one of my
favorite side dishes a pasta salad and decided that I would just go ahead and
do a quick video and show you how I use both of these products so you go to the
grocery store and you’re buying on your fruits and vegetables you’re probably
not thinking about the 18 of people that touched your fruit and vegetables before
you did or maybe you grabbed that apple that another person went to grab for and
it rolled on the floor and they just picked it up and put it back those kind
of things doesn’t appeal to me at all so I really depend on my Norwex products
for cleaning the bacteria and the germs that pesticides and waxes off of my
food before I cook it or eat it so for example with an apple if my son likes to
eat apples every day so what he usually does is he throws this underneath though
running water gets it really nice and wet and then puts it on the scrubby side
of the fruit and vegies cloth and then just rub it like this so basically
you’re just drying off the the apple but because of this scrub material on the
cloth it’s removing all of that wax and everything with it so he’s eating a
clean apple now if you’re gonna do something like squash and zucchini
potatoes and carrots you’re also gonna want to use the scrub side to this
veggie cloth and all I do before I cut up my squash and zucchini is I wet this
just like I do it the apple and then I just rub it like this and as you can see
I’m removing some of the skin from the the zucchini but I’m also more
importantly removing all of the gunk that I don’t want to eat so if you want
to actually peel it you can scrub a little bit harder like for your potatoes
and your carrots you can scrub a little bit harder and get off that top layer
and does a really good job of peeling your fruits and vegetables also if you
have like a potato that has a lot of those nooks and crannies I will take my
finger like this and kind of get into those little nooks and
crannies and get all the dirt out of there because there’s nothing worse than
eating like beef stew and you chomp on a potato that has a little bit of sand on
it oh right we’ve all done that okay so let’s say
you’re gonna you want to clean your fruit so I have some grapes and some
little cherry tomatoes in here so what I do when I come home from the grocery
store I will throw all of my fruit or this is just a little bit left over my
fridge from last week’s shopping but I will take a big bowl something similar
to this and I will fill it up with all the fruits and vegetables mostly fruit
and throw it all my fruit in there the softer fruits blueberries strawberries
grapes the cherry tomatoes anything that has a softer skin and I will throw it
all in here and then I will take the produce wash and just squash it around
like this and move my vegetables around just a little bit maybe add a little bit
more water to it and then I just put this off to the side and let it sit for
about ten minutes and then I dump it out and rinse it off a little bit and I can
leave it in that container or put it in a prettier container and the vegetables
are the fruits and the vegetables are ready to eat all week long so it goes in
the fridge after it’s clean so the kids and everybody knows that it’s clean and
it’s ready to eat the other thing I wanted to mention
really quick is our cutting board we have a large and a small and this is the
large but the cutting board is really unique because it’s made out of corn
husk so it’s an all-natural biodegradable material it also has this
little groove in all the way around so if you’re cutting a cantaloupe for
example when you get all the seeds and little vines and stuff that hold all the
seeds together I will typically take my knife on the
dull side and push it all into the groove and then juices in the seeds all
kind of go off to the side without running all over my counter and then I
can continue to cut also the other unique feature of our cutting board is
it has is my silicone ring around it and this
prevents the cutting board from moving so if you’re gonna do a watermelon for
example you need to use a lot of pressure to cut down this cutting board
is not gonna move so you’re not gonna have to worry about cutting your hands
okay so that’s it for me so definitely think about its getting the fruit and
veggie cloth and the produce wash so that you too can eat some fresh fruits
and vegetables without all the pesticides and waxes that they come with until next time thanks everyone bye-bye

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