Rajma Recipe | Russian Girl Cooking Indian Food

Today we will cook rajma (kidney beans) for rajma we need following ingredients These are red kidney beans I bought it in supermarket Olive oil, salt In vegetables, coriander leaves two onions four tomatos, one chilli is enough for me Ginger and garlic and some basic house spices like turmeric, cumin seeds, coriander powder and rajma spice At first, we will chop the vegetables Now we start cooking At first After heating the oil Cumnin seeds, turmeric and a bit coriander powder are added Now chooped ginger, garlic and chille are added After getting onion fried, mix tomatos in it. After adding rajma spice we will wait until it is cooked Have you seen..
what I have just done? After grinding tomato and onion, mix water into it and make a paste Now add kidney beans into the gravy salt, as per taste Let kidney beans be cooked in the gravy Are we forgetting any thing? Serve the warm rajma curry with Roti or Rice

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  2. I have a question about the recipe) how was it? I want to try making it.. I love rajma.. Thanks for the video, it was awesome..

  3. This is really creative video.(यह वास्तव में रचनात्मक वीडियो है।) . loved it with Ratatouille crux.

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  9. Haldi ko starting may nahei dalta, it should be put along with all the spice…… In all indian dis.., love you from young indian fan