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Secretary Perdue “I want to assure you that our food supply chain is sound”

Secretary Perdue “I want to assure you that our food supply chain is sound”

Secretary Perdue: This is
Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture, USDA. And I know it’s a little anxious
when we see those barren store shelves and grocery
shelves there, but I want to assure you that our food supply
chain is sound; it’s healthy. People are on the job
stocking those stores, processing that food.
Our inspectors are safely guarding that food and
expect them day by day. You can count on it, your
food is going to be there. But just let me remind you,
use what you need. It’s like a buffet, don’t
take more than you use in a week or two. And don’t try
to hoard, so your neighbors and other communities can
have what they need. Thank you. You’re going
to have enough.

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  1. Luke 6:30-35

    30 Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. 31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

    32 “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. 33 And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that. 34 And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, expecting to be repaid in full. 35 But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.

  2. Secretary Perdue must come to the daily presidential briefing at the White House and give assurance to American people that the food supply is working as normal and that there is no need to hoard. American people are not getting the message. Come to the briefing tomorrow.

  3. We went Kroger for regular shopping and shock and awe! Lots shelves empty out and every items limited only two! What's going on USA?

  4. If there was an infinite supply would this message be necessary?

    If supplies were running out, would they post a message like this?


  5. tell us about the crop losses world wide from the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM which will be here in its full power in 2030,meanwhile the build up to it, is causing weather chaos around the world, we do need to focus on that as well, build underground greenhouses, store food , save seeds , take care of your community

  6. I work in the wholesale food industry. The company I work for has lost 70% of our business. We are in a world of hurt regardless of what rich politicians are saying. Reality is this is being done to crush independent businesses so multinational corporations can take over everything!

  7. I would like to believe you, but that's not the case in Taos County, NM. Not at all. The third-world sanctuarians are either hoarding because they remember the socialist scarcities, a la Venezuela, and don't want to be in that position again OR hoarding and then price gouging when regular sane people are trying to get what they need. Primos who own supermarkets here are enabling their cousins.


  9. Farmers are still clearing out the rotting crops from flooded fields of last year's failed harvest but hey, this guy feels the need to say everything is fine, so it must be true. Like a five-year-old who assures you "I didn't steal any cookies" as soon as you walk into the kitchen. Nothing suspicious about that!

  10. Wait a minute, many stores had quantity limits BEFORE this event. I do NOT believe this is "only" hoarding. Do you want Americans to prepare for a quarantine or a lockdown, have the whole family home 7 days per week and not shop everyday or should we shop weekly.

    You need to be clear in your messages. We are only seeing the end result of being told to stock up simultaneously across the country. It does show our present vulnerability. The system, was never structured for bulk/buying across the country at the same time. Only storms/ holidays. ( we still have corned beef! Lol) We weren't prepared..but we will be fine.

    We should have had store/ healthcare supplies more stocked and shipped ( like Christmas, but beyond December) and staggered the 2week or more quarantine supplies, or given us an actual date, like in 3weeks, the date of x… Then warned of kids home for school by x date. So no one was surprised…and all states preparing for all at same time.

    But this can be fixed, and I trust all are working on it. Never have sales exceeded the demand like this.
    If you want the public to NOT be out in public…we HAVE to bulk purchase to a degree.

    May I also make a suggestion, allow group/ICF homes managers be ALLOWED and directed to buy supplies in bulk, from other sources like most businesses. So they can purchase in larger quantity, but NOT IN gen public standing stores. Adhering to a one per person ( meaning the person purchasing) rule, is counter productive, if you want less exposure to the fragile populations. These managers have to shop multiple stores per week to buy the supplies DDS is requesting…and we really should have these items for care. Thank you! Be well!

  11. This is a huge issue that needs to be addressed to the whole country. In my opinion should be a part of the task force, but only if it is addressed in a sincere and matter of fact way. Do we produce enough food here in the USA for the population? What is all importedexported? What if this problem persists into winter? I know this is a subject of great stress for my loved ones. One family member has to travel to a different town just to find baby formula. Thank you.

  12. It depends what time of day you go in here in Louisville, KY. Kroger has been simply amazing. They stock the shelves overnight then some items like bread and milk are picked clean by closing time. They have shortened their hours and are not restocking as much during operating hours so those workers can do other things like sanitize and receive warehouse shipments in the back. This limits their contact with customers too so that has to be part of the thinking. They have plenty of everything, the supply chain just doesn't have the capacity to keep up with this insane demand. It isn't "panic buying" per se as much as it is that people just aren't getting food from other places that are either closed or impractical. What the restaurants and work-place cafeterias lose by being closed, the grocery store picks up. But this level of demand switch to grocery stores was never anticipated so naturally the capacity was never built out. Of course with day-care now closing in our area and the extension of school closings to late April, there will continue to be this high stress on the grocery stores. Doesn't mean the end of the world. Just means grocery stores are now the main source of food buying right now…. And more food eating at home means more toilet paper purchases also. Restaurants and work-places have plenty of toilet paper.

  13. Genuine question here: who manages issues of price gouging for shortage items before stocks get replenished?

  14. Let’s start calling the novel coronavirus the CCP virus
    Help the petition reach its goal, share with others:

  15. The best remedy is to stay at home for self quarantine, a higher chance to eliminate and recovered from the virus than in a hospitals for curing. This virus can be more immense and dangerous if inside a ward with two or more people. Open air, distancing and uncrowded area must obseved. Healthy foods like veggies and spicy foods and high in antioxidants like black coffee is more important intakes in our body to fight back the covid-19. Stay as healthy habits for more resistance to the virus.

  16. Trump has done an excellent job. Has very good people working for his presidency and with very good attitude. Just to see Mr. Perdue smile during this difficult time. Give me hope. I hope Jehovah God keep us healthy. We are going to be 👌.

  17. Mr perdue . who exactly is going to plant the field right now with the southern boarder closed and visas revoked .

  18. Bwahahahah corn yields are down this year, the Chyyyna trade war has crushed soy bean forecasts….You're a joke!

  19. President Trump Magnificent Leadership
    VP Pence Thankyou Dear Sir
    What a Mighty Leadership Team
    Thankyou Secretary Purdue
    Calm everyone……calm

  20. Ignore the ignorant rodent Anti-American
    Communist Globalist Fake News MSM
    they want you to panic…..

  21. Mr. Secretary, do you know why many of us are stock piling, really? It is because (with all due respect to the Chinese People and absolutely no racism intended or implied) we have seen videos of the Chinese People barricaded in their houses.. without food or other essential living supplies. We witnessed this online before Covid-19 ever came to American shores. We are deeply afraid of a similar threat at Home. I am not in favor of censorship, and I believe the internet exists in part for the purpose of knowledge. With that knowledge, however, can come distrust and fear. Please continue to assure the American People that we are living in a Democratic Republic where we will never face the atrocities visited on the People of China.

  22. A quick trip to the local grocery store would tell you that the food supply chain is not sound. Yes people are panic buying but if the supply chain can't cope with the current demand then by definition it is not sound. The Trump administration has done a lousy job calming the public.

  23. America MUST economically continue to GROW no matter what; thus, the U.S. gov't shall NOT shrink its economy by closing down everything timelessly.
    "Shrinking U.S. economy is exactly what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) AND North+South Koreas want to see with the effect of China Wuhan virus. (ck it out)

  24. Many stores in WA state near me are still stocked with food. Really hoping our media would highlight that to calm people down. But I wouldn't hold my breath on that

  25. Semi truck drivers are livid the rest areas are closed and their is no truck stops open for them to use the bathroom. please make rest areas and truck stops available for truckers who are delivering vital products to us !

  26. Sure, the animals being tortured, abused, violated, sickened, forced to live in filth, confinement, horrifically unnatural conditions, here and in China ( China bought Smithfield , the largest pig raising slaughtering industry in US)are still being transported to the gates of hell, the slaughterhouse, to provide all that flesh, eggs, dairy that cause every existential viral disease, zoonotic disease that imperils us all. When trump appointed this man, right from the industry, to head USDA, we could presume nothing would change or be made ethical in using tens of billions, hundreds of billions of tax dollars to subsidize feed production and animal agriculture. Now here we are, our final warning as many have warned all through history, that eating animals would result in disease, while eating plant based nutrition would result in optimal health. Crimes against animals used as products results in crimes against humans, like USDA promoting and subsidizing a diet that is the genesis of both degenerative disease AND zoonotic threats.

  27. If you want truck drivers to continue to supply America with goods, it is vital that you pass Emergency Action on Truckers’ Right to Carry Across State Lines. Urgent action is needed to ease restrictive state and local gun laws amid the unprecedented statewide orders arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. The lives of truck drivers matter too.

  28. Truckers must be exhausted. They should be given an extra tax credit on their taxes or separate check, as some stores have done for their employees!!!!! Thank you to all those working so hard to feed everyone.

  29. Secretary Perdue Statement is consistant with those I know in. Large Scale Grocery Business. Inventory systems show pleantyfull Food Supply in Warehouses. TP stocks are in Short supply due to Panic Buying. Food and Clothing Supplies are in good shape.Due to much higher Volume than normal, Truck Shipping is sometimes a Constraint but Warehouse Supplies are good for now. If you want to stock up on Food go for it. If you need TP buy it too but please consider others as this item took a big hit. Thankfully we Roll our own TP and should catch up soon.

  30. If there is enough,where is it? I can't order online, what I need is out of stock. I'm trying to avoid going out .When I check online to see if my store has what I need ,its out of stock. By the time my next check will it still be out of stock? Who knows? I don't have extra money for hoarding.

  31. Thank you, sir for everything. You are correct about the hoarding. My family is not hoarding, but God has still supplied our every need. 🙂

  32. I wish grocery stores would hang signs around produce to remind people NOT to cough or sneeze on it. or touch produce after they cough in their hand. Or camera the ice cream so in-bred idiots don't lick it11 people are so vile and disgusting somethimes.

  33. Yesterday the Trump administration gave Apple a waiver on tariffs for their Apple Watch. No reason these can’t be made in America. Apple must have given Trump campaign money. The trade deficit under Trump is up at 22.5% from where Obama left it. Trump is a ConMan. Why do you idiots keep believing in him?