Good morning! really this is what my baby eats in a
day my boo boo has just woken up. A lot of you have asked because you have noticed that my
baby has gained weight it took a lot of work I hope that this will help all the
moms who have babies who have the same condition that my boo boo has which is
GERD and also any mom who’s looking for tips on what to feed their baby so enjoy
and don’t forget to subscribe Summer tell them subscribe we’re going to look for
camel milk she graduated from formula we are now
drinking camel milk but camel milk is such a hassle to find guys like we found
it the first time we bought it we only found two bottles and then it was just
out of stock and then we found four bottles then it was out of stock so
we’ve just been going round and round in supermarkets all over Nairobi to find it
we found the 500 milliliter ones which are still fine as long as we found camel milk that’s all that matters so my boo boo has milk you have milk boo boo this is where I shop for majority of the
veggies that my baby eats. Oh my mom told me to tell you that I shop for fruit here too –
they’re very affordable and I like them because they’re fresh
and affordable so I’m going to buy them here. it was a success even though we didn’t find a couple of things we found majority of the things I’ll do an unboxing when we get home. So we’re home and I want to do a quick unboxing of what I got This whole packet, one goes fro Kshs 495 And it’s a lot of Oatmeal. The last time I bought her this one it lasted her a month and a half. And why I like this one is because it’s packed
freshly and then to accompany the oatmeal is obviously the bananas I have
broccoli arrowroot or Ndum we have spinach spinach we usually start the day
with some nexium why I’m including this is because it’s not become like a part
of her eating routine so this is nexium focus on the nexium you have to get a
prescription for this it’s not something you can buy just like that especially
for a baby this is what helps her with her GERD it aids with keeping the food
down and also with acidity so I usually mix half a sachet of the nexium with 7.5
milliliters of water so that’s what half a sachet looks like for a baby they
recommend you mix half a sachet because Nexium is a pretty strong medicine
that’s what it looks like pre thickening so I’m just gonna leave it in
the syringe for maybe three more minutes so that it can thicken and I give it to
the boo boo come boo boo come I give you medicine hi hi baby
it is medicine time yummy done yummy who’s finished her
medicine you have we’re gonna wait 30 minutes for the medicine to work it’s
now five minutes to three so she is going to have her milk at 3:25
p.m. I’m on the way to the supermarket to get her milk Because I had a mishap in the house So I’m going to replace the bottle that was lost.
So Summer usually eats camel milk for As her milk I guess because she can’t take cow milk or
goat’s milk because of the intensity of the allergens in those two types of milk so I’ll
show you guys what the milk is hopefully I’ll be able to find it because camel milk is very rare especially
that specific brand which I believe is the best in the country I’m going to record this one of my phone cause I’m so scared of them telling me “You’re not allowed to record here!” I’m looking for the milk & I don’t think they have it this is sad wait this is the yogurt side they
don’t have the milk they said it’s out of stock until tomorrow you see the
challenges like usually I will be buying this milk like if I decide I’m buying this milk and I find it in the supermarket I’ll buy every bottle that is there cause most of
the time it’s out of stock and unavailable in supermarkets so I think
I’ll have to come back tomorrow and see if they have it okay so I’m out of the
supermarket and I failed at finding my baby’s milk so but I have some bottles at home thank
God I was just trying to replace the one that was spoilt so that we have milk for like 2 weeks so I’ll still show you guys the bottle in the house. This is the milk that I was talking about when
that we’re going to look for it’s the best camel milk in the supermarket’s right
now it doesn’t expire too fast like the other brands that I had tried and my baby
loves it what I usually do is I pre boil them when we get home I boil them so they
don’t go bad store them in separate bottles then all I have to do is put the portions of milk that she drinks at any given time. Here it is, you can hear her crying for it There you go. Sorry. 300 milliliters of camel milk not mixed
in water initially I used to mix it with water cause camel milk has a very
intense disgusting taste so she really did not like it but now she drinks it
plain and pure camel milk which is awesome drink and that is how I know
she’s done Hey don’t pour it omg! so she’s done so I’m
just gonna give her some time to burp and digest and process what she has just
eaten after an hour of drinking the milk I make for her oatmeal this jar was full
until here she’s the one who’s eaten all that I usually make the oatmeal with the
camel milk still mixed with a bit of water and then I mash some banana as a
sweetener and I add it to the oatmeal to make it sweet I don’t give my baby sugar
I don’t believe in sugar anymore so the oats are ready let me just show you real quick. Oops! steam there you go. Who’s waiting for her
oatmeal mmm that’s why you’re making noise? yeah for today I actually want to add
some chia seeds to the oats. Chia seeds are actually very beneficial for babies
they have lots of omega-3 fatty acids and it’s a great great for digestion
they have so many things you can see the chia seeds I’m just gonna mix them in look who’s that? Yummy! Mmm today I put for you Chia Seeds (Music) This is how much there was in the bowl and she’s going to finish it all. so it took us a long time
to figure out what summer really likes not just in terms of the food that she
likes eating but also how she likes eating her food you’re probably
wondering why I’m feeding her in this huge black bowl that’s because Summer
likes eating like an adult she does not like using children’s utensils which
also helped with her recognizing that food time happens when you see a
specific bowl which was awesome because it helped that’s how we actually got her
to start eating sorry my baby doesn’t take animal-based
protein so I’ve had to find different ways to substitute the protein that she
doesn’t get from animal-based protein elsewhere and oatmeal why I give her
oatmeal for breakfast it’s cuz of you is classified as the highest source of
protein in plant-based it has more protein I think it’s second to almond so
usually at this point of feeding oatmeal she starts pooping so I’m just gonna let her
do her business but this is how much she’s left
these are please ignore the holes in my pajamas these are about ten spoons so I
usually just believe her to poop then it clears some space in her stomach
and then she finishes the remainder for lunch and dinner
she eats pretty much the same thing because my baby is so complicated that
she can’t eat variety at the moment this is what I’m doing right now this is
brown rice and this is the veggie puree so I’m not leaving the veggies lumpy
because my baby still has issues with choking while she is eating solids but I
leave the rice a bit solid so I won’t really blend it that much to the point
where it’s porridge-is I’ll leave it whole so that she can at least learn how to chew I
usually just mix a bit of the brown rice in the veggie puree. This will I guess
help in making it smooth and give the illusion that it’s okay to chew it and
you can swallow it food time this is lunch and dinner lunch
earlier dinner later. Let me pray for it. what did she do here you’re scared of your food what’s going?
No blow it. She’s not even touched it. Look at this girl. I recently introduced the brown rice
to Boo Boo’s diet before she used to take just pureed veggies she’s been taking
the brown rice now for maybe three weeks and she loved it the first time which
was so awesome I chose brown rice cuz it has so many
benefits as you have to seen listed and I felt like she was
missing she was missing a strong starch in her diet that also contains protein I
could see the difference after a few days of eating brown rice for today I’m
going to cook this small squash together with a couple of things that I’ll show
you and it will be for her lunch and dinner for I think the next two days
because the squash is quite small this is called a green banana hi-yah (Music) Summer what are you doing? why why why why do you want to stand up on the chair what is that about? I usually add some green banana, sweet potato & arrow root. okay I’m doing cooking omg
this is the rice today I added coconut milk I read somewhere that it’s good for
your baby and it helps with providing certain things and it’s fattening so I
pray she likes it it’s so delicious you guys wow this is her dinner so I’ve
covered the rice with the veggies so let me just stir it’s quite hot so she has
to wait a bit you want to see how to cook this go on my Instagram so it’s
nighttime boo boo has eaten all three of her meals breakfast lunch and dinner and
she has blacked out completely out she’s been out for like three hours
that’s what happens when she gets full which makes me very
happy one thing I didn’t mention is when we introduced solids to her we noticed
that she was getting constipated a lot which is expected cuz babies come from
drinking milk only to solids so her bowel movements were quite constipated
so we looked for things to help ease her loo sessions and funny enough we found
that mangoes worked apple mango specifically I’m not sure about the other
types of mangoes but every time would give her a full mango we’d just blend it
puree it we would give her and her bowel movements would be so easy not
events spinach worked anyway thank you so much for watching I hope this was
helpful I hope you got some tips if you have any questions do leave them in the
comment section or said put them on Instagram I’m good to have a poll for people
to ask a questions a question sticker for people to ask questions and I’ll answer them in
another video I guess so thank you so much for watching if you haven’t subscribed
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hope you’re keeping safe and sanitizing and just staying super safe love you

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