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  1. The most important thing to understand is that chia seeds can absorb 10 times their weight in water. So you need to soak them first. If you don't soak them, them will absorb the moisture from your body. For example, if that happens in your throat, it may cause you to choke. If they absorb water in your digestive system, they will pull moisture from your intestines, and that can cause our worsen constipation. They are high in fiber, so don't take too much at once, that can cause diarrhea. When you decide to add them to your diet, start with a smaller amount, and then gradually increase the amount as your body gets accustomed to more fiber. Finally if you do have diverticulitis, grind the seeds before you soak them in water. I prefer chia as a source of fiber because it is very nutritious, and it's not scratchy like sawdusty powdered fiber.

  2. This video must be backed by the fish oil companies! This is Bullshit I been doing em a year and I have never had diarrhea or constipation or any thing getting caught in my throat ! Your dull of shit who ever put this out there

  3. If it’s not good for anybody’s health or even overall health then i we vote to ban it here in the United States

  4. It's good information to have however the sound editing and pronunciation of the words is horrible and it is a distraction, I do realize that it is a computer generated narration. Unfortunately I'm not very intrigued to watch any more videos.

  5. I have 4 autoimmune diseases, 20+ years of chronic ill health as a result. One of my symptoms is restless leg syndrome…. very painful condition. I've found that 2 teaspoons of chia seed mixed with 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder mixed in large glass of water, left to stand for 20 mins (to allow chia seed to soften and expand) before drinking takes the pain away after about 15 mins and then I can go back to sleep. Works everytime. Just drink a further glass of water after drinking the chia seeds.

  6. I grind my chia seeds in the blender mill before i put them in warm water. That should solve the choking hazard. Take one flat tea spoon a day. That should solve the flatulence. If you take a little bit at a time. Then you are good.

  7. All the above side effects I nearly died it stuck in my osffsgus it was terrible I swear don't go near it

  8. My experience happen last week, I almost bloody died from these seeds. Didn’t even know I was allergic to it.. I have no food allergies before this and now I have one..

  9. I like to soak them in water overnight then spread them
    all over my body, stand around and let them grow so I become a Human Chia Pet

  10. Hi I have a disc bulge issue. I thought when ever I drink chia seed for my weight loss, I felt backache. Is it true that it really have some side effects like that.

  11. Wayment so it's better that I eat fkn dirty then.. it cause prostate cancer to flare up? Fuck this good food shit if it's gone kill me I might as well eat burgers, pizza and doughnuts still. The hell

  12. chia seeds was my solution to my heart burn,lactose intolerance,bloating,,and i feel more energetic through out the day…i like to make it as a pudding for breackfast…

  13. Sir I am 76 year old I take chia seeds but u say it trigger prostrate cancer should I stop taking it pl advice

  14. I drink coffee and put a chia seeds in it for 2days now (i take it once a day) and now my voice is gone fvk im gonna stop taking chia seeds!

  15. i do this wd lemon and one tbsp of honey leave it for more than an hour after i blend it then drinks it every morning wd an empty stomach

  16. I'm taking chia seeds for 3 days now , my body gets itching but no rashes or allergy to notices yet, but my eye get blurry. And got lots of gas , feels bloating all the time.

  17. I got rashes when start drink chia seeds continually I drink chia seeds max 9 days then I got rashes on my under arm… That type of rashes got very first time.. maybe it's really reaction of chiaa seed . Thanks thanks thanks allot to share this informative video I noticed my problem right now

  18. I am taking almost two spoons in water with a piece of lemon..i list make a bottle and drink it whole day os or okay???

  19. Everything has good side and bad side. Sometime ago I saw a video where it say too much water is bad for your body.

  20. I think I need help. I was very stupid and ate Chia without soaking them first and now I'm worried about my health. It's been about 1 hour since I ate them without letting soak and I ate them with a banana and peanut butter. Since I have severe anxiety I'm on edge worrying if I'm going to choke or have something else bad happen to me because of my utter stupidity. Please someone tell me what I should do to help ease the digestion process and to prevent any of them being stuck in my esophagus lining, all is appreciated

  21. I'm taking 600g of chia seeds blended, soaked 65 hours under uranius, then roasted, seasoned and thrown in the bin. Is that unhealthy?

  22. I enjoy Chia and have for years. My girlfriend likes me to spread the seed all over her *** and then lick them off as we play classic rock music. She gets off, and I get my nourishment. How's that for DOING THE RIGHT THING???