Smooth PB & J Sandwich 🥪- peanut butter and jelly jelly recipe

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Me: I should go to bed at a proper time tonight and get sufficient amounts of sleep to fuel my body’s needs
    Also me: watching someone make a sandwich at 3 am

  2. I’ve been watching you since you were eating chocolate covered insects and let me just say I’m so proud of the progress of your channel💞

  3. There was once a day where I thought I could Fall in love with this woman…watching this video after all those years I can vividly remember why.

  4. Not gonna lie that looks like something they would serve in an avant garde restaurant as part of a 20 course meal that costs upward $300.

  5. Finally a sandwich that can support my brute strength of a finger can’t wait to feel that jelly and smooth peanut butter filling for my buttocks hole