Street Tacos of Texas – Street Food Icons

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  1. Maybe everything can be an English next time and I'll give a thumbs up and starve a thumbs down no understand you understand me mother🖕

  2. What a guy. Another reason our melting pot is the best. You hear that Drumpers? I bet this guy works harder than you could even imagine.

  3. Seeing this makes me happy and so proud to be a mexican. He is the epitome of what a hard working man should be. He is a true gem, conquering and living the ultimate American dream. Much love and respect.❤

  4. You all should go and see BAO Costa Rica video they are doing crazy stuff with the gua baos.

  5. Mexican food is my favourite food on the planet! This guy is awesome! Keep up the good work. Wish I could try his food but I live in Canada

  6. De que mueren los kemados alos keles dolio trabagar onrrado como este amigo ya kisieran ser como uno de travagadores

  7. I love man that loves to cook they really are connoisseur’s at their trade what a beautiful gift of cooking!!💗👈💋

  8. I swear to god if the person behind the grill is a good person the foods almost always guaranteed to be just as good💯 I can’t wait to hopefully go there one day and try some out for myself 🤩

  9. That's right!! We are human primarily and the rest is social factors, only relevant in society. Such a humble guy for real!

  10. I'm convinced this is the way to employ people that can't find jobs. Every town & city across the country could have street stands & make their specialties & we wouldn't have so many people out of work & on welfare. We'd also probably eat a lot healthier & cheaper. There has to be a way to let fast food places exist & still offer up different specialties from food stands. It could fix a lot of problems in America right now with so many out of work. Most all of these people also started out with nothing; they just made the food at home & took it out on the street & started that way. Eventually, they got so they could buy real food stands & cook in them. I love this idea & with so many nationalities in the US, it would be ideal for everyone.

  11. "Thank God, I have what I have now." But after that quote he says.. "Why? Because I work." You have what you have Because of You, nothing more than that. Its only you and on you.