The Benefits Of A Vegan Diet ♥ Why I’m Vegan

so were here today eating at luv burger which is an all vegan restaurant in Samara Costa Rica we just ordered their very famous luv burgers and i thought it would be appropriate for me to talk to you about the benefits I get from being on a plant based diet aka being vegan # 1 is health before i went vegan i was much heavier and by me making the choice of going vegan and combining that with great fitness regime was one of the best things that could have happened to me plant based diet was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made # 2 is the planet there is a lot of research out there that shows that being on a plant based diet leaves a positive footprint on our planet and that is truly what i believe in luv burgers motto is that with one vegan burger you actually save 600 gallons of water versus ordering a regular burger speaking of veggie burgers looks what just came # 3 is animals there is a ton of documentaries out thre and different info you can find about the cruelty and the way we tend to treat our animals and the factory farming a honestly i won’t go into detail but that is something i believe in and proud to say i don’t contribute to #4 is vitality pretty simple my energy level and perspective on life is so much more positive i feel awesome so there you have it if your ever in Samara Costa Rica please come by Luv Burger check out their amazing food im gonna go eat mine now bye

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  1. I need to go to this vegan restaurant when I'm in Costa Rica <3
    You're so inspiring and it was nice to hear why you went vegan & it's so worth it to change to a plant-based lifestyle!

  2. Me almost vegan (vegetarian) too (masculine cow? yucka-yucka). Pet a turtle, meet it's dino folks (vegan's not dino chow yaaah):D

  3. Hi,
    I would really like to start eating a plant based diet but I'm not much of a veggie fan. Do you guys have any tips for me because I'm very picky with my veggies. 😑😣😢

  4. You are beautiful and you look AWESOME!!!
    I am 51 years old, I started only about one year ago to have a better diet and eat mostly vegan.
    You are a great inspiration for all woman…I follow and I love doing your quick Cexercize ;))

  5. I love how this is not about pushing a lifestyle onto other but showing the benefits of this certain lifestyle. I got a wrong image of being vegan when I first heard of it. But thanks to you and other truely amazing people I now understand the concept. Thank you💗

  6. I just stumbled accross your channel and WOW! I'm so glad I did 🙂 You are wonderful, spiritual, positive, beautiful and vegan 🙂 You are everything I aspire to be plus I'm planning to move to costa rica in a year or two. It really seems like a magical place! Much Love xx

  7. Your second point has recently been refuted. The fact that you refute nature; i.e. predator and prey shows delusion as nature dictates reality and not the other way around. Deluding yourself into thinking you are something righteous when you are like all other humans is pointless. Not only that but vegans operate on a non-logical basis. Why eat one but not the other? Maybe because one we are meant to feel empathy for due to facial structure relations similar to our own and two, they are more intelligent. Why squash bugs? It is the same. Off topic but did you used to go to raves a lot?

  8. So spot on! I found your channel looking for yoga but I am thrilled to see are also a vegan :)))!!! You are probably like 25 years younger than me but I find you so refreshing and inspiring 🙂

  9. I really want to go vegan but it's difficult as I live at home with my family who (although they are vegetarian) eat lots of cheese etc and don't want me to be vegan as they don't think il be getting enough nutrients as we can't afford lots of fruits because they are expensive to buy in England and aren't sourced locally:(

  10. god gave us animals to eat so y'all should not eat as much meat as carrots but u should luv them to and meat has protein so this women is crazy

  11. I've been vegan for about a year! 🙂 It's great and I don't miss meat. I did get a little slimmer. Gonna do yoga more regularly now!

  12. I am so happy to hear you are vegan!!! I am too! I just found your YouTube tonight and you're the first yoga youtuber that I like! I can't wait to keep practicing with you <3

  13. i love your videos. ive been having trouble finding who i wanna be and i think you made it easier. you make a big difference in this world. you the kind of person i want to be and where i want to be.

  14. I really have to thank you and credit you for turning me vegan. It's because of this video that I decided to watch "Earthlings" and switched to a plant based diet. It has only been a month and a half, but I'm still going strong. I did it first and foremost for the animals and they are the reason I do this. Thanks a lot again and please keep on spreading the vegan message! ❤️ Namaste.

  15. I'd like to go vegan but it's hard since I'm still in high school and can't fully make decisions of what I eat for myself yet. I think that once I get out of high school I'll start making steps towards being vegetarian then being vegan

  16. Namastey!! I am from India..I saw your medidation,yoga videos and really liked it and felt happy that people all over the world are understanding and spreading this…not just in India..and finally I have to say that now I feel really happy that I too am vegietarian..yippiee 😉

  17. Loved this beautiful!!! I went plant based vegan almost 5 yrs ago and felt I was the only one at the time hehe but it truly changed and saved my life. So grateful to have learned about it and it's just the best way to live xx

  18. Found you from you exercise videos, which are wonderful btw , but when I came across this one and noticed that your a vegan I immediately subscribed 🙂

    You should post more vegan videos, id love to see that on your channel 🙂

  19. I must have watched all your videos by now and I just discovered you a couple of weeks ago. i have done your yoga, meditation and pilates . I am so inspired! Thank you so much!! veganism is my next step.

  20. Enjoyed your split yoga vid a couple times, and now discovering your compassionate lifestyle, I'm a real fan!
    Keep up the good work

  21. HI @boho BeAutiful ! <3 You are able to explain very different things in a incredible easy way. Thanks for supporting a VEGAN diet. I'm gonna ask you: did you "abandoned" your city life to life travelling?

  22. #1 Big Lie. Plant based diet is worse than healthy diet with meat. Organism must synthetise a lot of substances unavailable in vegan food. And worse at least cyanocobalamin is not contained in plant based diet at all, there's no vegetable source.
    #2 Big Lie. Vegans will not save Earth. The biggest problem is population growth in Africa and Asia. Meat consumption is marginal problem compared with population growth.
    #3 Big Lie. Farm animal will not exists, if there will be no meat production.

  23. I just wondered do you still live in Toronto or Costa Rica now? 🙂 seems like you spend a lot of time there, it looks so beautiful! Love your videos, you and your partner are great inspirations xxx

  24. I am hooked on your video's, keep them coming. I am a recovering alcoholic and finding peace within myself with your video's. I was once a yogi, ate healthy etc but an addiction took over my life. I slowly but surely getting back into the groove of things and you are helping a great deal. Thank you and blessings

  25. Wild! I stayed at that same place in samara! Pretty bummed I didn't eat at peace burger. Had no idea it was vegan 😭

  26. Im also concerned about the globe. Eating meat even fish now is unsustainable. I was a vegy for 3 years never Vegan. But I just came off a 14 day juice fast so Im inspired by your videos to try it. Keep posting recipes. I started eating meat last time when I moved to LA and was selling yachts and drinking a fair about of alcohol which I don't anymore, Will see if I can get all the way over to vegan. Thanks for your work.

  27. I ❤️️🐷🐢🐋🐬🐍🐟🐳🐊🐆🐅🐃🐂🦀🐘🐄🐐🐏🐀🐎🐖🐁🐓🦃🕊🐕🐩🐈🐇🐿🐲🐉

  28. i've been vegan for about one and a half years now (i ate 'conventionally' (?) for a year or so, after being vegetarian for around 5 years ) and never felt better. When I was vegetarian, I didn't wholeheartedly do it for my health, animals or the planet because i suffered from a eating disorder.
    Since I eat completely plant based I haven't had the flue or been sick like I just to. Twice a year i would get the flue and even considered getting a vaccination. But now i take better care of my body and most importantly my mind. I have my setbacks every now and then but thats okay. I try to do your workouts and/or meditations almost every day. I really want you to know, that you help me so much and I want to thank you for that ♡ PS: I really love that you don't try to pressure your viewers into veganism 😀

  29. Hi Bohos! I am going vegan and I have a really big problem with my iron levels. What do you do to get that necessary iron?

  30. Can I please give you guys a tip? In very many videos you start talking but the music is so loud that I'm almost not able to hear it.. Please tune down the music when speaking 😀

  31. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet you at the wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia. I have just recently become vegan this last March, and I'm already seeing so many positive results from it. Thank you for EVERYTHING you stand for. I'm 100% on your side! <3

  32. I'm so happy I found this channel! I've recently gone vegan, started doing yoga, meditation and working out. I go to a boarding high school so it's very stressful and my new lifestyle makes me feel so much less stressed.

  33. Vegan works for you. I enjoy your exercise videos and am doing one of your challenges right now. My sweetheart and I will be checking out some of your vegan videos because we have a food blog and will need to write in substitutions from time to time.

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