The Truth About The Bruce Lee Diet

Bruce Lee is synonymous with martial arts. His lightning-fast moves, like the one-inch
punch, are the stuff of legend, and despite his comparatively thin frame, he was as strong
as they come. But just how did he get so strong? It’s obvious that Lee trained rigorously to
become the ultimate kicking machine we all know and love, and as anyone who has even
glanced at a dumbbell can attest, diet is a huge part of training. What on earth, then, could Bruce Lee have
possibly eaten? What kind of diet could supplement the kind
of training Bruce Lee went through, while helping him maintain his absurdly low-fat
and muscular gymnast build? Considering Lee was pretty much the ultimate
martial arts specimen, many people have attempted to reconstruct the specifics of his calorie
intake. As such, there are many versions of the “Bruce
Lee Diet” making rounds online, some a lot more accurate than others. And these different diets seem to be at odds
with each other. According to Motley Health, Lee saw baked
goods such as cakes as “empty calories,” and tended to avoid refined flours as a result. He also stayed away from dairy, preferred
Chinese food for its taste and balanced ingredients and, much like modern bodybuilders, ate several
small meals a day. Insure 4 Sports also mentions that Lee’s go-to
drink was tea – either Lipton or a Chinese blend called Li-Cha. On the other hand, Bruce Lee Training explicitly
mentions that Lee’s diet allowed him to eat pretty much whatever, that he was a huge fan
of protein, and that his portion sizes were sometimes so huge that when he went to restaurants
he tended to have two plates. So what’s the truth behind the Bruce Lee diet? Well, it turns out the apparently contradictory
accounts of the “Bruce Lee Diet” might not be quite as at odds with each other as it
may seem. As the Bruce Lee official website tells us,
Lee indeed watched what he ate quite carefully, and he liked to experiment with nutrition
as well as other parts of his fitness regimen. However, even though he didn’t use alcohol,
smoke, or drink coffee, he wasn’t into abstaining as a general rule. If he really felt like having something, he
had no qualms about eating it, because at the end of the day Bruce Lee believed in one,
simple dietary rule: Eat what your body requires, and don’t get carried away with foods that
don’t benefit you. Of course, this diet may not work for everyone,
because thanks to his rigorous training, Lee spent such giant amounts of energy on a daily
basis that it didn’t exactly destroy his six-pack if he treated himself to a nice steak on occasion. When he got a hankering for red meat, though,
he didn’t always eat it – sometimes he drank it! Weird, but true. One notable part of Bruce Lee’s diet was the
fact that he owned a commercial juicer, which was a relatively rare gadget for the 1960s,
and used it to make all sorts of weird blends – and according to CNN, that sometimes even
included a nice drink of raw hamburger meat. Lee enjoyed experimenting with foodstuffs
in general, to the point that there was a period when he was super into offal because
of its nutritional value. However, the one consistent part of his diet
was always his juices and protein smoothies – which would make him fit right in with most
of today’s fitness enthusiasts. And he also used various supplements, including
royal jelly and ginseng, to up the nutritional value of his concoctions. He did have one habit that doesn’ necessarily
line up with modern dietary guidelines, though: weed. Yes, despite the fact that Lee tended to avoid
things like alcohol, tobacco, and coffee, according to CNN he was quite fond of cannabis,
and didn’t think twice about lighting a joint after a training session or munching on hash
as an edible. Why? Lee didn’t just hone his body, he also honed
his mind, and Lee felt that marijuana, quote, “raises the consciousness level.” “Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
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  1. are you shitting me? The greatest martial artist, celebrity, and basic guideline to an enlightened human smoked weed… AND NO ONE MENTIONS IT!? How the hell is he not up there with weed icons?

  2. ….he was also on Corticosteroids because his spinal injuries. It helped him to put of mass, cut weight and curb pain.

    It also led to uncontrolled bleeding which resulted in his death.

    It's in his autopsy.


  4. I've been a student of Bruce Lee as of the early 1960s. Martial arts training have saved my life on the streets more than once👊.

  5. If you read his recent biography that came out a few years ago, the author puts forth the theory that it was a combination of the hash, which he had a bad reaction to yet did not stop taking it, exhaustion, symptoms of heat stroke, and an allergic reaction to a pain killer he was given for a headache that caused his passing. It makes a lot of sense. A bunch of factors came together to basically kill a very healthy person. Plus since he took a nap, no one noticed he was dead for a while after it happened. No weird conspiracy theories or supernatural elements. Just plain bad luck that can happen in life. But his legend will live on forever!!!

  6. They list him at 5’7 and weighs about 135 pounds! That’s underweighted by most medical doctors? But, a gym rat or an fitness instructor is he well? Any bodybuilders on here explain Bruce Lee’s diet level?

  7. sorry, my research tells me to listen to people that live long lives and weed with its over 400 different chemicals ( is bound to have some sheit in it you do not need ) mentally or physically….I'm sticking to venison trout and beans and fresh ground corn also an egg or 2…

  8. Such a badass. Imagine if everyone tried to be so careful with their diet. I firmly believe the world would be such a better place!
    I’m 27 now, and up until I fell ill with Lyme disease, I was an athlete from age 4 through college. But I ate whatever I wanted, including fast food. Once I cut out meat and most dairy, a lot of my symptoms and stomach issues subsided. It wasn’t a perfect fix, as I still have quiet a lot of issues, but it helped quite a bit. Plus a love animals so that’s a plus.

    Anyway. Such a cool dude.

  9. The cannabis is a misconception. He put it in his tea to help with the pain he suffered from a lower back injury while lifting weights. Just like how they now have CBD and THC for herbal medicine on every corner nowadays. Imagine that, he knew about the benefits way way way before it became popular. He was so much ahead of his time in many many ways.

  10. I studied Bruce Lee and the martial arts.He would blend raw eggs in a shake.He would also blend raw beef meat in a shake with milk for protein.Crazy times back then,when a whey protein source wasnt available.

  11. Please retitle this video to 'The Tragic Details About The Truth About The Bruce Lee Diet'. Every Grunge video MUST begin with The Tragic Details About….

  12. "What kind of drink would you like, Kowal… I mean Lee?"
    "Get him a glass of meat, will ya, Stimpy?"

  13. Well first of all there's a secret to this. And that is not all meat is equal and not all milk is equal and not all eggs or equal. Vegetables are the same way. You can take a sweet potato and planet in one Garden and it'll have more nutrition than another sweet potato planted in a different Garden. Ask for milk not all milk is equal. Store-bought milk it's been pasteurized and homogenized is not very good for you. However raw milk straight from the cow is. Bruce Lee had raw milk in his blender because in California at that time you could buy it raw. Ask for a liquid raw eggs if you get them from the farmer they're great. if you buy them at the supermarket you're no good. As for meat the meat is only as good as what you feed the cow. One more example is a nut such as an almond. Almonds that are raw off the tree or good, almonds bought in the store or not because they're radiated.

  14. I guarantee Bruce was not smoking that green. That joint would be popping like popcorn with all those seeds