Vegan Protein Powder – Made With Hemp Seeds by Amberstalk- #Healthy #Sustainable & Plant Based

Vegan Protein Powder Made With Hemp Seeds [Music] we pride ourselves in three basic core products which is the seeds the oils in the powders so from the seed we can press the the seeds and produce oil commit and produce high amounts of protein so the oil that we produce is almost like quite gold very similar to a olive oil which is really good for toasting and roasting and then we have the protein powder which is obviously amazing for any any gem lovers people wanna stay away from meat based products this is perfect for example chicken beef or pork contains an average about 20 grams for 100 gram meal so 20 20 20 grams 20 pounds so we have 63 which means that’s three times more than beef chicken or pork at the moment we source our products in Europe but this year we’re actually collaborating with a farmer up in Chipping Norton where we plan to produce these products here in the UK we believe that homegrown products should be really at the core of what the amp is about because imagine trying to ship different products from all over the place the the co2 emissions that we produce just from delivering these products to your table it’s unsustainable and also if we bring the opportunities here in the UK it creates the jobs it creates businesses opportunities and on top of that we have the hotbed of innovation and engineering so brand new brand new tech can be introduced into the foods that are not only sustainable but it’s also healthy [Music]

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  1. Oh wow, my boyfriend will be overjoyed! He wants to bulk up but he's vegan and he hates the options he has right now <3