We Made A 3-Course Meal Out Of Foraged Food From Los Angeles

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  1. Hi all!
    This is Rob Greenfield, from the video!
    I really enjoyed making this video with Merle!
    I hope you are inspired to look at the world around you a little differently. Food is growing freely and abundantly all around us.
    If you got inspiration from this, join me on my channel, where I have a lot more videos like this: http://youtube.com/robgreenfield and on Instagram @RobJGreenfield https://www.instagram.com/robjgreenfield/
    Health and happiness to you all!
    (P.S. Ask questions you have and I'll try to answer most of them! No question is off the table!)

  2. I'm not sure if you should only use saltwater for your salt because store bought salt has iodine added to it and an iodine shortage can be really unhealthy and dangerous.

  3. Merle pre-Aria: flirts with every guy in the video
    Merle post-Aria: being very serious and professional

    I can already see the non-monetary benefits of Merlia starting to take effect.

  4. I’m not here to spread hate if Rob wants to walk around barefoot than he should be able to without judgement but, anyone contemplating this please do not walk around barefoot because it obviously greatly increases your chance of contracting hook worms and multiple other disease though openings in your foot. It also obviously increases your chance of getting glass or other man made debris stuck in your feet. Shoes were invented for a reason people

  5. But serious question though, isn't it ill advised to eat plants near drainage areas or where they are constantly peed on? Hence dogs peeing right off the side walk on those plants?

  6. Why do I get the sense he wouldn't use the bathroom in the house? REAL TALK: None of that looked good! I am more than sure it's bc I was looking @ it through Campbell's Soup goggles instead of "I found this on the side of the street!" lenses. The "soup" consistency was weird. Almost gelatinous the way it was wiggling in the bowl. The plate of greens I would never! Unseasoned and more soupy than the soup. I would send Outdoor Rob back out to forge for some sugar so we can have a sorbet instead of super lemony shaved ice. Interesting to watch. The meal needed more seasoning and some lobsters from the ocean.

  7. the way i see it, getting salt from the ocean is only viable in clean places. in the more populous cities of indonesia, the ocean's basically just full of pollution and i'm almost sure the salt from it would be hazardous for people…
    But, in places like Bali, i think the sea is way cleaner so it should be fine.

  8. what if someone pee in the sea … and that sea water makes the salt …. em so we have been eating pee all this time ?????

  9. Isn't the ocean water salt going to have pollutants in it or some sort of dirt? Heating it should kill bacteria, but is it really clean enough to consume on the regular?

  10. Nopales can also be boiled then strained to get rid of all the slimy juice. Then you are left with a much more managable veggie! They hold their texture really well even after being boiled!

  11. My parents told me never to eat Bush berry's on the side of the street.
    eats it
    News flash:two people found dead,poisoned and there brains are leaking

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  13. So what your saying is in the winter you have 2 choices eat garbage or starve cuz there's no way you can find enough growing to survive also it took you 2 a day and a half to find enough for one meal most people have a job so we don't have all day to look for food

  14. Okay but I would never trust any of this food. You dont know what has been sprayed or spit/pissed on. Also, ocean water is SUPER dirty. That salt could have like plastic in it. Besides, most people can't properly identify edible foods.

  15. 1:22 I recognise those, have a hedge in my front yard and my friend has a giant hedge that is has really big berries. They taste great.

  16. Merle: gives an in-depth explanation of the potato soup and how boiling it will bring out the flavor

    Rob: "it's soup."

  17. That guy should plant a rubber tree, tap the rubber tree, process the rubber sap, mold shoe soles, then plant a cotton bush, take the cotton, process the cotton, make string, make cloth, and then sew his rubber sole and cloth together, then repeat again to get another shoe

  18. tip on cooking nopales !!
    if you put cilantro in the nopales while boiling them it should help extract a lot of the slime outta the nopales 🙂 !!

  19. I feel like all the homeless people pooping on the streets and shooting up living off the government should see this video.

  20. Not to be disrespectful but you are harvesting from peoples yards, you really should ask permission most people do not care but it’s illegal to take without asking

  21. "everywjere there is food growing" is an ignorant/naive statement. There is no food growing in my city. Sorry we don't all live in climates that are warm all year – and have people that grow things for anyone to pick

  22. This is amazing! I love the idea of foraging but I don't forage much things because I don't know much foods that are edible and grow wildly here in the mediterranean area. How do I know which berries I can eat and which greens are not venomous?

  23. I enjoyed this video! Could you guys make more videos like this with forged food? Maybe from different states? That would be cool. 🙂