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What is the best diet for diverticulitis?

There are two ways of looking at this. The
people who get acute diverticulitis, they tend to have a slightly more unhealthy diet.
So we do know that diet and lifestyle factors play a big role. For instance, if you take
physical exercise, you eat much less red meat, you have more vegetables in the diet, and
you maintain your weight at a healthy level, you’re far less likely to develop diverticulitis.
So, we can make a difference by adopting these healthy lifestyle measures, we can reduce
our incidence of diverticulitis by 50%. When you’ve got the acute inflammation, it again
goes back to a low residue liquid diet for 72 hours with gradual resumption of the normal
diet over time, depending on the symptoms plus use of paracetamol for instance for the
pain. There are some newer studies looking at a non-absorbable antibiotic called Rifaximin,
which has also been us which is much safer than the conventional antibiotics and probiotics
have also been studied, although we don’t have big trials on this just yet.

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