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Zaytoven & Quavo Hit The Studio With The Winning Producer Of Genius x Fruit by the Foot™ Contest

Zaytoven & Quavo Hit The Studio With The Winning Producer Of Genius x Fruit by the Foot™ Contest

Yo what’s up man, it’s Zaytoven, and I’m
here to meet the winner of the Fruit By The Foot and Genius Studio Sessions contest. Producers from all over the country submitted beats using sounds inspired by
the Fruit By The Foot snacks. Let’s go check it out. Masta Pharaoh. How you doin man? I’m from Denver, Colorado, born and raised. What
is the music scene like in Denver? It’s pretty small there’s definitely a lot of
culture. So why did you enter into the Fruit By The Foot Studio Sessions. I’m making beats already so I feel like it’s only holding you back if you’re not you know
leaping out there and taking those opportunities. Being in high school you got
friends and everything and then like they’re doing music so it’s just like
got into it with them. Yeah, who are some of the guys you looked up to producing? I
say Dr. Dre is probably number one, you of course. Aw, don’t do that, No forreal forreal. That’s what’s up. Pharrell. I say Dre and Timbaland and stuff like that as well I was like listening to. Dr. Dre Dre Day I remember my cousin he was playing it for
me let me listen to it you know, on the walkman. I was so addicted to
listening to it just cause of the sound and how it felt. So that’s why I would be
saying Dr. Dre is on of my favor because I was like my introduction to rap music. So what did you start off with? Well I
was just going through all the loops and everything and then I found this one
that I really like: the flavor mixers loop. The tempo and everything it just got me nodding to it. And I pitched it up I kept the same tempo
and everything. Okay I just started building from there. Threw some claps and snares and everything. So then that is moving, so I throw some hats in there and you know the kick and everything. So when you added those in it almost
painted the picture for you like okay the beat pretty much done. Yeah it do it for me every time. Yeah When we start adding them snare, the clap everybody in a room like okay yeah this is it now. And then this is where I, I
was thinking like well you know everybody’s probably gonna use one sound
and I’d like to do beat switches, I do like you know three songs in one track. In one. So I figure, you know, to change it up I went with the Berry Tie Dye loop. You know I sped it up to fit with the beat that I had and I also pitched it up. Right I didn’t want to change too many elements. So I didn’t change none of the drums or 808 or nothin like that I just put it in there with the with the same. Same
drums yeah. And then one last thing. It’s not a Masta Pharaoh beat without the Masta Pharaoh tag. You got to put the tag in. Who’s the masta? How you come up with that? My favorite movie is the Last Dragon. I was legit going Iwas watching the Last Dragon two days ago. My favorite movie so Who’s the master. Yea exactly. So
that pretty much. Show it up I got somebody I think definitely
want to check out this beat right now. I’m call one of my bros. What’s up Huncho? What’s happening? Where you at? I’m in studio. Man you know I’m in the lab. Ok look, I’m sitting right here with the winner man, Masta Pharaoh. What’s up man? What’s up brother? What up Quay? He goin hard. You with the big dogs now. Appreciate man. No he just made this beat, I want you to check it out. It goes hard, matter of fact sounds like something you would rap on. I’m in studio right now, don’t play with me. If it’s too hard. Definitely going crazy. No that’s hard. That thing may make Culture III. No we on it. I’m going to put it together. Yes sir, man. Congratulations on winning the Fruit By The Foot Studio Sessions man for real. Appreciate that. Ay you with the big dogs now. Keep going, keep grinding. Stay focused. Keep cooking. You on the way. Ight Quay. Crazy don’t even feel real. How’s the best way a producer
can have longevity in the industry? As a producer a unique powerful sound is what
creates longevity. You can probably line up ten producers
in here, in this room, and close your eyes and start playing beats for all these
different ten producers. The ones that are the Zaytoven beats you’re gonna
instantly be able to say man that’s Zaytoven’s beat. People ask :dang Zaytoven what I got to do to get in the game? You know what are the
steps I need to take?” I always say man you gotta get an artist. Like if it
wasn’t for Gucci blowing up, then Zaytoven probably sound one that wouldn’t have meant nothing. So, once you get one artist that you know y’all got a chemistry and sound
together, you know once that blows or once that artist starts taking off. Even that artist is going to be known for a certain sound. it’s gonna be the sound that you created. What made you jump on this project for the Fruit By The Foot
Studio Sessions? I always feel like you know I’m a producer that other
producers look at you know, and look up to, and I always feel like I want
to be a definitely a mentor, you know what I mean, and show support to the up and coming producers. Like I’m here man I want to be a you know me a big bro to people that’s trying to
make it in your game. So anytime something like this come along man, I’m definitely
you know 100% in. Listen that right there was so dope, you
got me in the mood wanna make some beats man. Let’s go cook up. For sure. Let’s go something. Let’s do it.

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